10 Places Where You Can Find a Free Day Planner

A daily planner on a desk with a phone and office supplies

Passion Planner 

Get ready to tackle your day with one of these free printable day planners and day planner apps. They're the perfect solution for keeping track of everything you need to do throughout your day. They'll keep you more organized and get everything out of your head and written down.

All of these free day planners vary in the fields that they have and how much space they have to get your thoughts down. Take a look at each before deciding which one is a good fit for you.

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    Free Daily Planning Page

    A white planner page

    Day Designer

    Day Designer has a free daily planning page that will help get your day in order. You'll find places for the day and date, appointments by the hour, and a to-do list. In addition to these standards, you'll also find a place for notes, daily gratitude, what's for dinner, any bills due, and a section for anything you don't want to forget. This day planner is available as an 8.5" x 11" printable.

    Free Daily Planning Page from Day Designer

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    Daily Layout Planner Page

    A daily planner on a desk with a phone and office supplies

    Passion Planner 

    The Passion Planner also has a free daily layout planner page. It has fields for the date and day of the week, appointments by the half-hour, and places to note goals for work and personal, favorite things, what you learned, and your mood among others. The printable is available as an 8.5" x 11" printable, with half of the page being a free space for notes. You'll need to go through the check-out process to get your download, but the total will be zero.

    Daily Layout Planner Page from Passion Planner

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    Unicorn Day Planner

    A planner sheet with a unicorn

     Design Dazzle

    Bring some fun into your day with this free, printable daily planner that features a unicorn, hearts, and a smiling rainbow. It's enough to make anyone's day brighter! This has a simple layout with places for your must do's, to do's, meals, water intake, appointments, and notes. It prints out as a 8.5" x 11" planner

    Unicorn Day Planner from Design Dazzle

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    Daily Planner Templates

    A blue and pink daily planner page template


    Canva has 50+ free daily planner pages including this one that says "Let's Get Things Done Today!" You'll be able to use it to fill out your priorities, as well as things like appointments, to dos, meals, and cleaning schedules. It prints out as an 8.5" x 11" page.

    Daily Planner Templates from Canva

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    Customizable Daily Planner

    A fillable daily planner

    Andrea Dekker 

    This free day planner can be filled out as a PDF on your computer or you can print it out and fill it in by hand. There's a place for the date, day of the week, top 5 list, to-do list, appointments, daily routine (broken down by early morning, mid-morning, afternoon, and evening), meal plan, exercise, water intake, to-buy list, and notes.

    Customizable Daily Planner from Andrea Dekker

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    Daily Planner Printables

    A daily planner page for a Monday

    Scattered Squirrel

    This day planner has the day of the week at the top of the page. There are also places for you to keep track of water intake and exercise, housekeeping to-do's, work/school tasks, errands and appointments, meals for the day, family activities, and plenty of room for notes. It's a very colorful but easy on the eyes day planner that you'll love to use. There's also a similar planning page that doesn't have a day of the week on the top. Most of these printables are 8.5" x 11" but there's also a half-page option.

    Daily Planner Printables from Scattered Squirrel

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    Free Printable Half-Size Daily Planner

    A daily planner page with notebooks and tape

    Meaningful Homeschooling

    Here's another day planner that you can get completely free. This one has room for the date and day of the week, your daily routine, weekly chores, to-do items, menu plan, appointments/errands, and healthy habits such as water and exercise. This free planner prints off at half-size.

    Free Printable Half-Size Daily Planner from Meaningful Homeschooling

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    Printable Daily Planner Templates

    A blue and gray daily planner sheet

    Template Lab 

    Template Lab has a large collection of printable daily planners, but this one in particular seems like a good choice. It has a lot of room for appointments listed by the half-hour, a place to write down urgent tasks, reminders, meal tracker, a place to list what you're grateful for, and some room for notes. This prints out as an 8.5" x 11" planner.

    Printable Daily Planner Templates from Template Lab

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    Any.do Daily Planner App

    Daily tasks


    The Any.do app is the perfect solution if you want to take your day planner on the go and it have it at your fingertips anytime you need it. The highlight of this app is the to-do list where you can keep track of tasks you want to complete, today, tomorrow, upcoming, or someday. Each entry lets you set a due date, add subtasks, make notes, and even add attachments.

    The Any.do app is available for iOS and Android.

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    2Do Daily List App

    To-dos for the week


    Another free app that's going to help keep you organized on a daily basis is 2Do. You can create to-do lists for anything you'd like here, such as home and work. Within these lists, you can enter tasks with due dates, alerts, tags, and notes. You'll be able to view all those tasks by date, tag, priority, and location.

    The 2Do app is available for iOS and Android.