26 Pool Deck Ideas Perfect for Lounging and Socializing

A backyard pool with a lounge area

Mindy Gayer

It's time to put away those winter coats and bring out your sandals and beach towels. With warmer summer months ahead, you can finally look forward to enjoying your backyard pool retreat. Whether you can't make that summer trip happen or you've vowed to take more staycations this year, your own backyard pool can be a great summer retreat with the right layout and look.

To help you make the most of your space, we dive into our favorite pool deck ideas, from traditional to modern styles, that will have you enjoying relaxing days as well as fun gatherings all season long.

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    Boulder Border

    A backyard pool with a boulder border

    Lady Landscape / Instagram

    Sometimes a beautiful garden is more important than a bigger pool deck where you can access the pool from all sides. Melanie of Lady Landscape chose to add a garden on two sides of the pool to add privacy, for a cooling effect and to create a habitat for wildlife. The boulder border around the pool highlights the pool while providing a fun spot to jump in.

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    Narrow Yet Efficient

    A small pool deck with an outdoor living room

    JC Designs / Instagram

    Even though this pool deck is narrow, the use of the space is efficient. Simply adding a couple pieces of furniture, a stylish tassel umbrella that provides shade and an outdoor rug, pulls the whole space together. The brick detail on the flooring is an eye-catching addition that brings color and texture to the outdoor space.

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    Pathway to the Pool

    A pool deck with a cabana

    Cathie Hong

    A simple white concrete pathway and large pavers help create different zones around this backyard pool. The artificial turf is a great place for yard games when you want a break from swimming, and a partially shaded cabana with comfortable outdoor seating is a great reprieve from the sun.

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    Midcentury Modern Pool Patio

    A backyard pool deck with hills in the background

    Michelle Boudreau Designs

    Not only does this partial white concrete breeze block fence enhance the midcentury modern vibe of this backyard patio, but it also serves a purpose when poolside. The breeze blocks help with ventilation on the patio as well as help balance the sunlight. It's a design feature that's equally beautiful as it is functional.

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    Black and White Pool Deck

    A backyard pool with black and white floor pavers

    Lady Landscape / Instagram

    This pool deck has everything you need, from the outdoor seating to the tranquil sounds from the three water features. The most eye-catching feature though is the dark tiles surrounding the spa and garden. The contrast between those and the rest of the pool patio mirrors the home's exterior.

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    Outdoor Oasis

    An aerial view of a backyard pool and deck

    Lady Landscape / Instagram

    Maybe it's the covered outdoor kitchen or the surrounding deciduous trees or lounge chairs, but this backyard pool area is a relaxing escape from reality. The pool deck leads right up to pool's edge where you can safely enter the pool from the stairs.

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    Anything But Square

    A backyard pool with a spa and concrete stepping stone border

    LeClair Decor

    The perfectly cut lawn and concrete square pavers surrounding this pool and spa give this backyard a clean, polished look. Lounge chairs and a forest backdrop add a more laidback feel to the outdoor space.

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    A Perfect Backyard for Parties

    A backyard pool with concrete pool deck and grass detail

    Design by Mindy Gayer / Photo by Vanessa Lentine

    This pool deck is a great place for a backyard gathering. It features different areas for lounging and eating poolside and features a concrete deck with patches of grass for drying feet after a swim.

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    Elevated Garden Design

    A backyard pool with an elevated garden

    Lady Landscape / Instagram

    A pool is a fun backyard feature, but what makes a backyard inviting is the seating, shading options and a beautiful garden that make you appreciate the outdoors. This backyard features all the elements of what makes a backyard truly enjoyable, from the elevated garden to the covered seating area.

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    Poolside in Cali

    A backyard pool with a hanging egg chair and eating area

    The Home Consultant

    Because the roof pitch is the focal point of this home and backyard, the pool deck was kept simple and clean. The outdoor eating area features simple neutral flooring, while the grass surrounding the pool adds a touch of color.

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    Small Yet Functional Backyard

    A backyard pool with a lounge area

    Design by Mindy Gayer / Photo by Lane Dittoe

    Even a small backyard can have all the features you want. The lounge chairs and are great for sunbathing, while the herringbone brick patterned part of the deck features a spot to sit under the shade. The small wild garden separates the two areas and makes the backyard feel larger than it is.

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    Upscale Mediterranean Style

    A Mediterranean style backyard pool

    Design by Calimia Home / Photo by Jeanne Canto

    The standout features of this upscale Spanish villa's backyard are the lush plants and arches that anchor the courtyard, but what really makes this pool patio special is its versatility. It's a great place to host a formal party yet it's intimate enough to go for a swim or sunbathe with the family on a relaxing Sunday.

