40 Pink Bathroom Ideas That Are Fun Yet Sophisticated

pink bathrooms

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If you love the color pink, this one's for you. By no means is the color just for nurseries or little kids' spaces; you should feel free to enjoy it in any room of the home. Pink makes for an excellent hue to use in the bathroom in particular, as it's peppy and coordinates wonderfully with brass, silver, and black hardware—which we see a lot of when it comes to faucets, shower heads, and more. Plus, the bathroom is a great place in which to go bold, given that it's a small space that can easily be closed off from the rest of your home.

Feeling ready to say yes to a pink loo? You'll certainly want to take a look at the 40 inspiring pink bathrooms below, all of which feature innovative decorating ideas for large and small spaces alike. Whether you're fortunate enough to have a pink clawfoot bathtub or simply are wondering how to design around those '70s pink bathroom tiles, you definitely won't want to miss out on these chic setups.

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    Install Funky Tiles

    pink bathrooms

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    These aren't your grandma's pink bathroom tiles. Choose colorful tiles in a modern shape to add some visual interest to even the smallest of powder rooms. Experimenting with various tones of pink in the same space is even more sophisticated looking. Note that you can try out a two-toned look as seen here by tiling half of the wall in pink and the other half in white if you worry about overwhelming your space.

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    Pick a Print

    pink bathrooms

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    Why not have a bit of fun with wallpaper? If your bathroom is tile free, it's easy to coat the walls in whatever print or pattern speaks to you. This pink and white design is full of whimsy. Paper one wall or all four, the choice is yours.

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    Veer Off the Beaten Path

    pink bathrooms

    @theelectricpenguin / Instagram

    If you love eclectic spaces, this is the bathroom for you. Bold wallpaper featuring oysters and pearls just screams glam. There's no need to shy away from loud prints in the bathroom—as we noted earlier, it's easy to close this small space off from the rest of your home simply by shutting the door, so no worries if the color scheme clashes with the remainder of your decor.

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    Make It Subtle

    pink bathrooms

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    Not wild about bright pink? No problem. Choose a lighter color for a romantic, Parisian looking loo. Adding the phrase "oui oui" spelled out in tile is optional, but it certainly makes this space appear extra chic.

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    Or Fill Your Space With Pink

    pink bathrooms

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    Think pink, well, everywhere! This bathroom features pink tile in the shower, a unique pink mirror that also is made from tile, and a pinked vanity with an on-trend ribbed design. The more of the hue, the merrier.

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    Hang Some Lanterns

    pink bathrooms

    @blouseandbuttercream / Instagram

    There's no reason you can't have pink lanterns in the bathroom. Add some pep to this utilitarian space by having fun with your lighting. These complement the existing pink wall tiles perfectly.

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    Don't Forget the florals

    pink bathrooms

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    Fresh flowers in the bathroom are always a lovely touch—particularly when they complement your color scheme to a T. If you're able, replacing the vanity mirror and light fixtures in your bathroom with styles that better reflect your aesthetic can also make a major impact.

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    Paint the Radiator

    pink bathrooms

    @honeyjoyhome / Instagram

    Go retro! How cute is this dusty pink tub? If you're able to, go ahead and paint your radiator a fun pink. These old school floor tiles also add so much personality to this bathroom.

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    Show Off Some Art By the Tub

    pink bathrooms

    @fiftyfourlane / Instagram

    Here's another pink clawfoot tub that we absolutely love, and we're also inspired by the idea of hanging a bold art print in the bathroom as seen here. Of course, you'll want to choose a piece that isn't too precious, as water splashes are practically inevitable, but artwork is such a fun way to showcase your personality in every room of the house. A digital download that you can print out at home would be a great pick in this instance.

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    Or Hang a Piece By the Sink

    pink bathrooms

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    Hanging art on a small wall by your sink is another great way to get personal. These bubble gum pink walls would be nice and cheerful even if they were left blank, though.

