Review of PivoTrim & PivoTrim PRO String Trimmer Heads

A PivoTrim Trimmer Head on whitespace

The PivoTrim is an after-market universal replacement head for string trimmers. It does away with the spool-style heads that come with many string trimmers, which are susceptible to snarling and breakage. In place of a spring-loaded spool of plastic twine that is self-feeding, the Pivotrim is loaded by removing the head and attaching short lengths of very tough, breakage-resistant cord that is considerably more durable than the conventional lines fed by spools. While loading the head with cords does take a little time, the PivoTrim is intended to be virtually trouble-free, and the cords do not break with nearly the same frequency as ordinary plastic twine. 

The PIvoTrim comes with a universal installation kit that will let you swap it out for the trimmer head on virtually all gas-powered trimmers. It does NOT work on electric and battery-operated string trimmers. There is a PivoTrim Pro model that marketed as a tool for professional landscapers; while somewhat sturdier than the standard PivoTrim model, it is not appreciably different. 

Unique Head Design

The design of the PivoTrim features four pivoting anchor points to which the cutting cords are attached. Unlike other string trimmers, in which a single cutting line can easily be snapped off against a stationary opening through which the string feeds, the pivoting anchors and multiple cords allow the PivoTrim to maneuver around fences, posts, and other obstacles without snapping the cords. This results in increased productivity with fewer stops to feed more cord or reload spools. 

When the cords do need to be replaced, you can do so from packs of 12-inch replacement cords available at hardware stores or online retailers—but it's also possible to cut your cords from ordinary string-trimmer replacement reels. 

Test Results

In usage tests, the PivoTrim did indeed allow for longer work periods with less stoppage to feed more line or reload. However, the pivoting action of the cord anchors created a somewhat less powerful cutting action, since the same feature that prevents the cord from snapping also causes it to bend when it encounters tough brush. This was somewhat less true on the PivoTrim Pro, which features sturdier pivot points, but neither model cut with the same ferocity as spool-type trimmers. On traditional trimmer heads, strings exit the head at a fixed point, causing them to wear quickly but also creating maximum cutting power. On tough, brushy weeds, you may need multiple passes with the PivoTrim.  

But this is offset by the fact that your cords won't break as often and you won't constantly be stopping to feed more line or reload spools of plastic twine. In the final measure, this makes the PivoTrim a good product, as it eliminates much of the frustration users experience with trimmers equipped with standard spool-feed heads. 


  • Easy to load and install
  • Line lasts longer
  • Trims easily around chain link, concrete, and rocks
  • Better control around trees and wood fencing


  • Pivot action reduces cutting power