Pomegranate Cocktails

Holiday Pomegranate Mojito Mocktail Recipe
Everything you love about a pomegranate mojito, just hold the rum. It's a great drink for the family during the holidays. GMVozd/Vetta/Getty Images

Pomegranate is a special fruit that has long had a place in cocktails, though until recent years it has typically been found by adding grenadine. Now we have pomegranate liqueurs, flavored vodkas, and juices to play with and get that unique taste of the fruit, mostly because of its popularity as a "healthy ​superfruit."

These new options are readily available and make it far easier to add pomegranate to drinks.

Some of these drinks also include fresh pomegranate seeds either as a garnish or in a puree for extra texture. One thing is for sure, people love pomegranate cocktails no matter what form the flavor comes in, so these are perfect for a universal party drink.

Fresh Pomegranate and Pomegranate Juice Cocktails:

In these drinks, you will find that either fresh pomegranate seeds or pomegranate juice. While the pomegranate fruit itself does take a little extra work, the fresh taste is worth the effort (see this great tutorial for juicing pomegranate). You will find a myriad of bottled brands of juice (i.e. POM) available, with many being 100% natural.

Pomegranate Liquor Cocktails:

Since the beginning of the 21st Century there has been an explosion in pomegranate-flavored distilled spirits.

Vodkas are definitely the most popular of these and are some of the best infused vodkas on the liquor shelves because premium vodka distillers like Charbay, Three Olives, and Van Gogh have taken on the flavor. The other option is a pomegranate liqueur, with PAMA being the most popular brand, though you may also want to try Cartron Grenade as it is equally delightful.

Grenadine Recipes

Before all of the pomegranate liquors came out, grenadine was the easy way to get the fruit's flavor into drinks - think Tequila Sunrise - though it is often mistaken for a cherry-flavored syrup. This pomegranate syrup is readily available in liquor and grocery stores or you can make it yourself from pomegranate seeds or juice (Homemade Grenadine recipe).