All About Playmobil Toys and Building Sets

Playmobil Toys Pirate Ship

What are Playmobil Toys?

Playmobil is a German toy company.  Playmobil toys are unique construction sets, recommended for children ages 4-12. The toys are designed around different theme or "miniature worlds." These toys have been distributed to children and fans around the world since the mid 1970's. 

Playmobil toy sets often people figures with happy looking faces. Sets frequently include fun vehicles and buildings.

Many of the sets include historical and fantasy themes and feature pirate ships, castles, dollhouses, and farms. Not only do children love Playmobil. The accessories also make Playmobil toys unique. They are very small, but there is a lot of attention to detail in the design, which can be very realistic and funny.

There are many reasons to consider Playmobil toys for your child. Playmobil play sets consist of miniature figures, props, landscape building pieces and lots of miniature accessories for the figures. Children can play in modern day worlds, historical worlds, or fantasy worlds. Playmobil sets include many tiny accessories that are realistic.

For example, in Dino Expedition, which is a themed set in the snowy mountains, there are accessories like snow hats, skis, snow shoes for the characters, a flag to mark the highest point of the mountain, binoculars, and many more thoughtful and delightful little accessories included.

The characters have bright colors and happy smiling faces. The toys include smooth, rounded edges which are easy for young children to handle.

There are endless possibliites to create whole new worlds with these imaginative additions.

Definitely plan ahead for toy storage options for these small accessories, so they do not get lost or fall into the hands of younger children who might accidentally try and put them in their mouth and pose a choking risk.

Playbill sets last for generations, so while they can be an expensive toy purchase consider buying these toy sets used.

How Do Playmobil Toys Compare To LEGO sets and Classic Construction Toys?

Playmobil is different than classic construction toys and other brick based building sets, like LEGO sets. Children and parents still need to follow directions to assemble the vehicles and playsets. The pieces do snap together, but they are not square, or brick-based. A big frustration with LEGO sets is that the pieces often fall apart once assembled. Playmobil pieces do not typically fall apart once assembled.

What Ages Are Recommended For Playmobil Sets?

Playmobil sets are recommended for children between the ages of 4 and 12. The accessories are very small and not appropriate for any child, irregardless of age, who still puts toys in or near their mouth.

Younger children will find the traditional Playmobil sets difficult to assemble, and require adult supervision and help, especially to manipulate/snap on the tiny accessories. However, there are toddler sets for younger builders.. 

What Are Some Examples of Playmobil Themes?

Playmobil playsets come as basic sets around a theme. There are different "add-on" accessories that can be bought for varying price ranges.

Playmobil also has many advent calendars that are a great way to countdown to the Christmas holiday.

Some of the basic sets or Playmobil "Playworlds" include: