Popular Crochet Items to Make

Favorite Crochet Items and Stitches

Crochet is always popular. Demand for crochet tutorials, instructions and patterns is high, even while demand for many other types of craft projects is declining. If you already know how to crochet, or you're working on learning, you're already a trendsetter. Here are some popular items to consider creating and stitches to use.

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    The Infinity Scarf

    Colorful yarn balls
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    Infinity scarves are everywhere, and every major fashion brand seems to have embraced them. Crocheters and knitters were at the forefront of this particular craze that went mainstream.

    Get the Look and Make It Your Own:

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    Crocheted hats are certainly playing their part in the fashion world. You can't go wrong crocheting any hat that you'd enjoy wearing, from cloches to berets. However, the humble beanie is the type of hat that has the greatest surge in interest.

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    Baby patterns are always in demand. Deck out the young ones in hats that resemble any sort of cuddly critter, cartoon character, fruit or vegetable.

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    Chunky, Oversized Scarves and Cowls

    With crochet, there's no such thing as instant gratification. But, the chunkier the yarn you use, the faster your project tends to work up. For quick projects with massive style appeal, you can't go wrong in crocheting with bulky or chunky yarns and a great big hook.

    This thick and thin scarf is a favorite go-to pattern featuring bulky weight yarn.

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    Cell Phone Chic

    Smartphones are a part of everyday life. A couple of related trends that crocheters and needleworkers have embraced:

    Texting Gloves. These days, regular gloves and mittens just will not do. No, no, no. Ordinary gloves get in the way of anything you might want to do on your phone, whether you're calling, texting, playing games or surfing the Internet.

    It's time to make yourself some fingerless gloves, wrist warmers, and texting gloves, or both, to wear instead. That way, you'll be able...MORE to stay both warm and connected at the same time.

    Cell Phone Cozies. These ubiquitous projects are appealing for a number of reasons. They're a fantastic medium for expressing personal style. They're quick to crochet, and they help keep your smartphone (or other gadgets) from taking a beating when rattling around in your bag, or after having been tossed on your front seat. They can be fun or funny, stylish or silly. The finished projects almost always turn out to be well worth the money you spend on the supplies to make them. Cell Phone Holder Patterns

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    Ruffle Scarves

    Ruffle scarves are chic and interesting crochet projects, with a lot of wearable potential. For crocheters and knitters, the ruffle scarf trend seems to have been fueled at least in part by ruffle yarns and novelty yarns.

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    Trendy Crochet Stitches

    The Crocodile Stitch has become popular, and you will see other stitches take off from year to year. It's fun to learn new stitches and see how they are used.

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    The shell stitch will never be outdated. You should always look for ways to use this lovely classic favorite.

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    The Afghan stitch seems to cycle in and out of fashion. It was popular back in the 1970s when people were using it to make afghans with colorful patterns and designs cross stitched onto them. You'll see many interesting afghan stitch patterns on the pages of vintage crochet books and magazines that date back to the late 1890s and early 1900s. It's made a resurgence, as well as significant interest in many other interesting Tunisian crochet stitches and patterns.

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    More Observations

    Free Filet Crochet Pattern Featuring Checkered Diamond Motifs
    Free Filet Crochet Pattern Featuring Checkered Diamond Motifs. Free Filet Crochet Pattern for Checkered Diamonds - Photo © Amy Solovay

    Filet Crochet: This traditional technique is slowly becoming more interesting to crocheters again. You might like to give it a try.

    Knooking: This not really a crochet technique, although it's not totally unrelated to crochet, considering the tool used for the technique is basically a modified crochet hook.