7 Great Pink Paint Colors for Walls

Pink paint colors are fresh by nature, and they are easier to put into a color palette than you think. When you look past pink's reputation as suitable only for princess-inspired bedrooms for little girls, you'll see a popular new color for contemporary and traditional decorating. In the past, a pop of color in decorating usually meant red or another vibrant color. The color trend now is all about adding accents in relaxed pastels such as pink, coral, and aqua, used along with white and other accenting neutrals.

Here are seven great pinks demonstrated in room settings The "new pink" can inspire a complete palette or simply be used to update an existing color scheme with a pretty pastel.

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    Shell Coral (Behr 230C-2))

    Behr's shell coral pink bathroom idea.


    Pink and coral are such similar hues that you can substitute a coral paint color for pink when you want the softness of pink but the warmth of coral. The best corals have a touch of pink, which makes them easier to add to your existing color palette.

    The hint of orange in coral gives pink an amazing glow for your walls and adds a soft accent for a warm color scheme. A soft coral-pink, like Behr's Shell Coral, is a wonderful choice if you are looking for a warm pink color. 

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    Pacific Grove Pink (Benjamin Moore 889)

    Benjamin Moore's Pacific grove pink 889

    Benjamin Moore

    Like the sweet Victorian seaside town that no doubt inspired it, Benjamin Moore's Pacific Grove Pink positively glows. This warm pink paint color has just a hint of peach, keeping it from being too precious. The warmth of this pink paint color makes it easier to coordinate with colors you would not usually pair with pinks, such as dark brown, navy blue, and charcoal.

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    Flower Girl (Valspar 1005-1C)

    Valspar's pink flower girl 1005-1C


    Valspar Flower Girl is definitely a vibrant pink—not a color meant to sit quietly on your wall while you decorate with more formidable colors in the room. Flower Girl is for those who truly love pink, especially the saturated colors. The brightness of this rich pink makes it a "must-sample" color that should be tested before you commit it to your walls. For the right person, though, Flower Girl can be stunning as an accent wall in a foyer, painted behind a bed, or even for a front door.

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    Hello Prism (Valspar 1003-4C)

    Valspar's pink hello prism 1003-4C paint


    Just a hint of pink is all you need for some spaces. Valspar Hello Prism has just the tiniest bit of pink glowing beneath this cool white paint. Hello Prism is an excellent match with pale marble and other stone, offering a cool and airy look. This elegant blush paint color is also be perfect with charcoal gray or black accents.

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    Rose Sorbet (Behr 150A-2)

    Behr's pink rose sorbet 150A-2 paint


    Every list of the best pink paint colors needs a basic and beautiful bubblegum pink. Though Behr's Rose Sorbet is more refined than a typical bubblegum pink, this romantic paint color still retains the purity and appeal of a traditional pink.

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    Bubble Tea (Benjamin Moore CSP-1180)

    Benjamin Moore's pink bubble tea CSP 1180 paint

    Benjamin Moore

    If you like your pink on the vibrant side, Benjamin Moore's Bubble Tea is a super stylish choice. This unique and gorgeous color is a unique color that is not quite red, but not fuchsia either. Bubble Tea is part of the Benjamin Moore Color Stories Collection, which features complex hues. The secret to their appeal is that Color Stories colors are full-spectrum paints, that do not use gray or black or tints. The colors are created using pigments, which gives you rich and vibrant colors such as Bubble Tea.

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    Amour Pink (Sherman Williams SW 6595)

    Sherwin-Williams amour pink SW 6595 paint


    Sherwin-Williams Amour Pink could be the sweetest pink paint color you've ever seen. Amour Pink finds its way to the top of the must-try pink paint color lists everywhere. The subtlety of this pink gives it unique versatility; it can be appropriate for a variety of color schemes. For example, Amour Pink can be paired with sage green, deep brown, and cream for a soothing and natural color scheme.