26 Backyard Pool Fence and Barrier Ideas

A white bamboo fence around a backyard pool.

Aliaksandra Ivanova/EyeEm / Getty Images

A swimming pool is a great addition to your backyard, especially if you plan on a staycation with your whole family this summer. Pools come with responsibility though—including keeping you and your family safe with a fence or barrier. (Depending on where you live, you may also need a barrier to keep wildlife out!) We share our favorite fence and barrier ideas that will enhance the look of your backyard, from bamboo fencing to a cool water feature.

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    Modular Wall

    A pool surrounded by a modular wall with growing vines.

    modularwalls / Instagram

    A modular wall acts as a great barrier for a backyard pool because it blocks out noise and has a sleek design, and this slim wall design by modularwalls even acts as a garden trellis giving you the opportunity to seamlessly blend the wall with your outdoor space.

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    Half Glass Wall

    maite granda pool barrier

    Maite Granda

    If you want your pool to be the standout feature in your backyard, you don't want to conceal it with a fence. A glass half-wall will blend into your backyard design seamlessly and will allow your pool to stand out while still adding the safety factor to ensure your family stays safe.

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    Eco-Friendly Fencing

    A backyard with a pool chair and woven tables and ottoman.

    S.U.S.A.P. / Instagram

    For the eco-conscious, bamboo fencing is the way to go. However, bamboo can be expensive and may be difficult to maintain. If you want the tropical look of bamboo but you are on a budget, natural reed fencing is a great alternative. Natural reed fencing is almost as durable as bamboo; it is made from peeled fresh water reeds woven with galvanized steel wire. It's a versatile fencing option that can be treated and painted.

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    Custom Laser Cut Screen

    A black laser cut screen surrounding a blue with a potted plant.

    all_things_building / Instagram

    Technology these days allows you to get a custom look when it comes to design. Here, all_things_building custom made an intricate laser cut fence that even won a SPASA award for innovation.

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    Glass Enclosure

    A pool enclosed in a glass building and featuring a water feature with plants.

    akurtz / Getty Images

    To keep weather elements out but still enjoy a nice view and the sun shining through, a glass enclosure is a great barrier to keep around a pool. You can even grow plants inside since it acts as a greenhouse, too.

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    DIY Hanging Lanterns

    A backyard pool at dusk with hanging lanterns on the fence.

    ladylandscape / Instagram

    To spruce up an existing fence, hanging lanterns creates a relaxing ambiance without going over budget. To get this look, place string lights inside Mason jars and hang along the fence using twine. It's the perfect, relaxing way to enjoy a nighttime swim.

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    A Wood Deck for an Inflatable Hot Tub

    A backyard with an inflatable pool surrounded by a wood deck.

    herzenstimme / Instagram

    You don't need a fancy hot tub to enjoy your backyard. Here, Erika built a wood deck for her inflatable hot tub to create a nice, relaxing corner in her backyard. A wall made of wood pallets adds privacy, and some string lighting, outdoor cushions and signs add a cute design element and a personal touch. With some basic skills, you can make your own with the instructions in her Instagram highlights.

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    Classic Wrought Iron Fence

    rm_landscape pool barrier

    @rm_landscape / Instagram

    If you want something simple and classic and don't need complete privacy, a wrought iron fence will keep your family safe while keeping critters out.

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    Painted Bamboo

    A backyard pool surrounded by a white bamboo fence and lounge chairs.

    Aliaksandra/EyeEm / Getty Images

    Bamboo is a durable, eco-friendly fence material, and you can paint or treat it to match your personal aesthetic. This bamboo fencing is painted white for a charming cottage-style look.

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    Vertical Garden Wall

    barrier reef pools perth outdoor pool

    Barrier Reef Pools Perth

    If you love a lush backyard look, an outdoor pool and fence shouldn't get in the way of that. Look for every opportunity to grow your plants—even vertically on a pool fence or wall for a resort-inspired look. If you want something a little more low-maintenance, buy sheets of artificial greenery and hang it from the fence.

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    Lattice Fence and Shrubbery

    A backyard pool surrounded by shrubbery and a white lattice fence.

    runna10 / Getty Images

    A white lattice fence brings a charming look to your backyard, but it isn't the best option for privacy. Add some shrubbery to help block out surrounding noise while adding greenery and privacy to your backyard.

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    Cinder Blocks

    michelle boudreau design pool wall

    Michelle Boudreau Design / Photo by Lane Dittoe

    For fencing on a low budget, cinder blocks are an easy way to create a barrier around your pool. To spruce it up, paint it and plant shrubbery and flowers in front of it. White paint will make your greenery and plant choices really pop.

