This Year's Biggest Halloween Trends According to Pinterest

"Boo" and ghost Halloween cookies on plate

Inspired by This / Pinterest

As fun as it is to deck your home out in traditional Halloween decor, taking it a step further always pays off stylistically. We'll never say no to the classic items like orange pumpkins and black cats, but the idea of freshening up the classic holiday palette is enticing.

These Pinterest trends have everything you need for stepping up your Halloween game. Pink skeletons, DIY garage decor, and pastel pumpkins are just a few of the irresistible projects popping up everywhere. Check out these pins for inspiration on decking out your own home this fall.

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    Pastel Halloween: Elegant Gourds

    Pastel-colored pumpkins on white background

    Kelly Mindell / Pinterest

    The bright, vivid hues that are typically associated with Halloween have received a subdued makeover. These classy pastel pumpkins are a trend that will last you from the start of fall through to the beginning of winter. When several of these painted pretties are put together, like Kelly Mindell did here, they serve as a unique table runner and make for a creative mantel display.

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    Pastel Halloween: Stacked Candy Baskets

    Pastel neon candy dishes

    DecoArt Blog / Pinterest

    These washed out neon candy pumpkins bring in a pop of bright color to your generic candy bowl. Use them to pass out candy on Halloween night, or simply fill them with your favorite treats and stack them for a fun decor idea. These candy bowls from DecoArt Blog only require a few supplies and a couple coats of punchy chalky-finish paint.

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    Pastel Halloween: Sophisticated Skulls

    Pastel skulls stack in a tree formation / Pinterest

     A tree of skulls doesn't sound like a particularly elegant piece of decor. As shown here by, you can put to rest the idea that skulls have to be morbid and scary. You can really take any generic Halloween item and adjust it to your liking. Displaying a lovely ombre accent piece for Halloween is a trend we're certainly on board with.

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    Stylish and Spooky: A Mantel

    Dream catcher over fireplace mantel

    My Blah Blah Blahg / Pinterest

    Who knew this popular laid-back style could be meshed with a spooky holiday? Blending the common symbols seen during Halloween with the subdued, natural colors makes for holiday decor unlike anything else from My Blah Blah Blahg.

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    Whimsical: Macrame Spider Webs

    Macrame spiderwebs

    Inspired By This / Pinterest

    The macrame dreamcatchers and wall hangings strung around your home can be repurposed during this haunting holiday. Simply pair a few together in an empty corner and attach a handful of faux spiders to make your ordinary decor take on a whole new effect. You won't often find the words "stylish" and "spider" paired together, but as proved by this vignette from Michelle Rogers, it's too whimsy not to test out.

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    Unconventional: Patterned Pumpkins

    Pumpkins with chalky finish and metallic paint

    Quirky Bohemian Mama / Pinterest

    Carving pumpkins can be incredibly messy, but if you're in love with the idea of having the real deal in your home, painting is a great alternative. The color palette and patterns featured on these pumpkins will greatly complement practically any interior.

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    Pink Halloween Decor: Playful Party Decor

    Black and pink Halloween vignette

    Kailo Chic / Pinterest

    If you prefer to steer clear of orange this Halloween, simply replace it with pink. The feminine color balances out the stark contrast of the black and modernizes the spookiest time of the year. It's a great way to decorate for fall parties or simply add a little haunting, yet trendy, touch to your space.

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    Pink Halloween Decor: Modern Puns and Pumpkins

    letterboard in a halloween vignette

    Twinkle Twinkle Little Party / Pinterest

    You can never go wrong with a good pun. Adding a letter board to your holiday set-up allows for clever personalization. Also included are matte black, soft pink, and gold accent colors, which work because they're being used on traditional Halloween decorations. Get creative and swap out black, orange, and purple for pink or your other favorite hues.

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    Pink Halloween Decor: Sweet and Friendly Ghosts

    Ghost cookies on a plate

    Inspired By This / Pinterest

    These sweet ghouls have no intention of haunting anyone. If you prefer to avoid the treats that resemble heads, fingers, mummies, and eyeballs, Halloween cookies and sweets coated in pink are a fun alternative. Find matching plates or straws in a similar color for a lighthearted theme everyone will love, but no one will expect.

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    Creative Halloween Decor: Frightening Garage Decorations

    Silhouette of witches on garage door
    About-Ruth / Pinterest

    This garage decoration looks spectacular at night and passers-by and tricker treaters alike will enjoy the creativity behind it. Decorating your garage door is a great way to get in the Halloween spirit without having to deck out your entire yard or home—though you certainly can do both.

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    Creative Halloween Decor: Gnomes

    Halloween-themed gnomes on mantel / Pinterest

    Gnomes aren't just for the garden or springtime—they can serve as adorable Halloween decorations too. Their black and white striped shirts and orange hats keep the holiday spirit going without looking creepy. Stick a few in a pile of pumpkins on the mantel or hide them around the house for a fun surprise for family members and guests.

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    Creative Halloween Decor: Blankets

    Halloween blanket with black cat pattern

    Repeat Crafter Me / Pinterest

    If you're the crafty type, making a blanket with a Halloween theme is a fun way to incorporate the holiday into your home. Prefer to shop for your knits and textiles? Find fall colors that work in a Halloween setting, but ones that can also transition into winter. Think of plums, deep reds, dark greens, and chocolatey browns.