This Might Become Your New Indoor Winter Hobby

Plant embroidery is all the rage right now

embroidery hoop collage

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Plant people are super creative. I personally think they have to be because plants have so many different patterns and come in a variety of shapes and colors. It’s hard not to be creative around plants and use them as inspiration, which is why I’m not surprised that plant embroidery is having its moment.

Seriously. It is.

Despite embroidery not being a new concept by any means, Etsy says they've experienced a 737% increase in searches on the site for plant embroidery kits in the last six complete months (compared to the same time the previous year). 

And search #plantembroidery on Instagram, and you'll find more than 6,000 posts (really, go do it, you’ll probably end up scrolling through all of them because they are that pretty).

The best part of this international trend is that people are not only falling in love with plants, but they’re using them to influence so many things like home decor, crafts, and more. Plant embroidery patterns and designs can range from simple to super intricate and precise and feature tons of different colors. And a lot of these artists free-stitch their work—meaning they don't use a pattern.

So, being the good plant evangelist I am, I scoured Instagram and reached out to a few of my favorite cross-stitching artists. All of their work is unique and draws inspiration from their own plant collections, which I personally love to see because I’m a little nosey when it comes to plants. So take a look at these amazing designs and maybe you’ll be reaching for a needle and thread soon.

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    Megan Tabor

    Megan Tabor plant embroider

    Instagram / Megan Tabor

    Megan Tabor, from Thousand Oaks, CA.


    Her story
    She first started embroidering almost four years ago and now has an Etsy shop where she sells her patterns. They are inspired by her own collection of succulents and houseplants, “I always feel like a room is incomplete without a little green. They just make life a little more beautiful which is exactly what I try to do with my art. I guess by including them in my pieces they help me achieve my goal of making something beautiful.”

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    Celeste Johnson

    lemon made shop

    Instagram / @lemon_ made_shop

    Celeste Johnson of Austin, Texas

    @lemon_ made_shop

    Her story
    She says she “fell in love with the craft at the first stitch.” Her embroidery is inspired by “the sculptural qualities, textural details, and vivid colors of leaves and petals found in nature” and in her personal collection. Celeste creates some really cool miniature plant scenes and her favorite features twelve little house plants on shelves, “It reminds me of a playful 1970s living room. I’ve always been drawn to miniatures and tiny details, so I love that these plants are all around 1” tall.” 

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    Elizabeth Yuskel

    Elizabeth Yuskel's cross-stitching

    Instagram / Elizabeth Yuskel

    Elizabeth Yuskel, of Los Angeles


    Her Story
    Yuskel began cross stitching with her mom when she was little, but in 2018 she “picked up embroidery again and started putting a contemporary twist to it.” A proud plant mom to over 50 plus plants in her small Los Angeles apartment, she’s inspired by colors and natural elements and often includes them in her work. Her embroidery patterns range from gorgeous soft sunsets to bold plants, like her Alocasia, which she says loves to give her trouble. “I love plants because they give me something to take care of other than myself," she said. "It can be a challenge to keep some of my plants I am always learning what I should and shouldn’t be doing.”

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    Harriet Glenc

    wild earth embroidery

     Instagram / WildEarthEmbroidery

    Harriet Glenc, of Cheltenham, UK


    Her story
    She started embroidering back in 2017 while she was in university. After experimenting with different techniques, her Etsy store was born. She has around 20 different house plants, which all have their own names, and she says, “I often find myself studying their form for future designs or their colours for potential schemes.” Her favorite piece is her 4-inch Variegated Monstera which she says took her 15 hours to complete! And Harriet not only uses plants as an inspiration for her work, but her work as an inspiration for her plant collection. “The Polka dot Begonia maculata is the plant of my dreams however I am yet to add it to my collection. So, I decided to embroider myself one—that way there's no chance of me killing it!”

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    Marta Szustakowska

    Plant embroidery by Marta Szustakowska

    Instagram / Marta Szustakowska

    Marta Szustakowska, Brighton, UK


    Her Story
    Originally from Poland, Marta has been embroidering for a few years but decided to pursue it as more than a hobby a year ago. “ A few months ago I approached our local florist studio and [now] I show and sell my hoops there. It is very exciting,” she said. Marta is inspired by her own plant collection and says that she and her partner are currently on a plant-buying ban (I can totally relate to that). She loves watching them grow and is especially interested in the colors, shapes and patterns. When it comes to her embroidery plants, she says that sometimes “it is a challenge to find a perfect shade of thread which would match the beautiful green shades of our plants!”