Plants vs. Zombies Walkthrough

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    Plants vs. Zombies - Choose Your Plants

    Plants vs Zombies is an addicting game where you have to choose certain plants to battle zombies.
    On each level of Plants vs Zombies you have to choose which plants you will arm yourself with. Screenshot courtesy of PopCap Games

    For the first few levels of Plants vs. Zombies, you unlock new plants and they are automatically added to your arsenal. Once you have more than 6 available, though, you have to start choosing which 6 to use. You can buy additional slots later from Crazy Dave.

    HINT You should always have either the sunflower or sunshroom. You won't be able to keep up if you have to rely on the suns that fall from the sky, especially in the later levels.

    HINT It's important to choose carefully. Take a look...MORE at the types of zombies and the yard conditions (day, pool, night, roof) that are coming up in the level. Pick out the best plants to fit the situation.

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    Plants vs. Zombies - Daytime

    Plants vs. Zombies will sometimes have a pool as part of your backyard.
    Plants vs. Zombies is first set in the daytime. Screenshot courtesy of PopCap Games

    When Plants vs. Zombies first begins, you see your backyard during the daytime. Later versions start adding a pool to make it more difficult.

    HINT If the zombies reach the lawnmowers on the left, the mowers will run over all the zombies in their path as a one time reprieve. After that, they will be able to reach your house, so be careful!

    HINT For the pool, I like the Kraken. It will automatically sink any zombie that comes into contact with it.

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    Plants vs. Zombies - Nighttime

    Night falls on your yard in Plants vs. Zombies and you use different plants.
    Screenshot Courtesy of PopCap Games

    As Plants vs. Zombies progresses, you find yourself in your backyard at night. Suddenly tombstones dot the grass. Since the sun isn't out, the plants you use are quite different.

    HINT Make sure to plant the sunshroom or sunflower so you can still buy plants.

    HINT If there are still tombstones by the final wave, new zombies will pop up out of them. Make sure to choose the Grave Buster as one of your plants and use it as possible.

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    Plants vs. Zombies - Crazy Dave's

    Buy plants and upgrades in Plants vs. Zombies at Crazy Dave's
    Screenshot Courtesy of PopCap Games.

    As you go through Plants vs. Zombies, a man named Crazy Dave will give you little tips and hints. He also opens a shop (in the back of his car, no less) where you can purchase upgrades and special plants to improve your game play. More items get added as you progress.

    HINT Some of the plants and tools are meant for Zen Mode. Choose carefully, especially in the beginning when you don't have a lot of money.

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    Plants vs. Zombies - Zen Garden Mode

    Zen Garden mode in Plants vs. Zombies allows you to garden without the fear of a zombie attack.
    Screenshot Courtesy of Popcap Games

    If you're tired of battling zombies and just want to grow plants, switch over to Zen Mode. You can get additional tools, supplies and plants at Crazy Dave's shop.

    HINT This is a great way to make some money to buy upgrades for the main game.