How to Use Popular Decor Items With Good Feng Shui

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You can invite good feng shui into your home with many popular decor items. Feng shui objects don’t have to be Chinese or Asian in design. In fact, the best feng shui energy is created with decorative objects that you love and resonate with your style. Here’s a list of popular home decor items and how they can bring you good feng shui.

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    Fresh Flowers

    Modern living room with white roses on a black coffee table
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    Fresh cut flowers are feng shui superheroes. They bring joy and nature qi (life force energy) into your home. It is also said that fragrant flowers can unstick anything that’s stuck. The cheer and scent of flowers start to loosen up any stagnant areas of your life. 

    Be kind to your flowers. This means keeping the vase and water clean and fresh. When the flowers have expired, dispose of them, as it’s not recommended to have dead or dried flowers for feng shui purposes.

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    Vases and Planters

    a row of various size and coor glass vases with flowers

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    Vases and planters are wonderful and functional home decor items to have in your home. They come in a variety of colors, shapes and materials that can invite different types of feng shui energies.

    Earth Element

    Ceramic and/or earthy or neutral-colored containers invite stable and grounding earth energy. 

    Metal Element

    If you want some joy and more beauty in your life, try metallic vases and planters to call in the metal element

    Water Element

    Water element invokes wisdom and is found with black-colored containers. 

    Wood Element

    When you’re feeling stuck and need a kickstart, the wood element is the one for you. Wood element is found in green, teal or blue, and/or tall cylindrical vases and planters. 

    Fire Element

    Finally, red containers bring in fire element for inspiration and all around good luck.

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    various green houseplants in small pots

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    One of the most preferred ways to attract good feng shui is with house plants. Green living house plants invite good life energy because they bring nature into our spaces. Any kind of plant is good, but plants with soft and rounded leaves are especially impactful. In general, spiky, thorny, or sharp leaved plants are not recommended for feng shui applications.

    In all cases, keep your plants healthy and well cared for. A neglected plant is definitely not good feng shui.

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    Welcome Mat

    blue - teal Doormat Outside Open Front Door Of House

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    One of the first things that a guest sees when visiting your home is the welcome mat. This is a home decor item that can make a big difference in how you are seen in the world, and how energy comes into your life. 

    Your welcome mat should be sized in proportion to your front door—not too big and not too small.

    In general, black and red are good colors to attract positive feng shui. Brown invites nourishment and greys invite supportive, helpful people. But any color that works in harmony with your front door is absolutely appropriate. Most importantly, the front door mat should be clean, free of debris, and feel welcoming.

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    black, white, and brown living room with a chair, ottoman and Moroccan rug

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    Rugs are connected to the earth element and can support and stabilize the energy of your home. The added nuance of color and pattern further invites different types of feng shui energies in to your home. 

    Earth Element

    For more earth energy, try a square shape or the colors yellow, orange, or brown. 

    Metal Element

    Metal element brings in clarity and joy with shades of white and gray and/or circular patterns.

    Water Element

    If you need to go with the flow a bit more, maybe you can use some water element. Water element is the color black and curvy, soft wavy patterns. 

    Wood Element

    Wood element is recommended for family harmony with blue and green color tones. 

    Fire Element

    If you want more spark and passion in your life, try red fiery colors and/or triangular or zig zag patterns.

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    aromatherapy diffuser with a plant on a table in a white room

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    Aromatherapy is an incredibly effective method to shift the energy of your home. Select a diffuser that is the best quality you can purchase and keep it clean. 

    Best Essential Oils to Diffuse

    • Sweet Orange is a classic to brighten and cheer up any home. Oranges represent life energy in feng shui.
    • Palo Santo is a go-to for space clearing. The light and minty fragrance helps to transmute any stagnant energy. 
    • Lavender is ideal for the bedroom, as it promotes rest and relaxation. 
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    living room with plant and various throw pillows on a sofa

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    A quick and simple way to change up the feng shui of your home is with pillows. Pillows have the flexibility to be switched out with your current energetic requirements due to life situations or even the seasons, but still have a big effect on the energy of your home.

    Earth Element

    Earthy colors like yellow, orange, or brown promote self-care.

    Metal Element

    When you want to improve your clarity and attract support in your life, whites and grays invite the metal element.

    Water Element

    Black pillows call in the water element for insight and wisdom.

    Wood Element

    If you need a fresh start and rejuvenation, the colors blue and green invite in the wood element.

    Fire Element

    Red pillows can bring more passion and heart-centered energy for you.

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    candles and tea cups with a plant on a table

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    Candles not only create a soft ambiance in a home, but they can also bring in the inspirational qualities of the fire element. In many spiritual traditions, candles symbolize luminous wisdom.

    If possible, opt for high-quality organic and natural products.

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    bedroom with plants, dresser and a round mirror

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    Mirrors are commonly used in home decor and can be used to improve your feng shui in many different ways. The mirror symbolizes wisdom and clarity, as it always reflects the truth. For feng shui applications, only use clear and true high-quality mirrors without any fractures or distortion.

    A mirror is an ideal way to work with a missing Bagua area. You can hang a mirror on a wall to energetically expand your floor plan to invite the energy of the missing Bagua area. Locate the mirror facing into your home and hang the mirror so the back of the mirror is facing the missing area.

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    Spiritual Reminders

    Buddha statue and plant on a table

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    No matter what your spiritual inclinations are, if you have a home decor item that is a positive reminder, it can offer good feng shui to your home.

    For instance, a sentimental gift from a supportive mentor or an image of a Buddha are both helpful spiritual reminders. Placing these near the front door can be a daily reminder and support to you. As you walk in and out of your home, their presence and good energy will enrich your everyday life.

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    Wall Art

    living room with art work black on white

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    One of the most popular home decor items is wall art. The color and subject matter can be chosen strategically for good feng shui. 

    Earth Element

    Earthy colors like yellow, orange, or brown promote stability.

    Metal Element

    Metal element can help you see more clearly with precision. Art that is white or gray as well invite the metal element.

    Water Element

    Black-colored art or images of water can promote more depth and wisdom in your life.

    Wood Element

    Images of greenery and nature, such as forests and trees, invite the restorative and growth energies of the wood element.

    Fire Element

    Fiery red wall decor can be invigorating and support you to be more visible.