PlayTape Allows Kids to Play Anywhere

Tape Disguised as Train Tracks and Roads So Kids Can Play Anywhere

Keri Wilmot

Having a little boy in our home, pushing around die-cast cars and train toys have been a mainstay in his play patterns since he could crawl. It's also probable that his continued love for these toys is mainly due to the fact that for  $1, cars are the best impulse buy possible when at the the checkout line.

We've reviewed parking garages, designed all sorts of fast Hot Wheels tracks, created roads for toy cars out of wooden blocks, and even assembled several unique toy cars with Automoblox and Modarri.

However, the one activity that he enjoys doing is arranging his cars in order to race down a long upstairs hallway. He loves to create traffic jams, parking lots, and drive cars on various surfaces, as well as up and down the walls.

PlayTape, from In Road Toys, is a roll of tape, similar to painter's tape, that safely adheres to carpet, as well as laminate and hardwood floors. The tapes comes in various widths and colors, and are designed to look like either an asphalt road or train tracks, allowing kids to expand their vehicle play and design new experiences with their vehicles and imagination.

PlayTape is really easy to roll out, even my almost 5 year old was able to use it independently and tear it off successfully after I demonstrated how. However, the tape didn't necessarily tear evenly, but he didn't seem to mind. At first, the only difficulty we noted, as you can see from the picture, is that designing straight roads and triangular tracks are easiest.

 It's a challenge for children to cut the tape into different pieces to make circular or oval race tracks and train tracks without adult help. However, the company responded and curved pieces of tape can also be purchased separately, which makes it easier for kids to design custom roads and tracks. Using the PlayTape was certainly a lot faster and quicker than trying to arrange wooden train track sets, which can often send a child into a tantrum due to frustration when the tracks get bumped and fall apart.

 The PlayTape stayed on our carpet for weeks without unsticking. The rolls of tape were even small and lightweight enough that we brought them and  a handful of die-cast cars with us on a family vacation to a beach house.   

PlayTape is made in the United States, and is reportedly toxin-free, disposable and recyclable.

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