Where to Find the Most Popular Father's Day Gifts

Shopping can be done fast by using these sites

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As working moms, we want to honor our working fathers. But sometimes shopping or even brainstorming about a gift just takes too much effort. You want to show your children's father your appreciation every third Sunday of June, so what are the most efficient ways to do so?

If you don't have the cash flow for a personal shopper don't fret.  There are many sites out there that can tell you the perfect gift for your dad.

 Some sites help you by defining what type of dad you have and then what gift he'd like.  

Here are six ways you can find a gift in time that guarantees a smile on your dad's face

Find Out What Everyone Else is Doing

Since 2003, the National Retail Federation (NRF) has been releasing Father's Day gift statistics based on their annual survey. So before you hit the stores check out what is trending.  For instance, in 2016 the top three gifts were.  

  • $3.1 billion on an outing such as dinner or brunch
  • $2.0 billion on clothing
  • $2.0 billion on gift cards

It appears that these statistics haven't changed much since the survey started.  If you're tired of returning the shirts you get your husband let's move on to something more personable.

Take Dad Somewhere Cool

There are many apps you can use to search for cool places near you. You an sign up for Groupon to get a good deal on a local game or restaurant.

Or search Google Maps to search for restaurants near your house and then check out deals they are having on Father's Day weekend.  Last, check out Yelp or TripAdvisor for activities you could sign up for that is near you unless your husband is the adventuresome type and wants to travel far for the weekend.

If your husband is a homebody you could host a backyard BBQ (weather permitting).  If cooking feels like too much work though (and it certainly can be) find a local restaurant that will cater a family meal, steam some lobsters, or cater an ice cream sundae dessert.  If you invite your siblings or cousins you could through a group Father's Day celebration and combine efforts in the kitchen!

Find Something Homemade and Unique on Etsy.com

You could support another working mom's creativity by investing in a special piece found on Etsy.com.  Etsy is a marketplace where people around the world can sell their unique homemade goods.  A quick search there for father's dad's gifts will show you things like:

  • engrave pocket knives
  • monogrammed golf towels
  • many items with the picture of the family
  • funny signs, t-shirts, and coffee mugs that appeases many different personalities
  • metal work that could be used near his fire pit
  • organizers, money holders, and phone charging stations

Find DIY Projects for the Kids to Make Your Husband

In May, many hard working mom bloggers start pinning perfect Father's Day gift ideas just for you.  These pins go above and beyond painted hand prints.  They offer great resources that tell you the tools you'll need, the things you need to buy, and how long it'll take to finish the project.

 Some will even give out free printables.  

In return for their free gift you can support their efforts by clicking on their links like the ads or buy the book they may be selling.You get something sentimental for your kids to make your husband and also support the blogger's work at the same time.

Look at What People are Thinking About Purchasing on Pinterest

Right before Father's Day, friends and family start pinning gift ideas.  Pinterest is a great way to peer into what other people are thinking.  You don't have to get the exact gift they pin.  You can use it as research!  Look for friends who's husband is similar to yours and watch what they pin to help you think of a good gift.

Think of a Gift On Your Own

If you are a planner, keep a list on your phone or calendar where you can jot down gift ideas throughout the year.

 When you hear your husband mention they love a band, a restaurant, or a tool make a quick note on their list.  Then when Father's day (or any other holiday) rolls around you'll have a few options to choose from.

Edited by Elizabeth McGrory