How to Use the Pomegranate in Feng Shui

White ceramic bowl of pomegranates on kitchen counter top with seeds spread across

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When you hear the words “feng shui”, fruit might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, feng shui practitioners often bring symbols of nature, including plants and fruit, into a home to invite a deeper connection to nature and natural cycles. One of the core aspects of feng shui is this connection to nature; “feng shui” actually translates to “wind” and “water”, which is indicative of how vital these natural elements are to our survival. 

Pomegranate is an especially auspicious feng shui symbol because of its color and its many seeds. It is often found in Asian and Chinese art motifs, sometimes alongside other meaningful symbols from the natural world. Read on to learn about the feng shui meaning of pomegranate and how you can work with this symbol in your home

Pomegranate Symbolism and Meaning in Feng Shui

Pomegranates are red, globe-shaped fruits, and if you have ever cut open a pomegranate, you’ll know that they overflow with hundreds of vibrant, jewel-like seeds. These seeds give pomegranate the meaning of fertility and good luck for many prosperous offspring. This can mean children or human descendants, but it can also apply to prosperous offspring in terms of projects, ideas, qi (energy), or the work that you put out into the world. It can also symbolize opportunities for leaving a meaningful legacy. Fruit also creates a cycle of life and rebirth, by holding seeds that later can bear more fruit. 

The color of pomegranates, typically a vibrant red, is related to fire energy. The fire element is connected to inspiration and recognition, and it’s the color of the Fame area of the feng shui bagua. This ties into the idea of creating prosperous and successful projects in the world and having the inspiration to do so. 

Red is also the most auspicious color in feng shui because it is the color of vitality. By just looking at the color of the pomegranate fruit and seeds, we can feel a sense of that vitality. Its color is so vibrant that it can actually be used for making dyes. Pomegranate is also considered a superfood and is rich in beneficial nutrients and medicinal qualities.

As a fruit, pomegranate provides sweetness as well. In our modern age, it’s very easy to get fruit at the supermarket, but when feng shui was developed in ancient times, fruit was very valuable and precious. You wouldn’t have been able to find nearly as many sources of sweetness as you can nowadays. Pomegranate was even used as an offering at Buddhist temples because it was considered so precious. 

In Chinese motifs, you’ll often see pomegranate making up a triad with apple and peach. While pomegranate represents many descendants, apple represents a peaceful and contented life, and peach is connected to a long life. Pomegranates are also frequently found paired with goldfish, another auspicious symbol.  

Sliced pomegranate fruit on wood cutting board with seeds and striped cloth nearby

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How to Use Pomegranate in Your Home

If the symbolism of pomegranate feels especially meaningful to you, you might want to bring this fruit into your home. Here are a few ways you could do this: 

Inspire Prosperity and Ideas

If you’d like to inspire prosperity and ideas, pomegranate can help you cultivate the fire element energy to support this. Try placing a basket of pomegranates or an image of pomegranates in your home with this intention. The kitchen is a great place to add pomegranates, since the kitchen is connected to wealth in feng shui. You can also place this symbol in your home office or workspace, if you are wanting to call in more abundance and inspiration in your career or business. 

Enhance Fertility

Given pomegranate’s connection to fertility, it can be a powerful symbol to work with when you are wanting to bring a new child into your family. To work with pomegranate to support this intention, you’ll want to find the Children bagua area of your bedroom, called Dui in Chinese. To do this, stand in the main entrance to your bedroom facing in, and imagine a three-by-three grid stretched over the room. The middle section on the right-hand side will be the Children area. You can place pomegranate imagery here with the intention to support your fertility. 

Grow Pomegranate in Your Garden

If it’s appropriate in your climate, you can also plant a pomegranate tree! This way, you can really observe the cycles of nature as the tree grows, and you’ll be able to pick fresh pomegranates that you and your family can enjoy. 

Work With Pomegranate, Apple, and Peach

You can also bring in the motif of a pomegranate, apple, and peach together to invite good luck with descendants, peace, and a long life. You can do this by placing these three fruits together in a fruit bowl, or by finding artwork that includes images of these fruits. 

Framed art print of pomegranates on wall next to hanging houseplant

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