7 Advent Calendars Plant Parents & Gardeners Will Love

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plant advent calendar

The Spruce / Photo Illustration by Amy Sheehan / Etsy

The holiday season is upon us! And November is the perfect time to pick out an advent or countdown-to-Christmas calendar for yourself or someone special in your life. There’s truly nothing better than having a small gift to open up each day in the lead up to Christmas.

The advent calendars of cardboard windows or chocolate surprises are a thing of the past. Instead of only options filled with sweets, you can find an advent calendar for just about anything. And yes, that includes advent calendars that plant parents and gardeners will love. Here are a few of our favorites to help you get into the holiday spirit.

1. A Candle Advent Calendar That Smells Like a Garden

Candles are the perfect way to cozy up a space during the winter months, which is why this outdoor-inspired advent calendar is ideal. It’s filled with 12 beautiful candles, each with a different scent any gardener would love, including Rose Garden, Lavender Fields, geranium, tomato, and more! Countdown the 12 days before Christmas with a different scent for each day.

Norfolk Natural Living 12 Days of Christmas Candles - Advent Calendar

candles advent calendar

Norfolk Natural Living

2. A Botanical Advent Calendar Filled With Dry Pressed Flowers

This advent calendar was created for flower lovers. These hand-picked flowers have been dried, pressed, and packaged in a beautiful box with 24 windows. Each day you’ll find yourself some delicate and pretty to enjoy. The Etsy seller suggests placing them in a jar to admire them, using them to decorate Christmas cards, framing them, and more. The only limit is your own creativity. The box also comes with a botanical necklace holding a dried flower, as well as a botanical art work. Plus, it’s even gift wrapped in honeycomb brown paper. It's ready to be gifted to someone else, or you can just treat it as a surprise for yourself.

OfficialMOOREdesign Botanical Advent Calendar

Botanical advent calendar


3. 12 Days of Houseplants!

For the ultimate houseplant lover, the only thing that will do are more houseplants, and this Etsy seller knows it. The plant-inspired holiday countdown calendar comes with 12 unique gifts that have been wrapped and numbered. Included in the calendar is a plant-inspired ornament, DIY air plant terrarium kit, keychain, grow-your-own-Christmas-tree kit, handmade soy candle, a sterling silver necklace, and more plant related items. It’s a fun option for anyone who is houseplant crazy.

HerbinGarden 12 Days of Houseplants + Winter Advent Calendar

houseplant advent calendar


4. A Cactus Countdown Art Print

If you’re more of a minimalist when it comes to gift giving (or if you just really love cacti), this cactus countdown to Christmas print is an excellent option. Simply frame the print, grab a dry erase marker, and cross out the days leading up to Christmas. It’s a fun way to still get super excited for Christmas Day without breaking the bank. Plus, you can wipe the frame down and reuse it year after year.

kendallyvonnartco Cactus Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar Art Print

cactus countdown to Christmas


5. Seed-Vent Calendar

For a more unique advent calendar, why not check out this celestial seed version? Enjoy 12 days of celestial-themed seeds. Each day you’ll find a glass bottle that has been labeled and corked full of different seeds including heirloom vegetables, flower seeds, and herbs. It’s a great way to get excited for spring time, even in the heart of winter. 

ClosetElecticCo Seed-Vent Calendar: Celestial Seed Edition

celestial seeds


6. Even More Seeds!

This eco-friendly advent calendar is perfect for a gardener. It’s made with fully recyclable packaging and each packet of seeds can be used throughout the upcoming year. As you countdown to Christmas you’ll find flowers, vegetables, herb, or chili seeds to fill your garden with. It’s also fully customizable, so if you’re gifting it to someone you can personalize it to their vegetable garden preferences. 

SomethingPrettyPlant Garden Seed Advent Calendar

seed advent calendar


7. DIY Advent Calendar

One of the best things you can do is buy an advent calendar that you can fill with whatever you want. These are great because you can reuse them year after year. This one is simple and festive. If you’re creating an advent calendar for the plant lover in your life, you could easily find small seed packets, air plants, pine cones, and any other plant themed gifts to stick inside of it. And after you’ve used it this year, you can start dreaming up a theme for next Christmas. 

Michael's 16" House Tabletop Advent Calendar by Ashland®

advent calendar