Top 10 Picks for Sexy and Beautiful Wedding Night Lingerie

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    Top 10 Picks for Wedding Night Lingerie

    Wedding night lingerie

    The first night you spend together as a married couple deserves some special wedding night lingerie. Even if you're ordinarily a comfy PJs type of gal, this is a (hopefully) once-in-a-lifetime experience that deserves something extra special.

    Traditionally wedding night lingerie is white and modest, but you can wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and sexy. Most women stick with the white or off-white, but choose varying levels of sexiness and modesty.

    This classic chemise from Oscar de la...MORE Renta works for a variety of body types. For ordering room service the next morning -- or just the ability to do a dramatic reveal for your new husband! -- pair it with the gorgeous matching robe.

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    Frederick's of Hollywood Babydoll

    Frederick's of Hollywood

    A slightly sexier option for wedding night lingerie is this Frederick's of Hollywood babydoll nightie. It's white and lacy, but the short length and high slit add spice and allure. You'll want some cute panties to pair it with – consider these knickers with a sassy bow on the back. Add a luxurious robe to make your hotel room feel like a spa.

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    Agent Provacateur Lingerie Set

    Agent Provacateur

    Of course, there's no reason your wedding night lingerie has to be a nightgown. It could be a sexy bra and panty set, like this one from Agent Provacateur. The bra and panties have cut-out peekaboo details, and the garter belt (which AP calls a suspender) adds an extra layer of sex appeal. You could even wear this set underneath your wedding dress! Shh!

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    Extra Sexy Wedding Night Lingerie

    Agent Provacateur

    Just because wedding night lingerie is traditionally white, it doesn't need to be innocent. If you're looking to make your wedding night extra racy, consider these tantalizing briefs. Their marabou pompoms entice their viewer to untie them. You can wear them underneath one a chemise, or with their matching bra and garter. Or if you're really feeling spicy, try these tassled pasties. If you, like many couples, have been intimate before your wedding night, wearing something unexpected...MORE can be a great way to make wedding night sex feel fresh and fun.

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    Proud to be a Mrs.!

    Advantage Bridal

    If you're changing your name when you get married, you might be inclined to wear it on your sleeve, so to speak. There's a lot of "Mrs." merchandise available on the market. You know what I mean – the sweat suits and tank tops that cheerfully proclaim "Soon to be Mrs. So-and-So" or just "Mrs." But few of it is sexy or special enough to qualify for wedding night lingerie. That's why I love this personalized Mrs. Thong from Advantage Bridal. You can choose the...MORE motif on the back, and get your new married name on the front. If you're not a thong-wearer, they also have personalized Mrs. boyshorts.

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    Non-Traditional Lace Dress


    This Josie Natori lace nightgown is non-traditional, but also beautiful. The sheer lace hints at what's to come, and hugs your curves. It's also available in black for a very non-traditional option!

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    Sheer and Sexy Babydoll

    Victoria's Secret

    If you prefer even more sheer wedding night lingerie, consider this lace babydoll from Victoria's Secret, where modern lace meets a classic bombshell style. It has a tie-front, and comes with a matching silk panty. Marriage experts say you shouldn't hide things from your spouse; this set helps you really take that to heart!

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    Plus-Size Wedding Night Lingerie


    For plus-sized brides looking for sexy wedding night lingerie, I love this Natori chemise. It's lightly blush pink and trimmed in black lace, mixing innocence with sex appeal. Or, for a racier option, try this sheer white nightgown with underwire cups. Pair either of them with a lace thong that says "Bride" on it. Pretty plus-size lingerie is harder to find, but fortunately it's out there if you're willing to do the searching.

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    Splurge and Feel Like a Hollywood Bombshell

    Neiman Marcus

    Your wedding night lingerie shouldn't just be about turning on your new spouse. It's also an excuse to splurge on something that makes you feel beautiful. Think of this purchase as an investment for many future special occasions. Feel like a vintage Hollywood bombshell in this gorgeous La Perla gown. Pair it with a matching dressing gown robe and some marabou slippers.

    If you have Hollywood taste without a Hollywood budget, consider this more affordable but still beautiful Oscar de la...MORE Renta nightgown, which also has a matching robe.

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    Be Yourself!


    Of course, there's no reason you need to stick to white or bridal wedding night lingerie. You can go wild with a leopard print chemise, dangerous with a red and black babydoll set or sweet with floral print. Some even say a woman is sexiest when she's entirely comfortable, so maybe that casual cotton pj set will be totally right for you. After all, though new lingerie is a lot of fun, it's much more about who is wearing it!