Plan Your Room Review

Screenshot of a room designed using Plan Your Room
 Plan Your Room

Plan Your Room is a free online room design application that deserves its place among the best due to how simple the website is to use - there shouldn't be any confusion at all on how to resize and drag objects, manage the dimensions of the whole design, or save the project.

Plan Your Room is a simple but effective room design website that will definitely let you design a room for free, but it does lack the bells and whistles of other more elaborate room design applications.

  • Simple and clean interface

  • Free objects and furniture

  • Helpful quick tips feature

  • Easy to change room dimensions

  • Easy to resize and move objects and furniture

  • Sometimes difficult to use

  • No undo button

  • Limited furniture choices

  • Can't change floor style

  • Must register to save work

  • Can't change color selections for objects

All About Plan Your Room

You can start with a standard room or choose to start from scratch and draw your own. The dimensions of the room can be dragged around freely or you can choose precise height, depth, and width measurements.

Walls can be split into different sections by double-clicking somewhere on the line so that you can make a truly unique space for all the different objects.

Objects are available for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, and home offices, plus some miscellaneous and structural icons.

Adding objects to the floor plan is as simple as dragging them out of the side panel. There are sofas, chairs, beds, bar supplies, dressers, stands, tables, desks bookcases, staircases, and fireplaces, among others.

An object can be sized to specific dimensions in inches, as well as cloned with just one button so you can quickly furnish the room.

You can print your finished room design as well as save it online.

Since Plan Your Room supports 300% zoom, you can get really close to the objects to help position them.

You don't have to register to use Plan Your Room but you'll need to if you want to save your room (you can print it without registering).

Guide Review - Plan Your Room

We found Plan Your Room easy to use and it certainly can get a simple job done very quickly. You're limited here to only a few furniture, flooring, and object options though making this an online room design program that you'll want to pass up if you're looking for an application to complete a more complicated job.