Plate Wall Ideas - Decorating and Arranging

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    Creative Plate Wall Ideas

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    Plates have been stored along wall shelves or ledges for hundreds of years, but in the last century they have become less utilitarian and more decorative. Since pretty plates and vintage platters can easily be found in flea markets, yard sales and Goodwill stores, installing a plate wall is a great way to have a beautifully installed piece of wall art on a very tight budget.

    May these plate wall ideas inspire you to create your own unique work of art!

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    Frame Your Plates

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    Treat your plates like the work of art that they are like in this installation found over at Better Homes & Gardens. Frames can be found for super cheap, especially when you shop sales or use coupons, keeping this project very budget-friendly.

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    Hang from a Ribbon

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    Ribbon can easily be attached to plates with epoxy glue and add an extra touch to these bold beauties. Hang the plates and ribbon from a picture railing or tie to a decorative hook.

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    Take It Outside

    © Domestic Imperfection

    I love this cute idea over at Domestic Imperfection. Since plates are made to withstand the elements, feel free to create a plate wall on your porch or in your garden!

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    Go Solo

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    Here's another great idea over at Better Homes & Gardens. If you have a unique piece like this big graphic platter, to get the most impact (and bang for your buck) forget the grouping and hang it solo.

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    Cascade Your Plates

    © mmmcrafts

    I've seen this photo all over Pinterest and with good reason - because it's so gosh darn beautiful. I tracked down the original poster over at the mmmcrafts blog. I think she nailed it, and you can too!

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    Keep It Modern

    © Dwell

    Plate walls aren't just for antique or folk art lovers. This arrangement over at Dwell proves that plate walls can be funky and fresh and full of a modern approach.

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    Mixing It Up

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    A plate wall doesn't just have to be about the plates, as this idea from Better Homes & Gardens proves. If you can't find enough plates in the color scheme that you want to use, mix in other elements (even a few that you DIY) to create the desired effect.

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    It's a Wrap

    © View Along the Way

    When in doubt (or in this bloggers case, when the husband is in doubt), go with a wrap. I adore this fresh idea from View Along the Way, and she can keep adding to it also.

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    Writing on the Wall

    © Bees Knees Bungalow

    This beautiful idea found over at Bees Knees Bungalow gets downright inspirational with their plates. I love the words. Feel free to stencil or write your own inspiring thoughts on your plates!

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    Plates... or Not?

    © Bloomingville

    These aren't plates, but this beautiful arrangement shared over at 79 Ideas via Bloomingvilleis gorgeous. And it simply proves that pleasing wall arrangements can be made using just about anything. So use your creative genius and get arranging!

    For more wall art ideas that are totally free, see my article.