Pokemon Toys to Add to Your Collection

Are the kids obsessed with going for a walk or visiting nearby landmarks to catch Pokémon with the smartphone app, Pokémon Go? Worried about to much screen time? It is possible to take a child's obsession with the app out of the virtual world and into the real world. There are many new Pokemon toys, action figures, stuffed animals and games.

The Pokémon craze is not new. Since 1996 players have been learning about, collecting, playing and trading Pokémon cards with the Pokémon Trading Card...MORE Game.

In order to play the trading card game, players will need to buy and collect several packs of Pokemon trading cards.  There are over 700 Pokémon characters in the card games, each with a different name and power. In this card game of strategy, players "catch Pokémon," by defeating other characters, playing a card with higher value or skills. Pokémon trading cards are like blind bag toys. Just like playing the app and defeating Pokémon, kids become obsessed with collecting cards for more power in the game.   

2016 is the 20th anniversary of Pokémon. During the year, limited edition and rare Mythical Pokémon toys will be released throughout the year. Collectors can view these rare toys at TomyCollections.com. If the toys are unavailable and hard to find in retail stores, it may be more expensive, but possible to buy Mythical Pokemon toys resold from collectors on Amazon.com or Ebay.

Gather up your favorite Pokémon toys, figures, stuffed animals and video games and check for events in your local area for Pokémon fans, such as Pokémon Game tournaments and Pokémon Go Lure Fests and Lure-A-Thons.

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    Pikachu is a favorite Pokémon character for many players. In addition to Pikachu, there are many Pokémon plush toys or stuffed animals. Toys are available in different sizes. Some include keychains to decorate a backpack. This large plush Pikachu even has lights and sounds with moving ears and cheeks that light-up.

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    Not only do kids like to play with toys in the real world, they enjoy playing as their characters in virtual games. In addition to the Pokemon Go app, there over a dozen Pokemon video games, with more set to release, for those with a Nintendo 3DS portable gaming system. There are special Pokemon amiibo for play in the popular Super Smash Brothers game. Fans who want to relive their childhood, or share it with their own kids, can download original versions of Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow onto...MORE their Nintendo 3DS through the Nintedo e-shop

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    To survive and be successful in catching Pokémon in the game, good Pokémon trainers need lots of Poké Balls. If these toy Poké balls are thrown, Pokémon figures will pop out. There are many different types of these Poké balls to collect, including Pikachu & Poké Ball, Chespin & Premier Ball, Fennekin & Great Ball, and Froakie & Ultra Ball.

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    Keeping track of all of the Pokémon characters is not easy, there are so many! Many Pokémon fans want to learn about each of them and play different games with them. The Interactive PokéDex has an interactive LCD screen that can be personalized and a small mini SD slot lets children upload photos of their favorite Pokémon. The PokéDex includes 1300 quiz questions about Pokémon, too.

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    Children like to pretend to be their favorite characters. In real life they might like to re-enact the fun of catching Pokémon with their Poké Ball. The Poké Ball toy will turn green after it is thrown if a child catches a Pokémon. Catching a Pokémon is not guaranteed, if the light is red, they will need to try again!  

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    In addition to collecting cards, there are many different sizes of Pokemon action figures. Some are vinyl, others can be maneuvered into different positions. Many kids will like to use their imagination by combining their Pokémon collections with other super hero characters. Encourage kids to use construction toys to build traps, arenas and castles for their Pokémon. Kids will definitely be surprised to find some of these great characters sitting on top of their birthday cake for a special...MORE Pokémon party, too!