7 Podcast That Your Kids Will Love


Listening is not a skill kids are born with. It has to be learned and practiced over time (and if you tell kids that they will never want to listen!), but it's easier for kids when they have something they want to listen to. That's why podcasts and audiobooks can be a great way to keep kids busy, happy and learning all at once.

And the Internet offers a vast selection of podcasts for kids of all ages and interests.

The choices are too boundless to describe here, but below you’ll find a selection of some of the most entertaining and educational podcasts … some for kids who love science, some for little ones who just want “one more story,” and just about everything in between.

Global Wonders
Ages: Preschool, early elementary school
Global Wonders has become a major podcast franchise on the strength of its appeal to younger grade-school children and by inspiring them with varied and vibrant stories from around the world. The series, created by Rashmi Turner, a working mom and former executive at The Walt Disney Company, follows a cast of animated characters as they play games, learn vocabulary words, and sample tasty treats from around the globe. Find on iTunes: Global Wonders

Sid the Science Kid
Ages: Preschool
Kids learn about concepts such as friction, elasticity, recycling, habits, and light … all in a fun way … via this ongoing series from PBS Kids and The Jim Henson Company.

New podcast episodes, which  are available monthly, are hosted by educator Kimberly Brenneman and Trina Helfrich, a stay-at-home mother of two boys. Find on iTunes: Sid the Science Kid

DogCast Radio
Ages: Elementary, middle school
If your kids love dogs, there’s a great chance they’ll like this podcast.

Topics for this twice monthly show range from the informational (breeds, training tips, tricks) to the playful (Puppy Play Time) to the medical (first-aid kits for dogs and the latest research into canine cancer). Access online: DogCast Radio Find on iTunes:Dogcast Radio

Ages: Elementary
Designed for kids in the 6- to 10-year-old bracket, FETCH! mixes the game show and reality TV genres by featuring real kids working out real challenges that test their intellect and determination. The ringmaster/host is a not-so-real, animated dog named Ruff Ruffman, who is equal parts kooky and loveable. Access online: FETCH! Find on iTunes: FETCH!

Ages: Grades 1-12
Does your child crave nothing more than being read to? This can be a joy for parents, too. But when you're working at home you just can't drop everything to nurture that love of stories. Storynory has got your back. This series takes the art of narration to a wonderful level with a wide array of fairy tales, audio books, poetry, myths, and original stories. Stories are organized by grade. Access online: Storynory Find on iTunes: Storynory

Activated Stories
Ages: Elementary
Kimberly and Dennis Goza have turned their popular traveling children’s theater show into a podcast series that surprises and entertains listeners by bringing to life a different folktale from a new location in every episode.

Where else can the little ones be regaled with classic yarns from Ghana, Scotland, Burma, and the Bahamian island of Andros just to name a few?Access online: Activated Stories Find on iTunes: Activates Stories

Sesame Street Podcasts
Ages: Preschool, early elementary school
When you think “timeless kids’ entertainment” a few names come to mind: Grover, Elmo, Kermit. Since 2007, Sesame Street has been producing these weekly video snippets that introduce new vocabulary words to young listeners with the loveable and venerable characters that have made the TV show a cultural icon.

Here are a few other great podcasts for kids, but most are not producing new episodes at this time:

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