100-Piece Puzzles

100 pieces: The right size jigsaw puzzle for kindergarteners to high schoolers

Not every kid will quietly do a puzzle while you work at home. In fact, most probably won’t without parental encouragement, but finding the right puzzle is half the battle. 100-piece puzzles are remarkably versatile because they can work for many ages and skill levels, and they really aren't much of a commitment.

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    100 Pieces Right for Many Ages

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    Young puzzle enthusiast (ages 5-7) may find them a good challenge--a step up from their preschool days with board puzzles. Older kids, however, will still be interested in 100-piece puzzles because they don’t take much time or commitment (unlike a 1,000-piece puzzle). Kids can redo them again and again. They can time themselves or race another kid working on a different 100-piece puzzle. And when it’s time to clear the kitchen table for dinner, no one is too upset when they go back in the box.

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    Great American Puzzle Factory USA Map 100 Pieces

    US puzzle

    18x24 inches
    Maker’s recommended ages: 8 to 15

    While the ocean and Canada are in typical interlocking jigsaw puzzle pieces the puzzle pieces for the states match the shape of the states. Puzzle comes with a 32-page book with additional information on the states.

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    Mudpuppy's Monsters 100-pc Puzzle in Tin

    Puzzle in a tin

    18 x 12 inches
    Maker’s recommended ages: 4 to 6

    I love puzzles in a tin, especially puzzles that you hope to do more than once. And 100-piece puzzles definitely get more than one go-around. A tin, unlike a box can get dented but not totally crushed so no pieces get lost.

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    Melissa & Doug Pirate's Bounty Floor Puzzle - 100 pc

    floor puzzle

    24x36 inches
    Maker’s recommended ages: 6 and up

    Large sturdy pieces make this 100-piece floor puzzle a great starter jigsaw puzzle for kids moving up from board puzzles.

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    Great American Puzzle Factory Treasure Hunt

    Great American Factory puzzle

    11.5x16.25 inches
    Maker’s recommended ages: 12 and up

    Like a wordless storybook, this puzzle tells a story too, and it's up to your kid to decide what it is. Kids can spin their own fantastic scenario to go with this adventurous picture. While the maker’s recommended age of 12+ says to me it may be more difficult than average, I bet my 10-year-old could do it.  After all, it is only 100 pieces. Glows in the dark too!

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    Melissa And Doug Human Body 100-pc Floor Puzzle

    Human body puzzle

    18x48 inches
    Maker’s recommended ages: 8 and up

    Kids are more likely to redo a puzzle repeatedly if they learn something each time. This double-sided, life-size (for kids at least) puzzle of the human body has ample opportunity for learning especially since one side shows skeletal structure and the other the internal organs and circulatory system.

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    Melissa & Doug Presidents of the USA 100-pc Floor Puzzle

    Jigsaw puzzle

    24x36 inches
    Maker’s recommended ages: 6 and up

    If history rather than science gets your kids’ attention, try this floor puzzle with illustrated portraits of the American presidents from George Washington to Barack Obama. Puzzle lists president's full name and length of service under each portrait. Use the puzzle as a teaching tool to see if they can name all of them. 

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    Disney Fairies 100pc Lenticular Tinkerbell Puzzle

    Fairy puzzlw

    23x26 centimeters
    Maker’s recommended ages: 5 and up

    This lenticular puzzle shows another scene when you tilt your head or the piece just right, giving additional clues to where the piece fits. Picture comes from Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure.

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