22 Ways to Properly Store Your Pillows

pillows and towels stored on shelves

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When it comes to storing sleeping and throw pillows, it's important that they are stored properly in order to preserve and extend their lifespan. You want to make sure that they are kept in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight so that there is no risk of damage to their shape, color, and quality. Whether they are extra pillows for when out of town guests come to stay or seasonal throw pillows you only use for certain holidays, we'll show you 22 clever ways to store them properly, so they're always fresh and ready to be used when you pull them out.

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    Decorative Basket

    Pillow in a basket under a decorated console table

    Chelius House of Design

    This colorful vignette from Chelius House of Design is a great example of how a storage solution can double as a decorative accent. Place extra throw pillows for your sofa or armchair in a cute basket and it'll add a fun pop of color and pattern while keeping the room clutter-free and pillows on hand when needed.

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    Clear Plastic Bins

    Clear plastic storage bins

    @afreshspace / Getty Images

    Clear plastic bins such as these used by @afreshspace are an excellent way to store pillows as they'll keep them safe from moisture, dust, and pests. Since they are clear, their contents are easily recognizable, but to locate pillows even faster, add a label such as "holiday pillows" or "guest room pillows" to the front of the container. That way, anybody in your household can quickly find what they are looking for.

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    Vacuum Sealed Bags

    items stored in vacuum sealed bags

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    If your home lacks storage space and you're running out of room to put away bulky pillows, vacuum sealed bags are an inexpensive space-saving solution. They come in various sizes and typically shrink items up to 75% of their original size without causing any damage, but protecting your pillows from any odors and moisture. Stack the sealed bags in a drawer, closet, or shelf and once you pull the pillows out, give them some time to come to their original size—then fluff them up to restore their shape.

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    Storage Ottoman

    Upholstered ottoman under windows

    John Keeble / Getty Images

    A storage ottoman is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you could ever purchase. It can be used as a bench in an entryway or in place of a coffee table in a living room—it'll help store extra pillows. Place it in the bedroom to store throw pillows that usually sit on the bed so they don't have to be be on the ground during the night, or use it for additional sofa pillows and blankets that you can easily grab when watching a movie on a chilly night.

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    Bed Drawers

    Two twin beds with storage drawers

    Victoria Bell Design

    A bed with built-in storage drawers such as these twin beds from one of Victoria Bell Design's projects is always a practical idea. Whether the bed is in your kid's room or the guest room, store bed linens including pillows in the drawers for an easy seasonal swap.

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    Laundry Room Cabinets

    Laundry room with rolling island

    Whittney Parkinson Design

    Chances are, your laundry room is one of the cleanest spots in your home! This stunning laundry room by Whittney Parkinson Design features ample storage room in the form of cabinet shelves and drawers—if you have extra room in yours, it's a great spot to store sleeping pillows. You'll have the washer and dryer on hand when the pillows need to be washed and plenty of surface space to treat any spots and stains the pillows may have sustained.

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    Wicker Trunk

    Bedroom with wicker chest at the end of the bed

    Perry Mastrovito / Getty Images

    Use a wicker trunk at the end of the bed for some vintage charm and a spot to store extra pillows. While it may not be an airtight storage solution, it's an easy and convenient way to hide pillows while adding a decorative element to your space.

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    Storage Shelf for Seasonal Pillows

    Pillows on a shelf

    Sviatlana Lazarenka / Getty Images

    If you have a shelf in your basement or attic that is used to hold your seasonal decor, add seasonal pillows to it. That way, all the fall decor such as faux pumpkins, candles, and plaid pillows are together and easy to grab when decorating your home.

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    Built-in Drawers

    Built-in bunk beds with storage drawers

    Light and Dwell

    If you are installing built-in beds such as these beautiful bunk beds by Light and Dwell, consider incorporating drawers large enough to hold extra sleeping pillows into the design. This is especially beneficial if you're working with a tight space that can't accommodate multiple pieces of furniture or a storage chest and that has limited closet space.