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    A Backyard for all Seasons

    A backyard pool with a fire pit

    Lady Landscape / Instagram

    The infinity pool in this backyard allows you to enjoy the surrounding nature. But this pool deck isn't only enjoyable during warm months. The seating area and modern firepit allow friends and family to enjoy the view during colder months, too.

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    Monochromatic Deck

    A backyard pool with two lounge chairs

    Design by Mindy Gayer / Photo by Vanessa Lentine

    Even though this backyard pool area is small, the all-white design makes it feel larger and more open. Plus, the sofa pillows and small table give the seating area dual purpose as a place to sunbathe or sit for dining and conversation.

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    Boho Design Vibes

    A pool deck with outdoor rugs, lounge chairs and an outdoor umbrella

    JC Designs / Instagram

    The outdoor area rugs and lounge chairs, that might as well be beds, bring the indoors out in this backyard. You could easily spend hours sunbathing, napping, eating and relaxing by the pool in this boho design inspired outdoor living room.

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    Pool and Play

    A backyard pool with a wood deck and a swing set for kids

    Maite Granda

    While the adults swim, the kids can play with this backyard playset that blends perfectly with the wood pool deck. The only entry point to the pool is by stairs that start at the shallow end of the pool, making it a safe feature for families with kids.

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    Stone Border Detail

    A round backyard pool with a lounge area

    Design by Chelius House of Design / Photo by Amy Bartlam

    This narrow, curved pool deck is a cozy spot to place a couple lounge chairs right by the pool. The teak outdoor furniture and striped pool umbrella add a classic look, while the stone detail border around the pool breaks up the clean lines of the rest of the backyard design.

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    A Spot to Dip Your Feet

    A large backyard pool with two separate sitting areas

    Erin Williamson Design

    With an outdoor space like this, you'd probably want to spend more time outside than in. The best spot in this backyard is the bamboo deck with two round daybeds. The edge of the deck extends over the pool, providing the perfect spot to sit and dip your feet in during hot summer days.

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    Cactus Border

    A backyard pool with a cactus border

    Michelle Boudreau Design

    Even if there is no room to place lounge chairs all around the pool, you can still make the most of any size pool deck. The white privacy wall is livened up with color through succulents and other low-maintenance plants that make the most of the pool's small deck.

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    Poolside Dining

    A backyard pool with a glass fence and outdoor kitchen

    Maite Granda

    This large outdoor kitchen has plenty of room to gather for a poolside meal. The gray stone floor tiles anchor the space, while a half glass wall separates the dining area from the rest of the pool deck and adds safety without sacrificing on style.

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    A Dream Backyard

    A backyard pool with stone pavers and a sitting area

    Mid City Interiors

    You have everything you need in this backyard, whether you want to sunbathe, relax in the shade or grill up some lunch or dinner. One side of the pool deck features stone flooring in an eye-catching mosaic pattern while the other is all grass for a cooler spot to enjoy the backyard space.

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    Tropical Style Lounging

    A backyard pool with a tropical style sitting area

    Michelle Boudreau Design

    You'd think this tropical-style backyard is an expensive vacation retreat. The palm leaf outdoor sofa is the focal point of the pool deck while a row of golden barrel cacti brings interest and texture to the outdoor space.

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    All-Grass Pool Deck

    A large backyard pool with a sitting area

    Kate Marker Interiors

    This large backyard pool is completely surrounded by grass, giving the pool an upscale look. Concrete pavers are set in a patterned design and lead up to the large outdoor dining area and home. The whole look is luxurious yet relaxed.

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    Opposites Attract

    A backyard pool with a vertical garden

    Design by Mindy Gayer / Photo by Kyle Monk

    Each side of this pool deck has a completely different look that together create a stunning backyard space. One side is streamlined with clean white lines and matching white lounge chairs, while the other side features a privacy wall with a wild and beautiful vertical garden.

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    A Variety of Textures

    A backyard pool with a white wall barrier

    House of Harvee / Instagram

    This pool deck features a variety of textures that each enhance the backyard's visual appeal. The half glass wall and white stucco privacy fence add a clean, modern look, while the mosaic tile pool edge and wood deck bring texture.

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    Surfs Up

    A surfer style pool deck with a bar top

    Christina Kim Interior Design

    This poolside cabana features natural stone tile flooring laid in a mosaic pattern that enhances the retro colors of the cabana without competing with it. Privacy curtains can be drawn to separate the cabana area from the rest of the pool deck.