Playing and Learning Through History

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    Downton Abbey's Daunting Cast

    Courtesy of PBS/WNET NY Media

     For many TV viewers, Sunday night is synonymous with Downton Abbey. Folks around the globe follow the trials and tribulations of the British gentry and their housekeeping staff who reside in the sprawling estate. The year 2016 marks the final season of this landmark series, where viewers of all ages, genders and financial backgrounds grew to care about the landed "upper crust." With the show leaving the airwaves, what should a fan do? Why, buy a doll, of course! 

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    Matilda, Your Tudor Girl

    Courtesy of Frances Cain/A Girl for All Time

     For moms and dads, who are going to endure DA withdrawal, there is a beautiful line of dolls to fill the void. These lovely dolls are designed for children aged 7 and above, and encourage children to participate in "intelligent, creative play." There are five dolls in the Girl for All Time lineup, and each one represents a young British girl who lived in a fascinating historical era. The dolls represent a sprawling, multigenerational family, and each girl symbolizes the hopes and dreams...MORE of her particular time frame. The dolls span from the Tudor Era to the Swinging 1960s.

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    Lydia, Your Georgian Girl

    Courtesy of Frances Cain/A Girl for All Time

    The dolls come dressed in exquisite costuming, which captures the finery and the attitudes of their generation. The Girl for All Time company has won awards for its meticulous craftsmanship, and the costuming has been handled by major fashion professionals. Amongst the people who have designed for the line are London maven Katya Wildman, Hollywood stalwart Caroline Harris and, more recently, Thimbles and Acorns, a partnership centered around high couture for dolls.  

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    Amelia, Your Victorian Girl

    Courtesy of Frances Cain/A Girl for All Time

    Just as Downton Abbey placed the Crawley family within the social shifts of their ever-changing England, A Girl for All Time invites young girls to learn firsthand what it meant to be a young lady growing up throughout Britain's deep, rich history. Sweeping centuries and enthralling events are captured by the dolls and their complementary novels. Matilda, the Tudor heroine, crosses paths with the court of King Henry VIII, while Amelia from 1888 has adventures that lead her from glittering...MORE Victorian ballrooms to corridors of soul-sucking poverty. Amelia gains an education, and so do the young readers.

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    Clementine, Your 1940's Girl

    Courtesy of Frances Cain/A Girl for All Time

    The World War II years, and the horrors of the Nazis and the Blitz assault of London, are tackled in the story of Clementine Harper. The 12-year-old heroine meets Giselle, a German-Jewish refugee, and immediately forges a special bond. The two girls plot to rescue Giselle's sister, trapped in occupied France. The scenarios are worthy of an Oscar-nominated screenplay. It makes sense because the first three books in the series were penned by a BAFTA-nominated screenwriter, Sandra Goldbacher. Th...MOREe dolls and the books are integrated and will sweep your daughter (and you) into the covered periods.  

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    Sam, Your 1960s Girl

    Courtesy of Frances Cain, A Girl for All Time

    The latest release, and the most modern of the dolls, is Samantha Liron. Sam dreams of one day being a fashion designer. When her family suffers a financial downfall, she leaves behind all that she knows and moves to Greenwich Village with her eccentric uncle Ernie. Sam's hairstyle, costuming and appearance are very "happening." Facing change and upheaval, Sam makes circumstances from 50 years ago seem contemporary and relatable. 

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    A Fond Farewell

    Courtesy of PBS/WNET NY Media

    Though Downton Abbey will become a cherished memory--a reminder of a golden bygone age and a pinnacle of family-saga TV--the Girl for All Time dolls will remain poised and ready for hours of hands-on play. Their tagline is "Your Friend Forever," and with its heirloom quality manufacturing, the dolls certainly are confidantes and playmates that will bridge your daughter's growing-up years. With such a respectful attitude toward the past, the Crawleys would be so proud.