Deck Railings Inspiration

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    Typical Builder's Deck Railings

    Picture of typical builder's deck railings.
    Lawrence Winterburn

    Browse through these pictures of deck railings for ideas on how to put the "finishing touches" on decks. These photos illustrate a few of the types available. The photo gallery is a companion piece to the article on deck railings, which you can consult for more detailed information (including how to build deck railings).

    Note that when you come across "deck railings," it's not referring just to the handrails. Rather, it's referring to the whole unit placed at the edge of your decking to prevent the unwary from falling off: posts, panels (i.e., "balusters" or "rungs") and handrails.

    Will you be installing deck railings as a do-it-yourself project?

    If so, this style may be a smart selection for you. Find out how to install what expert, Lawrence Winterburn terms "typical builder's deck railings" (and learn about further styles and considerations) in the deck railings article, which features an interview with Lawrence, the founder of

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    Custom Deck Railings

    Picture of custom wood deck railings.
    Lawrence Winterburn

    Are you looking for deck railings a cut above the most basic style, as shown in the prior photo?

    Lawrence Winterburn offers this photo as an example of more of a custom-style deck railing.

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    Tempered Glass Deck Railings

    Picture of tempered glass deck railings.
    Lawrence Winterburn

    If custom wood deck railings aren't chic enough for you, consider tempered glass.

    Where are the balusters (or "rungs") in this deck railing? In place of balusters, tempered glass panels are used! Glass panels not only afford you shelter from the wind while you dine al fresco on your deck, but are used, as Lawrence Winterburn says, "for safety without sacrificing the view." With its two rails running horizontally and no balusters, this style reminds one of post-and-rail fencing, examples of which you can find in the photo gallery of fence pictures.