8 Decor and Home Trends Pinterest Says Will Be Huge in 2023

living room with modern and vintage looking decor

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Pinterest may not be thought of as a trendsetter, but they sure are a trend predictor. For the last three years, 80% of the reported predictions Pinterest has made for the coming year have come true. Some of their 2022 predictions? Going goth — see Dark Academia. Adding some Greek influences — take a peek at all the Greco busts. Incorporating organic influences — check.

Today the company released their picks for 2023. Here are eight Pinterest trends to look forward to in 2023.

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    Dedicated Outdoor Dog Space

    dog in doggy pool with toy

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    The dogs took over the house with their dedicated rooms, now they’re expanding into the backyard. Pinterest expects to see more people looking for DIY dog pool (+85%), DIY dog areas in the backyard (+490%), and hunting for mini pool ideas (+830%) for their pups.

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    Luxurious Shower Time

    walk-in shower ideas

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    Nothing is quite as important as me-time, but there aren’t always enough me-time hours in the day for a bubble bath. Enter the shower routine. Pinterest has seen trending searches for shower routine aesthetic (+460%) and home spa bathroom (+190%). More people want to have a bathroom that's more open with an uptick in searches for doorless shower ideas (+110%) and amazing walk-in showers (+395%).

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    Add in Antiques

    Naturally-lit living room mixed with modern and antique furniture

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    Pinterest predicts that there will be something for everyone when it comes to how much you want to incorporate antiques into your decor. For the beginners, there’s mixing modern and antique furniture (+530%), and for the big fans there’s antique room aesthetic (+325%). Vintage sneaks its way in too with a spike in eclectic interior design vintage and maximalist decor vintage searches (+850% and +350%, respectively). One project Pinterest expects more people to take on? Antique window repurposing is already up +50% in searches.

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    Fungi and Funky Decor

    fungi dish towel

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    This year was all about organic shapes and organic influence. Next year will get a little more specific with mushrooms. Searches for vintage mushroom decor and fantasy mushroom art are already up +35% and +170%, respectively. And that isn’t the only way our decor will be getting. A little weirder. Pinterest expects to see a rise in searches for funky house decor (+695%) and weirdcore bedrooms (+540%).

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    Water-wise Landscaping

    Xeriscape garden with tall palm trees, succulents and grasses closeup

    The Spruce / Adelyn Duchala

    You’ve been considering sustainability at the grocery store and when shopping for home decor, but 2023 will be the year of sustainable yards and gardens. Searches for rain water harvesting architecture are up +155%, as is drought tolerant landscape design (+385%). And Pinterest expects to see people caring about how this water-wise action looks: rain chain drainage and beautiful rain barrel ideas are already trending (+35% and +100%, respectively).

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    Front Zone Love

    Front porch of brick house with wicker chairs, table and potted plants and gate overlooking hydrangea hedge

    @ladylandscape / Instagram

    This year saw an uptick in love for the front zone — i.e., the outdoor landing area of your home — and next year the love will only grow. Pinterest expects Boomers and Gen Xers to add gardens to the front of house entrance (+35%) and zhush their entries with foyer entryway decor ideas (+190%). Searches are up for front door transformations, front door porticos, and porches for campers (+85%, +40%, and +115%, respectively).

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    Paper Crafting

    paper quilling art

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    Boomers and Gen Zers will be flexing their fingers as they get into paper crafts. The popular project to come? How to make paper rings (+1725%)! Around the home, you’ll see more quilling art and paper mache furniture (both up +60%).

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    Parties Galore

    housewarming party

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    Celebrate the love! Next year people will be looking to celebrate aging relatives and special anniversaries. Searches for 100th birthday party ideas are up +50%, and 80th birthday party decorations are getting more popular (+85%). And two is better than one: expect to attend some golden anniversary parties (+370%) and eat some special silver jubilee cake for a 25th anniversary (+245%).