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Get planting and care tips from Master Gardeners on every plant in your garden, from annual and perennial flowers to trees and shrubs.
Agnes Mary Kelway peonies flowers with white and light purple petals closeup
Growing the Most Popular Peonies Chinese Peonies Paeonia lactiflora
Showy milkweed plant with white star-shaped flowers near leaves closeup
Showy Milkweed Attractive to Butterflies and Humans Alike
Lenten rose shrub with light green and fuschia-colored flowers
Plants That Thrive in Full Shade
Wax begonia plants with clusters light pink flowers and waxy leaves in front of north-facing house
11 Best Plants to Grow Along a North-Facing Wall
Joe Pye weed
16 Best Plants for Wet Areas
Best Plants to Grow in Shady Areas With Dry Soil
Salt-tolerant day lilies with purple and yellow flowers
Salt-Tolerant Plants Save the Day Along Seashores, Streets
creeping myrtle
Best Evergreen Flowering Plants to Grow
Topiary bushes with leaves cut as crisp orbs around thin stems
Try These Top Topiary Plants to Express Yourself Creatively
Autumn joy sedum grows well in clay soil
25 Plants That Grow in Clay Soil
closeup of a balloon flower
How to Grow and Care for Balloon Flowers
plants by a pool
Poolside Plants That Look Like Paradise
Yellow dog vomit slime mold on decayed bark
Dog Vomit Slime Mold: The Slime That Resembles Scrambled Eggs
Artichoke Plant
Try These 8 Plants for a Beautiful Edible Landscape
closeup of African daisies
How to Grow the African Daisy
Four o' clock plant
How to Grow and Care for Four O'Clock Plants
violas growing outdoors
How to Grow Violas in a Home Garden
petunias growing in front of a fence
How to Grow Petunias
ornamental cabbage in a container
How to Grow and Care for Ornamental Cabbage or Kale
joe pye weed
How to Grow Joe Pye Weed
hostas growing
Learn Which Varieties of Hostas Can Grow in the Sun
creeping juniper
10 Plants That Fight Soil Erosion and Add Color
Lavender plant in english garden closeup
Favorite Plants for an English Cottage Garden
Multi-branched tree with wood deck surround
Discover 15 Smart Ideas for Landscaping Under and Around Trees
Yarrow plant with red flowers in garden
Grow Plants That Are Eye Candy, Not Groundhog Food
day lilies in the sunshine
12 Outdoor Plants You Can't Possibly Kill in Your Garden
Variety of heuchera plants with ornamental and colorful leaves
10 Eye-Catching Heuchera Plants for Sun and Shade
Columbine plants with blue flowers
Slugs Hate These 10 Garden Plants
Japanese hosta
9 Japanese Plants for a Zen Garden
Borage plant with blue flowers and buds
18 Plants That Protect Against Insect Damage
million bells growing in a container
How to Grow & Care for Calibrachoa (Million Bells®)
bleeding hearts
28 Top Plant Choices to Include in Your First Garden
Variegated columbine leaves.
Discover Plants With Amazing Multicolored Foliage
Clematis "Bourbon" perennial flower with bright pink flowers
Learn Which Plants to Avoid If Rabbits Are a Problem in Your Garden
dianthus flowers
The 10 Top Fragrant Plants for Your Garden
Fountain grass with yellow clumps
15 Best Plants for Drought-Tolerant Gardens
10 Messy Plants You Don't Want Near the Pool
outdoor dining table at night
Discover 16 Plants That Smell Best at Night
peas growing
The Best Companion Plants for Garden Peas (and Those to Avoid)
Yellow alyssum plants with yellow flower clusters on tall stems surrounding rocks
33 Best Plants for a Rock Garden
Marsh marigold plant with small yellow flowers and buds growing next to pond
Try Growing These Plants for Your Small Backyard Pond
Low lying plants growing underneath evergreen tree near pond
Solutions to Planting Under Those Problematic Pine Trees
Varieties of colorful hosta plants in garden
Hostas Are More Colorful Than You Think
oakleaf hydrangea
13 Plants to Grow in Low pH Soil
red impatiens
20 Easy Plants to Grow Outdoors
Columbine perennial plant with purple and white flowers and buds closeup
Find Out Which Plants Grow in Alkaline Soil
tomatoes with green shoulders
Why Won't My Tomatoes Ripen All the Way?
chamomile flowers
How to Grow and Care for Chamomile
Hummingbird and Red Salvia
10 Great Plants for Attracting Hummingbirds
Free flowers and shrubs being planted in backyard near white fence and grass
Where Can I Find Free Trees, Shrubs, and Flowers for a New Garden?
flowers on a windowsill
What Are the 19 Easiest Plants to Grow From Cuttings?
Red hot poker plant with flower spike orange and yellow tubular petals closeup
Kids Love Watching These Plants Grow At Home
Tomato blight
Can You Eat Tomatoes and Potatoes Infected With Late Blight?
California fuchsia bush with tiny red flowers on evergreen stems
15 Southwestern Garden Plants
Witch hazel blossoms capped in snow.
10 Plants That Bloom in Winter
Drooping coneflower plants with thin pink stems and dark red centers in garden
Drooping Coneflower (Pale Purple Coneflower) Plant Profile
Butterfly bush with purple flower spike and orange butterfly on top
Learn How to Make Your Yard a Butterfly Haven
White Garden
Soothing Shade Gardens With White and Silver Plants
bee on a purple coneflower
Learn Which Plants Attract More Bees to Your Garden
Colorful ripe heirloom tomatoes over gray table viewed from above
Big, Beautiful, Bicolored Heirloom Tomatoes for Your Garden