Photos of Ceiling Designs

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    Bold Black Ceiling

    Photo via Shelterness

    This black ceiling really pops against a neutral ivory room and becomes the focal point of the space. When painting a ceiling a bold color, keep the rest of the room's furnishings and colors calm and simple. Add some of the ceiling colors in the main area of the room to anchor the room and to allow the eye to move around the space. Photo via Shelterness.

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    Wood Ceiling

    Photo © Maple Leaves and Sycamore Trees

    This awesome ceiling was crafted by the blogger at Maple Leaves and Sycamore Trees out of old pallets. (Bonus! See the link for a great how-to.) Wood can be a wonderful addition to a ceiling, making a stark, lifeless room feel warmer and more welcoming. This pallet ceiling has a rusticated appeal but its grayed charm could also look great in a more contemporary space. Very darkly stained woods can often look more modern and can make a ceiling appear to recede, so this effect can work well in...MORE small spaces. In some rooms, especially in rooms without a lot of natural light, a light wood like pine, maple veneer or natural bead board may work well.

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    Stenciled Ceiling

    Photo © Design Amour

    This stenciled ceiling featured over at Design Amour adds an elegant touch to a small powder room. Stenciling a ceiling can be a great way to dress a small space. (For more inspiration, check out these stenciled ceilings at House Painting Tutorials and Not Just a Housewife.) If you don't enjoy stenciling or would like a less repetitive design, consider painting your own design on a ceiling. Our how-to can help you do it.

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    Faux Tray Ceiling

    Photo via Shelterness

    Adding a tray ceiling can cost a pretty penny, so when you are on a budget, there is nothing wrong with faking it. And a faux tray ceiling can look just as elegant as the real thing. This ceiling featured over at Shelterness is simply painted molding attached to the ceiling in a pattern that mimics a tray ceiling. Half-round molding is super cheap and can be attached to most ceilings with glue, or for a bit more, you can use larger moldings to create a coffered ceiling pattern. If you are steady...MORE with a paint brush, a tray ceiling can even be faked with an elegantly painted design, like in this photo over at Home DIT.

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    Five-Wall Color

    Photo via Home DIT

    Pulling the wall color up into the ceiling, like in this photo via Home DIT, is a great way to make a small space appear larger or a low ceiling appear higher. This effect works with almost any color, from this bold sky blue to a soft khaki or gray. Another decorating trick is to paint the ceiling one shade darker than the wall color; this can make a low ceiling soar. Or to make a tall, narrow room feel more intimate, you could try painting the ceiling one shade lighter than the walls.

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    Ceiling Embellishments

    Photo ©

    Applying cutouts to a ceiling doesn't take as much work as it appears. Usually, all one needs is a glue or builder's adhesive. This cool cutout came from Beerd van Stokkum and can be a bit pricey, but you could easily make your own. If you don't have access to tools or possess good skills with a scroll saw, think outside of the (wood) box and use ceiling medallions or other fun builder supply items or flea market finds to adorn your ceiling. For more ceiling inspiration, check out thi...MOREs ceiling featured at Hawk & Trowel.

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    Suspended Ceiling

    Another trend is to suspend an element from the ceiling, like in this featured photo. This can also make a great option for rental homes since it would be an easy element to remove when it is time to pack up and go. To camouflage a less-than-attractive ceiling, try hanging a large old window or cool piece of wood or plywood from the ceiling. For safety, be sure you attach anything heavy into the ceiling studs and stay away from the heat of lighting fixtures. Another option is to stretch a fabric...MORE remnant from corner to corner or center it in your space.