Polka Dot Projects for Kids to Make

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    8 Polka Dot Projects for Kids to Make

    8 Polka Dot Projects for Kids to Make

    Polka dots are so much fun! There are so many ways to craft with polka dots and I’ve found some of the best ones. From painting with different materials to materials that are dotted in nature. Get your family together to try these creative crafts!

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    Polka Dot Slime

    Polka Dot Slime
    Fun At Home With Kids

    This slime will keep your kids occupied for hours! It’s silly and slimy and super fun.

    Polka Dot Slime from Fun At Home With Kids

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    DIY Painted Polka Dot Mug

    Painted Polka Dot Mug
    Endlessly Inspired.

    Help your kids make these adorable polka dot mugs. These make great homemade gifts for a birthday or holiday.

    DIY Painted Polka Dot Mug from Endlessly Inspired

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    Q-Tip Painted Holiday Trees

    Q-Tip Painted Holiday Trees
    Make and Takes

    Craft festive cards for the holidays with these Q-Tip painted holiday trees. Easy, cute, and fun!

    Q-Tip Painted Holiday Trees from Make and Takes

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    Swirling Twirling Ladybugs

    Swirling Twirling Ladybugs
    Crafts by Amanda

    I love the sparkling polka dots on these ladybugs. This is a perfect polka dot craft for your kiddos.

    Swirling Twirling Ladybugs from Crafts by Amanda

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    Sticker Doodle Dot Cards

    Sticker Doodle Dot Cards
    Make and Takes

    Have some fun with blank sticker dots. Craft these awesome polka dot cards and give them to friends and family.

    Sticker Doodle Dot Cards from Make and Takes

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    Polka Dot Treat Bags

    Polka Dot Treat Bags
    Studio DIY

    These DIY treat bags make perfect party favors. These bags are easy to make for all ages.

    Polka Dot Treat Bags from Studio DIY

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    Polka Dot Inside-And-Out Birthday Cake

    Polka Dot Birthday Cake
    Handmade Charlotte

    I LOVE this polka dot birthday cake! Gather your kids, put on those aprons, and get baking in the kitchen!

    Polka Dot Inside-And-Out Birthday Cake from Handmade Charlotte

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    Sticker Doodle Dot Card

    Marie Lebaron

    Have extra blank sticker dots? Put them to good use with this cute doodle dot card idea!

    Sticker Doodle Dot Card from The Spruce