Pinterest's Most Popular Home Gifts All Have One Thing in Common This Year

They're all about getting cozy and helping you relax

Pinterest's most-searched gift guide


2020 has been the year we all stayed home. We’ve worked from home, we’ve socialized from home, even gone to school from home. Since being at home has become the new normal, it makes sense to want to make your home feel good. And over here at The Spruce, we’re all about keeping our homes looking great. But, because we had to spend a lot of time on our couches over the last several months, we also want to feel amazing while chilling out, working from home, or binge watching Netflix (yes, the entirety of Netflix...oh and Disney+, and Prime, and Hulu). And with the holidays coming up, the perfect gifts for the people in your life are definitely centered around life being spent at home. 

Each year Pinterest puts together a list of the most-searched items. They create a collection of hand-curated, shoppable boards for all the things that people have been loving throughout the year. So, it’s no surprise that the list for 2020 is centered on homeware, loungewear, and beauty.

What's on Pinterest's Most-Searched List for Home?

To keep yourself feeling extra cozy and relaxed, choose from items like comfy throw blankets, soft sweats, and quirky candles. Feel centered with items like a journal or books that help you learn new mediation skills. And then there are the puzzles that will actually take you awhile because their designs are just too cool and intricate to speed through. 

There are amazing face masks and pillow sprays to help you unwind after a day of zoom calls with your coworkers. Beautiful decor like baskets (basket wall, anyone?) and eclectic planters for all of your plants to make each room feel special. And even amazing kitchen bits like a mug that keeps your coffee or tea hot while you sip on it, funny but functional wine glasses, and some tasty treats. The fact is, you don’t know how much longer your world will be centered around your home, so why not make it an oasis for yourself (because who said you can’t buy yourself presents during the holiday season) and your loved ones. Spend this holiday season shopping for gifts that your friends and family will get the most use out of. Help them spruce up their homes and give them the gift of relaxation and ease that we’re all asking for this year. 

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    Lex Pott Twist Candle


    Lex Pott Twist Candle 

    This eclectic neon dual-end taper candle is freestanding and makes the perfect statement piece for your home. Whether you decide to burn it or not this candle is just the thing to add a little brightness to the living room.

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    Breathwork: How to Use Your Breath to Change Your Life

    breathwork book


    Written by Andrew Smart, this book teaches you how to “harness the power of your breath to nourish your mind, body, and spirit.” It’s perfect for all-levels of breathwork techniques and is a great gift for someone looking for peace and calm in this crazy world we’re living in.

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    Rada Handwoven Bamboo Basket

    bamboo basket

    Rada Bamboo Basket

    Ethically made by artisans in Thailand, this beautiful basket is eco-friendly and can be used for so many different things. Spice up the decor at home by using it to create a fun basket wall or use it as a spot to dump keys after a crisp walk outdoors.

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    Baylis Ceramic Book End Set

    plant book ends

    Baylis Ceramic Book End Set

    If you know someone with a book collection and plant collection that have expanded in 2020, this is the best gift for them. Made with ceramic, the book ends can be filled with favorite plant babies and used to keep an ever expanding pile of books in order. 

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    Bella Colossal Knit Jacket

    knit jacket

    Bella Colossal Knit Jacket

    This entirely handmade knit jacket is made to order, so order early if you know someone who would love getting cozy in this. Featuring balloon sleeves and patchwork stitching, this sweater is the ultimate at home statement piece.

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    Hansel from Basel Hatchmarks Crew Socks


    Hansel from Basel Hatchmarks Crew Socks

    Keep toes nice and toasty during the winter months in these cool socks. Made in Japan, they feature some really awesome patterns, perfect to add a bit of pizzazz to your days spent at home.

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    Bamboo Nori Shorts

    bamboo shorts

    Bamboo Nori Shorts

    Sitting around all day in jeans can be uncomfortable which is why these shorts are a great addition to any business on the top, comfies on the bottom, work-from-home uniform. Made from bamboo, they’re incredibly breathable and feature a soft elastic band waist and a flared leg for breezy movement all day. 

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    Large Natural Grass Bud Vase


    Large Natural Grass Bud Vase

    Handwoven out of elephant grass in Ghana by a cooperative of women, these pieces are truly one of a kind. Each vase slightly varies in size and color as they take weeks to complete. It’s just the thing to add some personality at home.

