10 Playroom Storage Ideas

Chair with storage next to it

Bow in the Sky

Every parent knows that it's all too easy to let your whole house turn into a playroom. Sometimes it feels like toys somehow multiply overnight, and it can be difficult to create a storage solution that not only works for you, but works for your kids, too. But never fear—these brilliant storage ideas for every playroom prove it's possible to keep clutter at bay, even in a room filled to the brim with toys.

Whether you have an entire dedicated playroom or you use a corner of a living room or nursery to store toys, check out these great storage ideas.

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    Add a Hanging Cabinet

    Toy storage in a cabinet

    Bow in the Sky

    This adorable playroom from Bow in the Sky features a natural wood cabinet mounted to the wall to add hidden storage for all types of toys. This provides extra floor space underneath for larger items that don't easily fit in a cabinet and helps keep the room nice and tidy.

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    Add a Desk

    Desk for children

    Escape Home

    We love multipurpose pieces, especially in small homes, so it's no surprise that we love this playroom from Escape Home. The oversized kids' desk seen here is perfect for crafts and homework, but also provides endless additional storage space for books, papers, or even toys. Plus, hanging wall shelves add a great perch for a few favorite books.

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    Customize a Built-In Look

    Playroom with baskets of toys

    Brittany L Schmitt

    We can't think of a more whimsical place to spend the day playing (or doing school work) than this lovely play space from Brittany L Schmitt. The walls feature two built-in bookcases filled with baskets to organize all of your kids' toys. Add chalkboard labels so you can easily find a home for every toy.

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    Add Cubbies for Books

    Room with cubbies on the wall

    Luka Marie

    This cubbie from Luka Marie is a great option for living rooms that double as playrooms. A sleek cubbie unit feels adult enough to stand alone in a multi-purpose room, but adds a ton of storage for books and toys. If your playroom is in a living space, look for pieces that don't feel too childlike, but still suit your kids' needs.

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    Hang a Shelf

    Wooden shelf with pegs

    Final Family Home

    A simple hanging shelf can be a great addition to any playroom. Here, Final Family Home shows how a small wooden shelf can add a lot of style to the room and even a bit of extra storage. Look for a piece with pegs for extra hanging storage, or hang multiple floating shelves for more usable space.

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    Use Sliding Bins

    Playroom with sliding plastic bins

    Home Interior By Lara

    This playroom from Home Interior By Lara is one of the most organized and impressive spaces we've seen. Using wooden units and opaque plastic bins that can easily slide in and out, she created a storage system that can handle even the biggest toy and craft collections.

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    Let Toys Act as Decoration

    Playroom with colorful toys

    Where Learning Meets Play

    If you are short on storage space, why not let some of your kids' toys double as art? Here, Where Learning Meets Play proves how creative, colorful toys don't need to be hidden away when they are this beautiful. Use exposed shelving or the top of a dresser to show off some of your children's favorite toys.

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    Go Wild With Baskets

    Playroom with storage

    This Mummy Story

    Baskets are truly one of the most versatile items you can have in your home. Not only do they look chic and stylish, but they are perfect for tossing basically anything out of sight. Here, This Mummy Story creates a mixture of sliding plastic bins and woven baskets as the ultimate storage space for every type of toy.

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    Round Up Books

    Playroom with books

    Kid of the Village

    Wrangle your child's book collection with these modern wooden bookshelves from Kid of the Village. These units are perfect for keeping a handful of books in rotation for easy access while larger cubbies or bookshelves hold the rest of your collection.

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    Use Hanging Wall Storage

    playroom with a craft table

    Kenzie Salomon

    The best playroom storage is accessible and easy to maintain (and should be possible for your child to maintain on their own, too). Kenzie Salomon uses a metal rod and three hanging metal baskets to create the perfect place to toss craft supplies right next to where they will be used. Keeping storage within reach makes it much easier for your kid to clean up after playtime.

The best playroom storage is one that is easy to maintain to keep your room clutter-free. Look for solutions that are not only easy for you to keep up with, but that are simple enough for your child to stay on top of too.