Pick Your Perfect Front Door Color

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    Your Front Door Color and Feng Shui

    Feng shui door colors
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    In feng shui, the front door is considered the called the mouth of Chi. It is through the front door that the house receives its feng shui nourishment of energy. The quality of this energy determines the quality of energy in your home. In classical feng shui, the choice of most auspicious color is based on the direction of the front door and its corresponding feng shui element.

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    Use Earthtones for Your East Facing Door

    Feng shui East door
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    The feng shui element of the east is wood, so if your front door is facing east, your best choices are the wood element colors green and brown. If neither of these two colors works with the exterior of your house, you have additional options based on the five feng shui elements' productive cycle. If green and brown don't tickle your fancy there are more colors for an east facing front door.

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    Invite Prosperity With These Southeast Door Colors

    feng shui door color Southeast
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    The color choices for your southeast front door are similar to an east facing door because they share the same feng shui element. So, green and brown colors are both excellent color choices for a southeast front door. However, because the southeast direction is associated with the money & wealth energy, there are additional choices for you in order to invite and strengthen the prosperity energy.

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    Add Some Fire With These Southern Door Colors

    Feng shui South door
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    South is the only direction with the fire feng shui element, so the best feng shui color for a South facing front door is the red, of course! Other feng shui fire element colors that are good for your South door are yellow, purple, orange, and strong pink/magenta. As some of these colors might not work with your house exterior, here are a couple other color choices

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    Love Your Southwest Door Color

    feng shui pink door color southwest
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    The feng shui energy associated with a southwest door is maternal energy, as well as the energy of love and marriage. So, how does that help you determine the best feng shui colors for your southwest facing front door? You should choose a color of the Earth element or go for a color of a feng shui element that nourishes Earth.

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    Best Colors for a Western Facing Door

    feng shui white front door color
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    For a western facing door go for the colors of the metal feng shui element, which are white and gray. If they're a little bland for your tastes, you can also go back to Earth element color choices for your western facing front door.

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    Helpful Color Choices for a Northwest Door

    Feng shui white door
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    A northwest front door has the same best color choices as the western facing door because both directions share the same feng shui element of metal. However, because in feng shui the northwest direction is associated with helpful people, you might need to pay extra attention to it.

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    Choose Dark Colors for a Northern Facing Front Door

    feng shui door black color north
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    North is the only direction of the feng shui element of water, so the best choices for a north facing door are the water element colors, black and blue. If these two colors do not work well with your house exterior, you can go for metal element colors.

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    Northeast Door Best Color Choices

    Feng shui Northeast door
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    A northeast facing front door is an opening to the energy of spiritual growth and cultivation. Its feng shui element is Earth. Apart from all tones and shades of earthy colors, you can also use the colors of the fire feng shui element.