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    Goober Candle


    Goober Candle

    This little blob of a candle adds tons of character to whatever space you put it in. Created by Talbot & Yoon in their Brooklyn studio, it’s unscented and made from paraffin wax. Choose from four colors, each with their own distinctive shape. 

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    Stemless Aerating Wine Glass by Chevalier Collection

    stemless glass

    Chevalier Collection 

    Playful yet functional, these handcrafted wine glasses aerates wine during the pour. Sold in sets of two, use these glasses to drink all that wine you stocked up on during lockdown.

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    Sugar + Spoon Signature Set Three Pack

    sugar and spoon

    Sugar + Spoon

    Everyone needs snacks while at home, so why not make it sweet? This three pack of Sugar + Spoon’s most popular flavors of cookie dough is quite the treat. It comes with Classic Chocolate Chip, Cookie Monster, and Party Animal... and a sugar high.

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    Ember Mug²

    Ember Mug


    A smart mug that keeps your coffee or tea the perfect temperature for up to 80 minutes is the best gift for anyone who is juggling it all. From homeschooling kids, jumping onto a zoom meeting for work, cooking meals, and just relaxing, coffee will stay hot even if you forget about it for a while.

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    Best of Friendship


    Oxford Exchange

    A story of friendship by Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman, this book tells the story of the two women’s first decade in each other's lives. They speak about the good and the bad while entertaining the reader. A great book to curl up on the couch with. 

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    Colorblock Drawstring Hoodie

    colorblock hoodie

    Mulberry Grand

    Loungewear is having its moment this year and this drawstring hoodie is proof of that. The colorblocked hoodie is so stylish you can wear it while sitting around at home or on the go. 

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    Marta Throw


    Marta Throw

    Made in Mexico, this versatile throw blanket is cozy no matter where you use it. Use it for a picnic, as a travel blanket for your dream vacation, or toss it over the couch to add a little something special to your very worn couch. 

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    Book Club Candle


    Book Club

    Homesick makes some of the coolest candles. Not only do the candles smell amazing, but the packaging is so much fun too. Their Book Club candle is crafted from a natural soy wax blend, smells like nutmeg, amber, and sandalwood and has a typical burn time of 60-80 hours which means even more cozy time for you this year. 

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    Stacking Planter


    Mulberry Grand

    Designed by Chen and Kai Williams the Stacking Planter is a must for plant lovers everywhere. Cleverly designed, the saucer is actually located inside of the pot. The bottom ring is where any excess water will go so the roots won’t sit in water. It just makes sense to start collecting pots to go along with the plant collection.

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    Areaware Gradient Puzzle



    This 500 piece puzzle is anything but easy. Made with glossy art paper and chipboard, it can be put together over and over again without ruining it. Grab the roommates and see who can put together this tough gradient puzzle first.

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    Rapid Dry Hair Turban



    Dry hair in half the time with the Lisse Hair Turban. It’s made with Aquitex which is a moisture-wicking fabric. It also comes in a ton of cute colors and patterns like Ruby, Peach, and even Chevron. It’s more time for an at home spa day. 

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    Rattan Candle

    rattan candle


    Developed with master perfumers, the candles at Otherland are something special. They’re hand poured and made with a soy/coconut wax blend and smell incredible. Make your weekly bath time even more relaxing as the scent of sandalwood, golden amber, and warm musk fills the room.

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    Terrazzo Tea Towel


    Mulberry Grand

    Designed in Savannah, Georgia, these Terrazzo Tea Towels combine function and beauty. Made from 100% cotton they can be used to keep your kitchen stylish and clean since it’s been getting a lot more use this year. 

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    Uni Candlestick

    candle stick holder


    Candlesticks are having their moment and this terracotta one is simply stunning. No longer for holidays and dramatic tablescapes, candlesticks are the perfect piece to be added to a mantle or your bedside table. Because who said you can’t be fancy every day.

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    Small Yellow Leather Notebook

    yellow notebook


    2020 has been a year of reflection for many and this notebook is the perfect place to write them down. It’s made in New York and features 240 pages which are lined on the left and blank on the right so it can be filled with musings as well as doodles and sketches.

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