Landscaping for Walls and Privacy Screens

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The concept of vertical gardens and living walls opens up a whole new surface upon which to landscape. It also acts as a privacy screen and can cover up an unsightly view. Discover the right plants to use for different parts of your wall or vertical garden, along with materials, designs, themes, ideas, and types of privacy screens.

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    Outdoor Privacy Screens and Retreats

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    Whether it's for the area near your pool, barbecue, patio, or just a spot for enjoying some solitude, you need to figure out how to create that outdoor privacy screen. These are suggestions for sizing-up and finding the right privacy screen for your yard.

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    15 Ideas for Creating Privacy and Boundaries

    privacy screens

    Join the tour as top designers and architects share 15 different solutions for creating privacy for various styles and sizes of residential yards.

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    Privacy Screen Gallery of Ideas

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    This gallery shows creative solutions for gaining privacy in your yard. The photos are meant to suggest and inspire; obviously, you can't run out to your local big-box store and pick up a wall mural or bamboo forest.

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    All About Vertical Gardens

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    Walled gardens have been around for centuries. This brief history lesson on vertical gardens provides ideas for how to design one for your particular outdoor space.

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    The Top 10 Climbing Roses

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    One remedy for disguising an ugly wall, fence, or view is to grow something beautiful to cover it up. Vining or climbing roses can give you something to enjoy looking at when you escape into your backyard. Some varieties smell good, too. 

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    Removing Stains From Walls and Patios

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    Even if a wall is covered up with a vine or screen planting, it still needs to be clean and free of stains or debris. Research the best methods on how to prep your walls for a new life.