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    Wood Lath Accent Wall

    A backyard pool surrounded by a tall wood wall, a wood deck and lounge chairs.

    runna10 / Getty Images

    Wood lath walls and plaster were used to construct homes back in the day, but today a wood lath wall acts as a modern and sleek accent wall. If you're on a budget, you can get a similar look by using wood pallets.

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    Hardwood Posts

    Wood posts surrounding a backyard pool.

    mondolandscapes / Instagram

    For a completely different approach to fencing, mondolandscapes sanded and added a natural finish to Jarrah sleepers, a type of Australian tropical hardwood, and installed them at slightly varying heights and directions. It adds a bit of privacy while bringing visual appeal that all your guests will notice and talk about.

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    Stone Mosaic Wall

    A young boy holding a pink pool tube float next to a pool surrounded by a stone wall.

    Konstantin Trubavin / Getty Images

    Although a stone wall is a pricier pool barrier option, it creates a certain aesthetic you can't quite get with any other material. The natural look makes it feel as though it's part of its natural surroundings, and it gives you and your family complete privacy.

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    Landscape Border

    Brophy interiors pool

    Brophy Interiors

    Sometimes just the landscape itself is a great pool barrier. Plant lush trees, shrubs and bushes to create a natural border for your pool that will make you feel like you've escaped to a secluded part of the world.

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    Shiplap Wall

    A pool with a white wood fence, blue lounge chairs and white umbrellas.

    Mumemories / Getty Images

    A little bit farmhouse, a little bit resort chic—a white shiplap wall is a great pool barrier that will make your backyard feel open and airy. Pair it with bright blue lounge chairs to make you feel like you're oceanside.

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    Lattice or See-Through Fencing

    bayside built pool barrier

    @baysidebuilt / Instagram

    Your pool fencing can be a part of your backyard design. Here, a fence of simple, vertical posts adds a beautiful design element while still allowing a view of the surroundings. Try a fence of lattice if you prefer a more traditional aesthetic (the bonus there being that you can grow plants up the side).

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    Vertical Garden Accent Wall

    mindy gayer pool barrier

    Mindy Gayer / Photo by Kyle Monk

    You don't need a lattice fence to grow a vertical garden. Here, greenery grows vertically on one side of a typical wooden fence to create an aesthetically pleasing accent wall while providing privacy.

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    Raised Garden Bed

    barrier reef pools perth raised bed

    Barrier Reef Pools Perth

    Planting a raised garden at the border of your pool fence or wall, as Barrier Reef Pools Perth did here, is a great use of backyard space. Depending on the climate you live in, you can plant tropical plants in the raised garden to make your backyard feel like a tropical getaway.

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    Large Mirrors and Greenery

    A small narrow pool against a wall with growing greenery and a large mirror

    Klaus Vedfelt / Getty Images

    If your pool sits adjacent to your home or another building, you can hang large mirrors and grow greenery vertically to make your backyard feel larger and more lush.

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    Water Feature Border

    barrier reef pools perth

    Barrier Reef Pools Perth

    If you want to enhance your pool's design, a water feature will instantly spruce it up. If you don't want to get one built into the wall, you can make one using large stones and boulders and some low-maintenance plants.

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    Half Stone Wall

    A view of a backyard pool with a short stone wall and a wooden pergola.

    Sollina Images / Getty Images

    Since stone can get pricey, you can opt for a shorter wall on one side of your pool to add luxury without going over budget.

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    Tree and Shrub Privacy Fence

    mondolandscapes pool barrier

    @mondolandscapes / Instagram

    A cheaper (and more earth-friendly) alternative to a privacy fence is a border of trees and shrubs. It adds privacy, helps block out noise and is a beautiful pool border idea. Plus, depending on the variety you choose, these trees can grow tall quickly, so it won't take long to create a completely private backyard.

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    Tropical Plant Border

    A variety of potted plants surrounding a swimming pool.

    Thomas Barwick / Getty Images

    If you live in a warm climate where tropical plants thrive, creating a backyard oasis with your favorite tropical plants will add beauty, privacy and will block out noise.

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    Matte Black Fence

    A small backyard with a matte black intricate fence and glass wall fence around a pool.

    premierconstructed / Instagram

    This matte black fence by premierconstructed paired with a half glass wall adds a unique design element to this backyard without overdoing it.