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    Use Contrasting Hues

    pink bathrooms

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    Don't be afraid to embrace a vibrant two-toned look. If your bathroom features colorful tiles that cannot be altered, simply paint the top portion of the space—bonus points if you pick a hue that will add some contrast, like we see here.

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    Pull Up a Chair

    pink bathrooms

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    If you have space for a small chair in your bathroom, go ahead and add one (and bonus points if you make it vintage and place a darling pink pillow on top). A chair will come in handy whether you're helping to bathe little ones or just need a place to set out a stack of guest towels when visitors stay with you.

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    Choose Checkers

    pink bathrooms

    @x_rubycook / Instagram

    If your existing bathroom tiles or floors have a checkered pattern, keep the pink, black, and white color scheme going—it's a stylish one, after all. The addition of a geometric bathmat and some wall art modernizes this retro style bathroom.

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    Introduce Some Green

    pink bathrooms

    @honeyjoyhome / Instagram

    Who doesn't like a pink and green combo? If you're looking for an accent color to use in your pink bathroom, green (which is all the rage this year anyway) is always a safe pick. You can even choose to introduce the hue in plant form.

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    Choose a Cute Vanity

    pink bathrooms

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    If you're designing a bathroom from scratch and have the option to incorporate a pink vanity, certainly do so. You will have way more fun organizing your beauty supplies when your storage system reflects the rest of your design aesthetic, after all.

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    Paint an Accent Wall

    pink bathrooms

    @letsby.avenue / Instagram

    An accent wall in the bathroom? Well, why not! If you love the idea of painting your loo pink but want to take things more slowly, covering just one wall is a great place to begin. You can take a cue from this space and fill another wall with picture frames.

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    Go Geometric

    pink bathrooms

    @interiora_newlyn / Instagram

    For an off the beaten path look, consider tiling just a portion of your bathroom walls for a unique, artful look. Given that tile can be pricy, this is also a great way to save some money during the design process while still creating a beautiful space.

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    Add an Instagrammable Touch

    pink bathrooms

    @candaceiarussi / Instagram

    Say hello to pink flamingos! If you're looking for a way to add some tropical flair to your bathroom, this is it. Instagrammable flamingo wallpaper will take even the most basic of bathrooms to the next level instantly.

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    Don't Forget the Little Details

    pink bathrooms

    @cheztezzy / Instagram

    It's all in the details—after you tackle your walls or floors, don't forget to finish off your bathroom with corresponding accent pieces. Here, a pink rug continues the color scheme wonderfully.

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    Paint a Mural

    pink bathrooms

    @stephaniefaye_illustration / Instagram

    This bathroom features a gorgeous painted mural that really makes the pink tub and backsplash shine. Even if you're not a painter, you can think of clever ways to jazz up your walls—mural wallpaper can be an excellent option.

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    Pack a Punch With Pattern

    pink bathrooms

    @wettingmyplants.yxe / Instagram

    Here's another instance where patterned wallpaper really packs a punch. Note that jungle themed designs are quite popular in pink bathrooms, as once again, the green tones present complement the color so nicely.

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    Replace the Faucet

    pink bathrooms

    @interior_vampire / Instagram

    Pink walls, pink shelves, and a pink faucet, oh my! The sky is the limit when it comes to pink bathroom design. Even the most functional of pieces can be customized to your liking

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    Get Kid Friendly

    pink bathrooms

    @catherinerowedesigns / Instagram

    When decorating a child's bathroom, bring on the pink, purple, and playful patterns. A mermaid design is always a crowd pleaser.

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    Select a Cheeky Bathmat

    pink bathrooms

    @jo_at_sixty8 / Instagram

    Why settle for a boring bathmat when there are so many cheeky options on the market? This one will bring a smile to your face as you step out of the shower and ties back to the pink vanity in the space.

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    Add a Bit of Black

    pink bathrooms

    @the.girl.with.the.pink.door / Instagram

    If you like the concept of pink and green but are looking for a third color to add to this grouping, don't be shy about incorporating some black. The color adds a moody vibe to this otherwise beachy looking bathroom.

