Vegetables and Herbs to Plant in July

Growing a veggie garden in july
Plamena Velikova/EyeEm/Getty Images

Despite what many people think, July is definitely not too late to start planting vegetables in the garden. If circumstances have prevented you from planting in the spring--perhaps you've just purchased a new house or have been traveling over the spring and early summer--it is probably too late for some of the early season vegetables, or those that day a very long time to mature. For example, in all but the warmest climates, tomatoes need to be planted earlier in the season in order to mature and ripen.

For these, you'll need to wait for next spring. But for many other edibles, there is still enough time for them to mature for harvest in fall.

And in an established garden, there are many quick-maturing vegetables that can now be planted for a second or either third time for the season--carrots or lettuce, for example. And finally, July is a great time to sow those vegetables that typically are harvested through the late fall.  

The lists given below, arranged by U.S. region, show which vegetables and herbs you can plant in July. Unless specifically listed as "transplants" the items in this list can be direct-sown in your garden this month.

What to Plant in the Central U.S./Midwest in July

What to Plant in New England and the Mid-Atlantic Region in July

What to Plant in the North Central U.S., Rocky Mountains in July

What to Plant in the Pacific Northwest in July

What to Plant in the Southeast/Gulf Coast Region in July

What to Plant in the Southwest in July

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