10 Great Pink and Purple Paint Colors for the Bedroom

If you have dismissed pink and purple as suitable colors only for a little girl’s bedroom, these ten great paints might convince you to change your mind. Pink and purple both can be quite sophisticated when the right dark shade is mixed with contemporary furnishings. Brighter hues are cheery enough to light up a small room and work well with a wide range of decorating themes from tropical to coastal to eclectic.

Look to muted tints if you want a softer look, or share your bedroom with a man who thinks of pink and purple as “too feminine.” The right shade might change his mind along with yours. If you’re considering painting your bedroom one of these two colors, check out the ten great shades listed below.

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    Wild Strawberry

    Wild Strawberry from Dutch Boy

    Dutch Boy

    If you want an intense pink that isn't the slightest bit bashful, Wild Strawberry from Dutch Boy is your shade. This strong, nearly-magenta pink is perfect when offset with white trim and furnishings in a traditional girl's room, but it also plays well with touches of black and cream if you want something a bit more adult.

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    Prairie Purple

    Prairie Purple from Dutch Boy

    Dutch Boy

    With just enough gray to cool it down, just enough white to keep it under control, and just enough pizzazz to make a presence, Prairie Purple from Dutch Boy is a strong contender for the purple master bedroom. Stay traditional by mixing it with neutrals and a few touches of blue, or get a little bit crazy by combining it with orange and gold.

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    Chambourd from Benjamin Moore

    Benjamin Moore

    Dark, brooding purple isn't for everyone, but if you are ready to take the plunge into a strong, dramatic color, take a look at Benjamin Moore's Chambourd. In the right light, it's dark enough to look nearly black, with a bit of gray keeping the purple sedate and sophisticated. This is an elegant color that works well in a correspondingly elegant bedroom.

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    Pink Starburst

    Pink Starburst from Benjamin Moore

    Benjamin Moore

    Here's a pink that is loud and proud. It practically shouts out from the walls and has such a happy vibe; it's hard not to smile in its presence. This is the perfect pink for a girlie girl's bedroom, but give it a try in the master bedroom if you want something bright and friendly.

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    Tulip Purple

    Tulip Purple from Pratt & Lambert

    Pratt & Lambert

    Pratt & Lambert's Tulip Purple is a pure, dazzling shade that is fairly dark, but bright enough to work in a small bedroom. This isn't a purple for the timid, but for the bold and dramatic. When walls go this strong, keep the rest of the room mostly neutral and light, with a few touches of black, bronze, silver or navy blue for contrast.

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    Peony Pink

    Peony Pink from Behr


    If you share your room with a man who doesn't want anything too girly, consider this salmon pink shade from Behr. Peony Pink is a strong color, but with the orange undertones and slightly muted cast, it's not overwhelmingly feminine. It's a good choice for an Asian-influenced or country-themed bedroom.

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    Magenta from Benjamin Moore

    Benjamin Moore

    It's pink verging on the border of red. Magenta from Benjamin Moore is a grownup, dramatic shade that is not for the fainthearted. When using strong, dark color like this in the bedroom, make sure you have plenty of light to keep the look sophisticated, not gloomy.

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    Maytime Iris

    Maytime Iris from Pratt & Lambert

    Pratt & Lambert

    With a bluish undertone, Maytime Iris is coolly sophisticated. Just dark enough to be dramatic, but bright enough to be playful, this purple hue from Pratt & Lambert is a great choice for a contemporary master bedroom or a fun option for a girl's bedroom.

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    Hollyhock from Pratt & Lambert

    Pratt & Lambert

    Somewhere in between pink and lavender, you'll find Hollyhock from Pratt & Lambert. This slightly muted tint is bright enough for fun​ but just restrained enough to work in an adult's bedroom when mixed with a palette of gray, black, blue, or cream. It's a great shade for a girl's bedroom as well, where you can play it up with darker hues of purple or pink.

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    Delicate Rose

    Delicate Rose from Behr


    With cool undertones and a soft presence, Delicate Rose from Behr mixes well with stronger, darker colors. Use it with a palette of browns and creams for a tranquil vibe, or mix in cheery yellows, oranges, and blues for a tropical sensation.