Plastic Egg Crafts

Use Up Your Leftover Plastic Eggs with These Craft Ideas

Discover many creative ways to use up leftover plastic Easter eggs by transforming them into fun craft projects. Make all of these fun crafts and then use your imagination to create your own.

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    Plastic Egg Crafts
    CD Space Ship.

    Kathryn submitted this project as part of the CD Make-It-Over craft challenge, but this fun project also uses a plastic egg. Learn how she created this great spaceship using two CDs and a few other supplies.

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    Easter Wreath

    Easter Wreath
    Easter Wreath.

    Follow these instructions, and you can make this festive wreath using plastic bags, a hanger, and plastic Easter eggs.

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    Plastic Egg Crafts
    How to Make Egg Critters.

    This fun craft project will show you how to make a variety of animals using plastic Easter eggs.

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    Plastic Egg ABC and 123 Game

    Plastic Egg ABC and 123 Game
    Plastic Egg ABC and 123 Game.

    Learn how to make a fun and unique game, shared by Patty, using plastic eggs and ping-pong balls.

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    Plastic Egg Basket Craft
    Plastic Egg Basket Craft.

    Follow these instructions and learn how you can craft a miniature Easter basket using half a plastic egg.

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    Plastic Egg Duck

    Plastic Egg Crafts
    Plastic Egg Duck.

    Here are directions for making a duck using a plastic egg, some feathers, craft foam, and wiggle eyes. You can dress yours up with a bow, like I did, or anything else you have lying around.

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    Plastic Egg Flower

    Plastic Egg Flower Craft
    Plastic Egg Flower.

    I had a lot of fun making these colorful flowers. I used gingham scrapbook paper to cut out the flower shapes and then topped them with half of a plastic egg.

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    Plastic Egg Flower Pot

    Plastic Egg Flower Pot Craft
    Plastic Egg Flower Pot Craft.

    Learn how you can use half of a plastic egg and a bottle cap to craft a cute little flower pot.

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    Plastic Eggstra School Help

    PLastic Easter Egg Crafts
    Plastic Eggstra School Help.

    A visitor named Robin uses plastic Easter eggs as a game for her kids. She puts a question in each egg, and the kids choose an egg and give the answer.