7 Timeless Ceramic Floor Tile Ideas and Trends

Clay-Inspired Bathroom, Dining, and Kitchen Looks

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The term "ceramic tile" refers to a broad group of manufactured hard tiles made from pressed and fired clay. Within the overall label of ceramic tile, there are several subcategories. These range from relatively soft and porous terracotta to very hard porcelain tiles made from fine clays, which are fired under very high temperatures. While the glaze can wear away over time with harsh use, ceramic tile is expected to last up to 100 years. Ceramic tile's hardness and imperviousness to water make this material an ideal flooring option for rooms from the kitchen to the bedroom.

Tile floors are still in style and favored in many regions. Across the various categories, ceramic floor tiles can be fabricated with almost any color, design, pattern, or texture that is imaginable. Many of today's porcelain floor tile trends, for example, look convincingly like marble, hardwood, stone, metal, or even leather and cork. Opt for neutral shades when choosing tile colors for this long-lasting flooring to complement any future changes in decor.

Here, find seven ceramic tile floor ideas that can be used effectively throughout your home.

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    Faux Hardwood Tile

    faux hardwood ceramic tile flooring
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    One of the most popular options that are trending in tile floors is to choose a design that mimics a natural material like hardwood. This allows you to get the beauty of that natural substance while still maintaining the low maintenance, durability, and functionality of ceramic tile. The faux wood ceramic tile flooring idea is great for family rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and more.

    In this lovely cottage-style dining room, the floor is made of 2 x 12-foot ceramic tiles printed to look like deep brown birch hardwood. The rustic reclaimed wood dining table acts as the centerpiece of the room, with a matched cottage-style bench and two cream dining chairs complementing the look.

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    Terracotta Tile With Accent Tile

    terra cotta tile picture
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    Terracotta is a form of ceramic tile made from a relatively soft red clay fired at moderate temperatures (about 1800 degrees Fahrenheit). Unlike most ceramics, terracotta tiles do not receive a glazed surface treatment. That means that they cannot be printed and are not protected against stains and water damage. Terracotta can be sealed to protect the material against these hazards, but overall, terracotta tiles will be less durable, more prone to damage, and harder to maintain than other types of ceramic tile.

    Despite the drawbacks, the appeal of terracotta is the rich beauty and the natural feel of the material. The colors achieved in these tiles have a unique appeal that is complemented by the gently graded texture of their untreated surfaces. For this reason, terracotta flooring is still in high demand, especially in homes striving for an authentic southwestern feel. In this example, decorative accent tiles with a Spanish/Moorish flavor are inset at various locations to give the floor more interest.

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    Stone-Look Tile Complementing Quartz Countertops

    ceramic kitchen flooring tile pictures
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    In this kitchen, we see large 16 x 16-inch ceramic tiles printed to look like natural multicolored stone. Joined by the rich polished hues of the natural quartz countertop, as well as the sleek modern feel of the stainless steel appliances, this creates a kitchen that is rich with visual dynamic tension.

    Stone-look tiles, whether traditional ceramics or porcelain, are often nearly indistinguishable from genuine stone. However, the veining pattern for tiles mimicking marble or granite usually repeats from tile to tile. A careful layout can sometimes disguise the artificial nature of the material.

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    Zen-Style Bathroom

    ceramic bathroom floors
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    This entire bathroom has been covered with gorgeous polished porcelain ceramic tiles printed with a multi-colored beige travertine pattern. The result is an oasis of comfort and simplicity. The clear glass shower surround allows the look of the stone print to dominate from wall to wall, creating a space that is tranquil but simultaneously dancing with visual beauty. Even the framed wall decoration is made from ceramic tile.

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    Pure White Tile Bathroom

    white ceramic flooring tile pictures
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    Here, we see the more controlled side of tile in a bathroom decked out in pure pristine white 12 x 12-inch ceramic floor tiles. Using a bright ceramic tile on your bathroom floors is an excellent way to make small bathrooms feel larger and help the space feel open. For a sleek look from top to bottom, continue the ceramic tile to your shower floor with a modern design.

    The floor is matched with white walls and white-painted architectural features to give the environment a distinct clarity. This effect is beautiful in a soft and sophisticated way. Small decorative accessories finish the look, creating a room that has a delightfully tidy “shabby chic” look.

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    Slate-Look Kitchen Floor

    multicolored ceramic tiles
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    A popular ceramic tile floor idea for kitchens is using tile that looks like stone. Here, we see the ability of ceramic flooring to mimic the seemingly random patterns of this natural material. These tiles have been manufactured to look like multicolored slate, with a mix of golden bursts and cloudy charcoal hues vying for dominance in the surface of each piece. This is offset by bold smoky grout lines that both encase the chaos and frame the beauty of the printed design.

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    Multi-Colored Porcelain Bathroom Floor

    ceramic floors
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    In this lovely bathroom, large porcelain floor tiles with natural stone colors anchor a setting that includes many different tile patterns and shapes. The effect is powerful and invigorating, yet not quite out of control. Decorative accessories and wall hangings accent the room in unique and eye-catching ways.