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    Linen Closet

    Linen closet with storage

    Britt Design Studio

    Store extra pillows in a linen closet in your hallway or bathroom, such as this one by Britt Design Studio. Don't try to stuff too many pillows in so they become squashed or lose their shape. Instead, gently place them on shelves allowing plenty of breathing room.

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    Under-Bed Storage Compartment

    Bed with storage compartment under mattress

    -lvinst- / Getty Images

    Many beds are designed with a storage compartment that can be accessed by lifting the mattress. If you are shopping for a new bed and know that your closet and furniture storage space is limited, this is a good way to add built-in pillow storage.

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    Wicker Basket

    Throw pillows in a wicker basket inside a storage closet

    brizmaker / Getty Images

    Wicker baskets are one of the best organizing and decorating tools to use in your home. They range in price but you can certainly find inexpensive ones and use them to store throw pillows, whether inside a cabinet or next to a console or armchair. If you're worried about the woven material snagging a pillow, there are fabric lined wicker baskets available that offer a protective barrier between the pillow and the wicker.

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    Glass-Front Cabinet

    Items stored in a glass cabinet

    Kate Marker Interiors

    This beautiful glass-front cabinet from a project by Kate Marker Interiors showcases how a functional piece of furniture can double as a decorative accent in a hallway, bathroom, or closet. Use a cabinet such as this one for a neat and sophisticated way to store pillows, towels, and other linens.

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    Heavy-Duty Storage Bins

    Plastic bins on shelves

    @afreshspace / Instagram

    Heavy-duty lidded storage bins like these used by @freshspace to organize a garage are an excellent option for storing pillows. They provide a dry, airtight environment for the pillows and the solid plastic construction ensures they won't fade by being exposed to direct light.

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    Closet Shelves

    pillows and towels stored on shelves

    mgstudyo / Getty Images

    Store pillow inserts on closet shelves and fold pillow covers—store them in the same closet so you can grab coordinating covers and inserts as needed.

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    Footboard Storage

    Gray bed with white bedding

    Kate Marker Interiors

    This bedroom designed by Kate Marker Interiors features an upholstered bed with a built-in footboard storage drawer that provides plenty of space for storing pillows. A drawer like this slides out and can hold multiple pillows, just make sure you don't stuff them in so tight that they lose their shape and become flat.

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    Wooden Chest

    Bedroom with storage chest at the end of the bed

    John Keeble / Getty Images

    Place a wooden chest at the end of your bed and use it to store extra linens including pillows to grab as needed—keep the chest empty and use it to store throw pillows from your bed during the night. It'll add a nice accent to your bed while also providing convenient pillow storage at the same time.

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    Dresser Drawer

    person opening drawer with a pillow inside it

    brizmaker / Getty Images

    If you have the space, store small pillows in dresser drawers. For throw pillows that have covers, wash and iron them as needed, then fold and store them neatly in a drawer to keep them from creasing and getting wrinkled.

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    Walk-in Closet

    Pillows stored on shelves in walk in closet

    urfinguss / Getty Images

    Store extra bedroom pillows in a walk-in closet adjacent to the bedroom for quick and easy access. Either store them with their covers on or if you switch out the pillows and covers seasonally, store inserts and covers separately.

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    Trash Bags

    Plastic bags filled with linens in a closet

    Bryngelzon / Getty Images

    For a quick and inexpensive storage solution, use regular trash bags to store pillows. They'll protect them from moisture, odors, and pests—they're light enough to move when needed. Unlike a crate or bin, their flexible shape makes them easy to store under the bed, on top of a shelf, or inside a closet.

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    Built-in Closet Drawers

    person pulling out closet drawer with pillow in it

    brizmaker / Getty Images

    If you are designing a built-in closet system and know how many pillows you typically need to store, incorporate designated drawers for the pillows into your design. This way, you won't need to place them in overstuffed drawers or cabinets and each will have its own spacious place in your closet.

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    Cardboard Moving Boxes

    Cardboard moving boxes

    Image Source / Getty Images

    Whether you need to store pillows for a move or just for a season, cardboard moving boxes are a lightweight, inexpensive storage solution. If you are reusing older boxes, make sure that they are fully clean and dry so that your pillows aren't stained or damaged.