14 Pink and Gray Room Ideas for a Baby Girl

pink and gray nursery ideas

Design by Think Chic Interiors

Pink and gray is a classic pairing that is easy on the eyes and perfect for a baby girl's room. Limiting your color palette can help focus the mind and make designing a nursery feel a little less overwhelming. Be sure to play around with cool and warm tones of pink and gray to create varying effects and moods. Use more than one shade of each color on walls, finishes, furniture, and decor to create dimension, and incorporate a range of textures to make it cozy and inviting. Experiment with ratios to get the mix of pink and gray that feels right for your space, remembering to mix in neutral tones, natural elements, and metallic finishes to add balance.

Check out these sweet and stylish variations of pink and gray nurseries and see for yourself why this timeless pairing always works.

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    pink and gray nursery

    Design by Maison Ellie / Photo by Rebecca Simon

    In this garden-inspired nursery from Maison Ellie, interior designer Rebecca Simon chose oversized pink-and-gray rose wallpaper from Rebel Walls as a focal point. Then she added pink and gray elements throughout the room, from the patterned blush pink rug to the peachy pink canopy, soft gray glider, and silvery beaded pendant light. The overall effect is fresh, pretty, and romantic.

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    pink and gray nursery

    Design by Jessica Lagrange Interiors / Photo by Werner Straube

    This nursery designed by Jessica Lagrange Interiors is a contemporary take on the pink and gray color pairing that makes it a comfortable refuge for both baby and parents. A dark gray carpet contrasts with graphic wallpaper in warm pink and white. Chunky pale gray knit poufs and a rounded dusty pink armchair add softness, and a natural wood crib, fluffy sheepskin, and gauzy white curtains add balance.

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    pink and gray nursery

    Design by Chango & Co. / Photo by Raquel Langworthy

    This cheerful modern nursery design by Chango & Co. layers measured doses of pink and gray onto a fresh white base. From wallpaper covered in shades of pink polka dots to the pink-and-gray-striped crib liner fastened with pink satin ribbons, the pink cloud-shaped rug, and even the mix of toys on the bookshelf, pinks and grays are sprinkled throughout the room in a balanced way that feels natural and effortless.

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    pink and gray nursery

    Design by Joanna Landais of Eklektik Studio / Photo by Anna Stathaki

    In this polished nursery from interior designer Joanna Landais of London-based Eklektik Studio, shades of gray are sprinkled lightly with the palest of pink accents, while fluffy white accessories add softness and gold metallic accents warm up the cool tones of the room.

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    Industrial Finish

    pink and gray nursery ideas

    Design by Maison Ellie / Photo by Rebecca Simon

    In this unexpected take on gray and pink, interior designer Rebecca Simon of Maison Ellie embraced the existing concrete wall, softening the raw, industrial finish with plush textures such as a felt swan head suspended over the crib and a fluffy sheepskin on the floor, and mixing in touches of pink with smaller pieces like a distressed velvet ottoman.

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    pink and gray nursery

    Design by Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Tessa Neustadt

    This baby room from Emily Henderson Design uses a soothing palette of pastel pink and gray mixed with plenty of soft whites and pale wood tones to keep the nursery feeling fresh and light.

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    pink and gray baby room

    Design by Forbes + Masters

    This pink-and-gray nursery from Forbes + Masters uses an unapologetic shade of bubblegum pink on the walls, while a pale pink rug adds softness underfoot. A gray crib provides contrast and a diaphanous white canopy adds drama and creates a focal point centered in front of a bank of curved windows.

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    pink and gray nursery ideas

    Design by Maison Ellie / Photo by Scott Wilson

    In this nursery from Maison Ellie, floral wallpaper in shades of pink and gray sets the tone. Varying shades of the color pairing are carried throughout the room, from the rosy lamp to the pale gray glider to the gray faux fur footstool and hot pink flamingo trophy head mounted on the wall. Gauzy white curtains and white furniture give the grays and pinks room to breathe and shine.

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    Gold Accents

    pink and gray baby room

    Design by Think Chic Interiors / Photo by Hulya Kolabas

    In this baby room from Think Chic Interiors, pink and gray are equal partners, spread throughout the room—from the medium-toned gray walls to the candy pink curtains—to give it a feeling of cohesion and balance. Metallic gold accents on the rocking chair and sputnik-style pendant light add warmth and bling, while a surprising trompe l'oeil pink marble ceiling adds personality.

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    All in the Details

    pink and gray baby room

    Design and photo by Christina Dueholm

    In this Danish nursery from Christina Dueholm, the painted gray changing table stores a mix of pink linens, a reminder to incorporate your color palette throughout the room on everything from decor to accessories for a design that feels pulled together and intentional.

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    Pattern Play

    pink and gray baby room

    A Beautiful Mess

    To design her future baby daughter's nursery, blogger Elsie Larson from A Beautiful Mess used subtle tones of gray as a base layer on patterned wallpaper, bedding, and a scalloped floor rug. Then she amped up the happy vibes by adding in some deeper shades of pink, mustard, and orange as accent colors on smaller decor elements such as the textile wall hanging and throw pillow.

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    Wall Decals

    pink and gray nursery

    Design by Maison Ellie / Photo by Rebecca Simon

    This baby room from interior designer Rebecca Simon at Maison Ellie adds nuance and interest to the pink-and-gray pairing by mixing in shades of taupe and peach. The designer's clients were hesitant about committing to wallpaper, so they installed custom-designed botanical wall decals in peach, taupe and black in an evenly spaced pattern instead.

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    pink and gray baby rooms

    Design by Jules Interiors

    Soft shades of pink mixed with pale, silvery grays complement the traditional furniture and fittings of this classic nursery from Jules Interiors.

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    pink and gray nursery ideas

    Laquita Tate Interior Styling + Design

    This baby room from Laquita Tate Interior Styling + Design has abstract pink-and-gray wallpaper, bubblegum pink drapery, a medium gray glider, plus a hot pink side table, and a metallic copper leather Moroccan pouf that keeps the nursery from feeling overly sweet.