Popular Chinese Good Luck Charms Used in Feng Shui

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Feng Shui seeks to create harmonious homes that support and nurture the inhabitants. We all want homes that cultivate prosperity, opportunity, and positive energy into our lives. As an ancient Asian practice, many popular Feng Shui good luck charms have Chinese roots.

Learn about Chinese good luck charms used in Feng Shui that you can wear, carry, or include in your home decor to invite good luck, prosperity, and positive energy.

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    oranges with leaves

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    In feng shui, oranges are considered to have abundant yang energy. Yang energy is bright, uplifting, and vibrant, like the sun in the middle of the day. Think about how the color, taste, and smell of oranges make you feel: probably uplifted and happy, even a little energized, right? 

    Oranges are often used for space clearing in feng shui to replace negative or stagnant energy with positivity, joy, and vitality. You can keep a bowl of fresh oranges on the counter to keep this positive energy flowing in your home. The color will help to uplift the space, and so will the scent that’s released whenever someone in your household peels and eats one.

    Oranges are shaped like coins, and have the radiant color of gold. This also makes for the auspicious symbology. Until a few decades ago, it was a sign of abundance and wealth to have fresh fruit. Having a bowl of fresh oranges invites in this positive energy.

    You can also wear or have ornaments with orange images to bring in the same good luck into your home.

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    Red Envelopes

    Red Envelope for Chinese New Year

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    In Chinese culture, monetary gifts are often presented in red envelopes for important celebrations such as weddings, the lunar new year, and other special holidays.

    Red is one of the most yang colors, symbolizing life energy. It’s also the most auspicious color in feng shui, and is associated with protection as well as the fire element. Red can invoke inspiration and passion, and is an especially lucky color.

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    Double Happiness Symbol

    Double happiness sign
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    The double happiness symbol is the Chinese character for joy, doubled! This symbol is often used in wedding items to invite good luck. Combined with the auspicious color of red, the double happiness symbol can bring much joy into your life.

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    12 Chinese Zodiac Animals

    12 zodiac animals on a string

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    You may already be familiar with the twelve Chinese zodiac animals, and you might even know what animal you are, based on the year you were born. Each year is connected to one of the twelve animals, and they rotate in a particular order. 

    It’s auspicious to have imagery of all twelve animals together. You can find charms and decorations that include all twelve animals. All twelve animals together represents harmony and balance among the different animals’ personalities and the different people living in the home.

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    Chinese Zodiac Best Friends

    Chinese zodiac animal charms

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    If you know your zodiac animal in the Asian system, you can figure out who your animal’s best friend is. Rat and ox are best friends, as well as tiger and pig, snake and monkey, horse and ram, and dog, dragon and rooster. Aligning with your best friend (via a representation charm) will bring you good luck.

    Another way to bring good luck is to find out which animal is connected to the current year. You can then carry a realistic three-dimensional symbol of that animal with you or locate one in your home for the year. For example, 2021 is the year of the Ox, and the Ox’s best friend is the Rat. This means that carrying a three-dimensional representation of a rat with you in 2021 can bring good luck.

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    Coins of the Ten Emperors

    Red Chinese knot tassel ornaments, with large brass coins.

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    The Coins of the Ten Emperors are a symbol representing the Ten Emperors during the Qin Dynasty and their imperial reserves. They are used as a feng shui adjustment to invite wealth and prosperity from fair and rightful sources. It’s particularly helpful to locate the Coins of the Ten Emperors in a visible place near the entry of your home or office. You can also put them in a certain area of the feng shui bagua, depending on your intention, or behind your desk chair for support in your career.

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    Dragon Symbols

    Gold Chinese dragon figurine

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    In the Asian world, dragons are beneficent and powerful symbols. An image of a dragon can invite good luck into your home because dragons are known to make it rain! They bring in good harvests and send help when you need it.

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    Eternal Knot

    Chinese Feng Shui Wealth and Success Charm with Knot

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    There are many different versions of the endless or mystic knot in most cultures including those from Asia. The most well known is the eternal (or endless) knot. In Buddhism, this motif is one of the eight auspicious symbols representing eternal compassion and wisdom. In China, this symbol represents good luck, long life, and harmony.