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Plant Care

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Caring for plants can be hard. If you’re a plant person—or even the occasional grocery-store-plant-purchaser—you’ll relate to this common situation: You find a plant that you love, buy it, bring it home, and it does really well so you go out and buy another one. This ends up becoming pretty repetitive until your home is filled with a million plants and your plant care routine begins to take a hit. Too many plants and too little time.

Thankfully though there are some really amazing plant products out there that can make caring for your plants a breeze. Instead of worrying that you won’t be able to keep track of them or repot them correctly, for example, you can rest easy knowing that a few products can help solve your plant care problems. We spoke to a couple of plant influencers to see which plant products they swear by.

Meet the Experts

A Moisture Meter So You Never Overwater Your Plants

Moisture Meter

Katie Heward / @Plantsit

“The moisture meter is probably the most useful, particularly over the winter months & for larger plants, or plants covered in stones," says Katie Heward. "Even if your topsoil looks dry, if beneath is still really wet during the winter months then watering could lead to root rot or a fungus gnat infestation (for the majority of plants). Also perfect if, in general, you are not sure when to water your plants."

Moisture meters are a great buy for any plant parent. They can save you from the instinct to overwater your plants. They’re also lifesavers if you have someone coming over to care for your plants when you’re on vacation as it can help them know when to water them without the risk of killing them.

A Really Good Fertilizer So Your Plants Can Thrive

Plant Care

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“I've been using Dyna-Gro for all my tropical indoor plants for years. It's really an amazing fertilizer and makes a huge difference in the health and vigor of my plants," begins Raffaele Di Lallo. "I love it for a couple reasons. The first is that it contains all the macro and micronutrients that plants need and is a complete fertilizer. The second reason is that it is urea-free, so there is much less risk of burning my plants."

A good fertilizer is so important in making sure your plants are getting everything that they need. Remember they live in a tiny pot of soil so water alone won’t sustain them!

Dyna-Gro Foliage Pro Plant Fertilizer 9-3-6


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A Plant Tarp So You Can Repot with Ease

Plant Tarp

Phoebe Cheong / @Welcometothejungle

“Having so many plants in the Jungle Home keeps me busy with my houseplant projects, and we all know that indoor gardening can get messy!" says Phoebe Cheong. "The product I continuously use/swear by is the Plant Tarp, from watering your plants, repotting, soil mixing and even moss making, it keeps the dirt and water in. It’s easy to roll up and store, and prevents mess outside of the tarp to keep your home/space clean."

A plant tarp makes clean-up so much easier and actually makes you want to repot your plants. Cheong has created her own line of plant tarps for Jungle Home, which are all custom-made so you can pick which button color you want.

A Moss Pole So Your Climbing Plants Have Somewhere to Climb

Use Mosspoles

Viona Wai / @FelineJungle

“Moss poles are the perfect tools for training my plants to grow upward. Growing plants vertically can minimize the usage of valuable real estate, especially if you live in a small NYC apartment like me!" explains Vionna Wei."They also come in many sizes and can be easily made with just a few materials. I like to make my own moss pole for my baby plants to encourage them to grow bigger leaves. They are perfect for any climbing plants like monsteras and philodendrons."

Moss poles indeed offer support for plants that like to climb. They’re a great addition to heavier plants that may need something to lean on as well as they look a lot nicer than regular stakes.

The Blooming Jungle Coco Coir Moss Poles (Set of 2)

coco coir moss poles

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