Here's Where Plant Influencers Get Their Gorgeous Planters

The best online shops for planters

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The Spruce / Ciara Benko / @thejungleupstairs

Having a plant collection is great and all, but one of the things that people often forget about is buying planters for it. Think about it: you go and pick out the plant that you love, bring it home, and then you need a pot for it. A year later, it has grown and you need a new pot!

If you are a bit more organized and are able to pick out a planter while picking out your plant and have a bunch of planters on hand at all time, well, kudos to you. For those of us who tend to think about them as an afterthought, The Spruce has got you covered. We spoke to some plant influencers to find out where they get their gorgeous planters. And the great news is that most of these places have amazing online shops so you can pick one up without ever having to let your plants out of your sight. 



@iwetmyyplants / Instagram

Etsy is a great place to find planters that are unique and different. “Handmade planters are my favorite. I like to source my planters from artists I find on Instagram and Etsy," says Rachel Thomson from @Iwetmyyplants, whose planter is pictured above. "I love searching Etsy for small businesses to support and showcase their beautiful artwork with my plants."

Some of Thomson’s other favorite shops are North Cove Clay Ceramics, which specializes in beautiful handmade ceramic planters, and Uncurling Fern, which specializes in some really uniquely shaped planters made using the method of soda firing.

Greenery Unlimited

Plant Pot Greenery Unlimited

Ciara Benko / @thejungleupstairs

The easiest thing to do is buy your pots and plants together. Fortunately there are many websites that do just this. “Greenery Unlimited is one of my favorite spots for pots (and plants, obviously) — they have super unique and artsy options at a range of price points," says Ciara Benko from @thejungleupstairs, whose planter is pictured above. "I have this gorgeous, blush pink one that is the perfect pop of color in our apartment."

Greenery Unlimited has a great range of self-watering pots in a variety of colors. Self-watering pots are a great option if you’re a bit forgetful when it comes to your watering schedule. 

Home Depot

Home Depot planter

Stephanie /

Home Depot has a great selection of plant pots as well. “I truly love IKEA and Home Depot for the most affordable options. They tend to stock up during spring and summer months,” says Stephanie Plantio, Plant Care & Styling Consultant behind Her planter is pictured above in its chic setup.

Jungle Plant Supply


Stephanie /

“However, if you’re looking for a more sophisticated look, there's an online plant shop I’d recommend," notes Plantio. "Jungle Plant Supply, which is perfect for table top plants. These beautiful ceramic planters come in a few colors and sizes, plus they have drainage holes!"


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Melissa / @oc.plant.mama

If you have a huge collection, affordable options are best. When you’re already spending a lot of money to buy your plants (and care for them — large amounts of soil do not come cheap), you want your pot collection to be on the affordable side. “I have multiple GRADVIS pots from IKEA, because they make great affordable cache pots for plants in nursery pots and also LECA. They have a simple design and come in different colors and sizes,” says Melissa Dragon-Pesigan from @oc.plant.mama, whose planter is pictured above.


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Another great option for affordability is Walmart. “I really like buying pots from Walmart because I love their Better Homes & Gardens line," exclaims Madeline Buskirk from @madelinebus_ on TikTok (Better Homes & Gardens is owned by The Spruce's parent company, Dotdash Meredith). "They have really beautiful, quality pots at great prices. They are also easily accessible to most! My favorite is the Round White Ceramic Plant Planter with Weather Resistant Material. It beautifully matches my home decor and can also be used outside."

Better Homes & Gardens Assorted Round White Ceramic Plant Planters With Weather Resistant Material (3 Pack)

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