16 Pink Bathroom Ideas for Any Home

Bathroom with pink tile and tub
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    Proof That Pink Is Cool

    The secret is out––pink is back in style in a big way. From millennial pink to rose to peach, there are endless ways to use a color that was once reserved for nurseries and little girls' rooms. Whether you want to dabble in a stunning can of pink paint or you're drawn to pink accessories instead, there are many ways to use this super trendy hue in every room of the house—but especially in the bathroom. 

    If you're lucky enough to have a gloriously oversized bathroom, like this one taken by annastathakiphoto, pink is a great color to add a little dimension and depth to the space. This soft pink is subtle enough that it feels nearly white, but with just enough tint to give it a cozy glow. 

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    Paint Your Tub

    There's one word for this eclectic bathroom from threeboysandapinkbath: stunning. This boldly painted pink tub is an instant centerpiece and sets the tone of the rest of the bright, fun decor. From the statement-worthy floor tiling to the rich navy walls, this bathroom isn't an afterthought in the home's design scheme, but rather a space anyone would love to relax and rejuvenate in.

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    Transform Your Vanity

    Want to add a splash of pink to your bathroom without committing to floor-to-ceiling color? Take a cue from this adorable bathroom from bevmurf and give your vanity an easy makeover. Adding a coat of paint to a vanity not only gives your room a healthy dose of color, but it's also a great way to upgrade a standard vanity and make it look elegant and expensive. 

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    Keep It Simple

    One of the best things about decorating with pink is you can still create a modern, minimalistic space without being devoid of all color. This bathroom from peonie.cole.cottage is chic and mature, but the light pink walls add a little bit of color without taking away from the modern feel. The framed rose art also draws in the pink hue and ties the whole space together.

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    It's All in the Details

    This lovely bathroom designed by tomtobey_builds is proof that sometimes subtle is best. Between the soft barely-there pink shade of the vanity and the pops of pink in the runner and artwork, this bathroom creates a uniform color palette that's simple, welcoming, and cozy. Keeping things monochromatic is a great way to introduce a cohesive look through the entire space.

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    Pink Cement Sinks

    This utterly chic bathroom from norsuhome features stunning pink cement sinks that are instant focal points in the bathroom. Paired with the gold faucets in the bathtub and sinks, this pink bathroom is incredibly sophisticated, and the perfect inspiration to create a spa-like space in your own home.

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    Bold Pink Tiles

    Whether your home came with retro pink tiling or you want to recreate this vintage look, this bathroom from 2lgstudio is proof that pink tiles have not gone out of style. To keep things modern, upgrade your hardware with a streamlined, contemporary shower head and faucet. By adding these little details, pink doesn't have to feel like your grandma's color. 

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    Pick a Pink Wallpaper

    Here's a bathroom from living_at_number_3 that's filled with endless personality and just enough pink to give it that little something special. The whimsical green and pink wallpaper behind the tub not only frames the clawfoot, but also makes the bathroom feel even larger by drawing your eyes up. Add in the innovative Edison bulb chandelier, and this is a bathroom worthy of a photo shoot.

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    Pink Chevron Walls

    If you love the retro feel of pink tiled bathrooms, but want to give your own space a little upgrade, consider laying pink tile in a unique pattern—such as chevron, as seen in this bathroom from loveaudrey83. Simply by choosing pink tiles instead of white ones, this small bathroom becomes filled with endless personality.

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    Pick a Rosy Pink

    Sometimes all you need is a can of paint and a fun wall hanging to transform a room. This bathroom from whitecliffsco features a medium rosy pink paint that adds depth to a cozy space without a full renovation. If the rest of your bathroom is simple, don't be afraid to experiment with bolder, deeper pinks that make the room pop.

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    Bold Patterns

    The color pink can take a fun, unique pattern and make it even bolder. This bathroom from francishill_interiors is spunky, creative, and eye-catching, mostly due to the statement-making black and pink wallpaper. Not only does this wallpaper add texture and visual interest to the bathroom, but the rosy pink lends a happy, welcoming vibe.

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    An Upgraded Vintage Bathroom

    This bathroom from sarahbytyqi is proof that if your house came outfitted with a retro 1950s bathroom, you should consider yourself lucky. The vintage salmon-colored tiles and the old-fashioned vanity look far from outdated when paired with updated fixtures and lighting. Simple swaps like new sconces or trendy vanity pulls can help a pink bathroom feel renovated and new.

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    Add Colorful Accessories

    Another great element of pink bathrooms? You can feel free to experiment and explore as many bright, bold colors as your heart desires. This bathroom from T. Moore Home proves that simple pink tiles can look fun and original when paired with the bold rainbow towels and shower curtain.

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    Pretty as a Peach

    This bathroom from Cuckoo 4 Design is a happy, warm space that just makes you want to smile. We love the use of peachy pink that gives off an inviting, cozy vibe. Pink comes in so many shades that there's no one-size-fits-all tint—try samples and swatches until you find just the right pink for your space.

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    Add Pink Accents

    This bathroom from Lolly Jane is not overwhelmingly pink, but the bursts of color add enough pizzazz to spice up the space and give it a whimsical, happy feel. Updating an old dresser with a coat of paint is a great way to create a DIY vanity that is perfect for your bathroom.

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    Hints of Pink

    We love this stunning bathroom by At Home With Ashley because it has just a hint of pink, but still feels utterly modern and fresh. Picking bold wallpaper (like this floral one) is a great way to weave in bold colors, such as pink, into your bathroom without sacrificing a minimalistic feel.