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    Make It Flirty

    pink bathrooms

    @storeyselfbuild / Instagram

    Figure drawings can look super stylish in the bathroom, and this wallpaper plays on that concept. It's a fun, flirty print that would be wonderful in a bachelorette pad.

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    Repurpose and Reuse

    pink bathrooms

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    If you have wallpaper left over from another room of the home, consider using the extra sheets to make over your bathroom. The floral print used here is oh-so-charming and would look equally stunning in a nursery, living room, or dining room.

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    Get a Little Coastal

    pink bathrooms

    @miltonandking / Instagram

    Whether you live near the beach or just love all things coastal, this palm-themed wallpaper is for you. Note how nicely pink and white tones pair with the gold hardware present throughout this space.

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    Try a Pink Sink

    pink bathrooms

    @twinpalmsproject / Instagram

    Don't underestimate the power of a pink sink. If you're looking to tie your pink tiled bathroom together seamlessly, upgrading the sink is an excellent approach.

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    Add Some Curtains

    pink bathrooms

    @sgsdesigninteriors / Instagram

    And don't forget about the curtains. Beautiful pink roman shades add additional charm to this pink bathroom while making the space appear more complete.

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    Beautify Your Backsplash

    pink bathrooms

    @stiylaavenue / Instagram

    Backsplashes aren't just for the kitchen. Have a little fun with your bathroom sink backsplash by installing some pink tile that will majorly pop.

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    Love That Leopard Print

    pink bathrooms

    @awholenewbuild / Instagram

    Say yes to a little bit of leopard. This eclectic pink bathroom is the perfect place to get glam before a night out on the town, if you ask us.

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    Go Grand

    pink bathrooms

    @rebelliousrefinement / Instagram

    Make it frilly! Pay homage to simpler times by outfitting your bathroom with antique-inspired pieces including gilded mirrors, small lamps, and even a sparkly chandelier. Even getting ready for your regular work day will feel nice and luxe.

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    Take Cues From the Spa

    pink bathrooms

    @arseniclace / Instagram

    Give your pink tub a little extra love. Pick up a cute bath tray and some stylish accessories to add a spa-like feel to your home. Ahh, bliss.

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    Say Bye to Bland and Builder Grade

    pink bathrooms

    @therathproject / Instagram

    Sconces, hooks, and other fancy looking touches work together to make this pink powder room appear nice and grand. Consider swapping out that builder grade medicine cabinet for a vintage mirror that reflects your decor style, and don't forget the figure art.

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    Note Pink Can Be Serene

    pink bathrooms

    Emily Murray

    We see a lot of pink bathrooms featuring patterns and prints galore, but sometimes, plain is the answer. This all-pink space manages to be serene despite its loud hue.

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    Embrace Your Inner Grandmillennial

    pink bathrooms

    Courtney Whitmore

    Try a classic pink preppy look. Pink and white wallpaper with a faux bamboo motif and monogrammed hand towels will appeal to any grandmillennial. And don't forget to add a few wicker pieces for good measure.

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    Choose a Stylish Shower Curtain

    pink bathrooms

    Gwen Hefner

    Bland shower curtains are so yesterday. After all, if you're going to paint your bathroom walls pink, you need to adorn your shower with something wow-worthy. Here, a floral print looks ultra elegant.

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    Paint the Door and Ceiling

    pink bathrooms

    Gwen Hefner

    Don't forget to paint the bathroom door and ceiling. It creates a stunning jewel box effect and adds a little extra magic to a small space. Wallpapering the ceiling with a fun pattern is another option and a fun way to go all out with even more pink if you're looking to enjoy the best of both worlds. (Did you spot this bathroom's pink toilet paper?).

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    Mix Old and New

    pink bathrooms

    Abby Murphy Stewart

    A retro pink bathroom gets modern with the addition of new hardware and lighting. Just because your pink tiles scream 1970s (and that isn't a bad thing!) doesn't mean that the rest of your bathroom has to follow suit.