Top Halloween Activity Ideas for Dads and Kids

Halloween is a great time of year for a dad and his kids. After all, dads are usually more into creepy, messy and spooky than moms are. So take a look at some great Halloween ideas and get into this fun holiday with your children.
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    Carve a Creative Pumpkin

    Carved Halloween Pumpkins
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    Dads often get the messy task of cleaning and carving a pumpkin into a spooky jack-o-lantern. This article will tell you all you need to know about carving the big orange squash and suggest some great design ideas for you and your kids to enjoy.
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    Homemade Halloween costumes
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    Sitting down at the table or heading out to the garage for a little creative costuming can be a great idea for dads and kids. This site gives some really good ideas for costumes. For the ultimate in dad and kid costuming, you might also want to check out the Duct Tape costume site. Or you can get directions to make fake blood or wounds for your kids' bodies and have a lot of fun.

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    Host a Party

    Kids' Halloween Party
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    If you have the kids at home on Hallowee, consider inviting some of their friends over for a Halloween Party. This site has some great ideas for turning your home into a haunted house for the evening's activities.
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    Halloween Decorations Outside
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    It can be great fun spending time outside with the kids decorating for Halloween. We had fun last year suspending a ghost from a line between the tree and the house and running it back and forth on a pulley. Here are instructions for a trash bag tarantula and a front lawn monster to spark your creativity.

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    Take Them Trick or Treating

    Trick or Treating for Halloweenn
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    I have loved over the years taking the little costumed kids around the neighborhood to trick or treat. Here are some safety tips to make sure you are doing this fun tradition in a low risk way.
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    Watch a Spooky Movie

    Halloween Witch with Movie Tickets
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    This is a great list of horror movies that fit right into Halloween. But if your kids are smaller, check out the little kids' Halloween movie list or the school aged kids' movie list for more age appropriate flicks. Then get some popcorn popped and enjoy a scary moment with the gang.

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    Take to the Kitchen

    Halloween treats
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    If you are a dad like me, you'll enjoy an opportunity to get into the kitchen with the kids. Here are some great Halloween treat recipes that you can make with the kids, and then enjoy munching on afterward.
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    Father reading stories in bed
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    Lots of dads love getting the kids around them in a dark family room or outside and telling scary stories. This site has a great collection of well-known and more obscure ghost stories. And if your storytelling skills need a little polish, check out our storytelling guide for fathers.
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    Corn Maze
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    Fall is the right time of year to experience a corn maze. Some are simple; some incredibly elaborate. But all are fun for a dad and kids. This site loads up a clickable map of the United States with the locations of corn mazes all over the country. Find a great corn maze in your area and head out for a fun evening.
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    Fall Colors
    Chris Hepburn / Getty Images
    It is a favorite October activity for our family to take a drive through a local canyon and look at the magnificent fall leaves. The US Forest Service has a great website with national forest areas that have absolutely spectacular fall leaves.