20 Ideas That Will Make You Fall in Love With Pink Marble

pink marble shower tiles

French For Pineapple

There's something so special and unique about pink marble. No matter how it's used, it has the ability to make any room feel a little more luxe and romantic. Pink marble is frequently used in the kitchen and bathroom, but there are a wide variety of ways to introduce the material into your home (pink marble furniture, anyone?).

Below, we're sharing 20 pink marble-filled rooms that are ultra inspiring and will make you want to embrace this look in your own space ASAP.

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    Try a Pink Marble Vanity

    pink marble bathroom vanity

    @myriverlodge / Instagram

    A pink marble vanity—and eye-catching fluted detailing—makes this bathroom a total winner. Bring a boutique hotel feel to your own home with a setup like this one.

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    Hang Matching Light Fixtures

    pink marble bathroom vanity

    @erica_gelman / Instagram

    No bathroom vanity setup is complete without good lighting. These pink pendants complement the marble finish perfectly and add a touch of charisma to this bathroom. It's little details like these that help make a room look and feel more complete.

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    Design a Pink Marble Shower

    pink marble in shower

    @maslowloop / Instagram

    This shower is too pretty to be curtained off. Pink marble shines from floor to ceilingand couldn't appear more elegant.

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    Use Pink Marble Alongside Warm Wood

    pink marble vanity


    Mixing warm and cool couldn't be better—pink marble looks excellent with wood tones, as exemplified by this bathroom vanity setup.

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    Install Pink Marble From Floor to Ceiling

    pink bathroom walls

    @utkang / Instagram

    As if this well-constructed, spacious shower wasn't fabulous enough on its own, it also features an abundance of beautiful pink marble that is bound to make getting ready for the day a total delight.

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    Pair Pink Marble With Green Accents

    pink marble sink

    @madduxcreative / Instagram

    Feeling a bit stumped when choosing a color scheme for your bathroom? Why not stick with a classic? Pink and green are a timeless color combo, and this bathroom proves that this pairing isn't going out of style anytime soon.

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    Design a Wow-Worthy Island

    pink marble bar or island

    @designandthat / Instagram

    Here, a pink marble island commands attention from the get go. While kitchens are utilitarian spaces, they don't need to be boring either. Work in materials and colors that you love to ensure that your space is filled with personality and appears unique.

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    Make Room for Pink Marble Furniture

    pink marble dining table

    @sidsel.garsdal / Instagram

    With plenty of pink marble furniture on the market, it's easy to welcome this look into your home without making a permanent architectural change. Try a postmodern pink marble dining table like this one, which will surely make a splash in your space, or opt for a pink marble coffee table or side table if you're short on square footage. Keep in mind that marble furniture is quite heavy and fragile, so if you enjoy shifting around your furniture often, a marble piece may not be the best option.

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    Say Yes to a Pink Marble Backsplash

    pink marble kitchen backsplash

    @nsaatelier / Instagram

    Dishwashing is about to get a lot more exciting. Installing a pink marble backsplash (and painting the surrounding walls to match) is one way to make the everyday feel a little more special.

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    Opt for a Neutral Looking Pink

    pink marble bathroom

    @no.17house / Instagram

    Not one for ultra bright pink? Pink marble comes in a variety of finishes, so if you're mainly drawn to neutrals, you can certainly find a happy medium.

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    Add Cheer to the Bathroom With a Floating Sink

    pink marble floating sink

    Design: Hilary Matt Interiors / Photo: Rikki Snyder

    Even if your bathroom is petite, you can still make it cute. A floating pink marble sink like this one would be perfect for a powder room. And can we get a round of applause for the stunning contemporary sconces that double as art?

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    Go All Out From Floor to Ceiling

    all pink marble bathroom

    @studiodaminato / Instagram

    Go big or go home. This all-pink marble bathroom proves that there's never too much of a good thing. Keeping accessories and fixtures simple allows the material to take center stage in this space.

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    Revamp Your Shower With Pink Marble

    pink marble shower tiles

    French For Pineapple

    If your shower tiles could use a bit of an update, why not use this as an opportunity to introduce some pink marble into your bathroom? It's time to let your walls really do the talking.

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    Make Your Backsplash Continuous

    pink marble backsplash and flooring

    Tatty & Titch

    Why not continue your bathroom backsplash onto the floors? Getting ready in this bathroom is sure to feel ultra glam thanks to this additional detailing.

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    Go Modern

    pink marble vanity

    @eyeswoon / Instagram

    Pink marble can be styled to appear traditional or more modern. In this contemporary bathroom, it really is the star of the show. Black and brass accents complete the look.

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    Work in Some Brass Touches

    pink marble shower tiles

    @fionawiseman_interiors / Instagram

    There are so many different ways to work pink marble into a bathroom, and these shower tiles are subdued and sweet. Note how lovely pink looks alongside brass hardware—if you can change out your fixtures, doing so will make a major impact.

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    Pair Pink Marble With Blue

    pink marble sink and blue walls

    Black Lacquer Design

    While we see many bathrooms that are covered head to toe in pink marble, don't be afraid to combine this finish with other hues. As we see here, pink marble looks lovely alongside blue tiles—this bathroom is so charming and colorful.

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    Amp Up Your Fireplace Surround

    pink marble fireplace

    Casa Watkins Living

    Why should your fireplace surround be boring? We see marble fireplaces all the time, but they're generally black, white, or gray. Go ahead and try something a little outside of the box instead. This pink marble beauty is subtle yet stunning and adds a touch of luxe to this already well-curated living room.

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    Paint the Walls Pink

    pink marble kitchen flooring

    Dazey Den

    Plain kitchen flooring is so yesterday. Liven things up in your space by opting for pink marble flooring, as we see here. To finish off the look, paint your walls in a corresponding hue, and don't forget the pink accent furniture. Pick out a cute bistro table and chairs that will complement your look.

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    Try Just a Touch of Pink Marble

    pink marble island siding

    House of Harvee

    Maybe a simple, mostly white kitchen is more your style, and that's okay, too. However, if you wish to have a little fun with color, consider adding marble tiling to the side of your island for a bit of pep. It's a win-win.