Feng Shui Use of the Most Popular Home Decorating Items

You can create good feng shui in your home by using many popular home decorating items; there is really no need to use exotic looking feng shui cures. Unless you actually like having them in your space, of course! Explore the good feng shui use of many decorating items you might already have in your home—from mirrors to Buddha statues, from candles to art.

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    big mirror in the bedroom
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    A wise use of mirrors can do wonders for any space. Being one of the most popular home-decorating items, mirrors are used in any room— from the bathroom to the bedroom. Feng shui-wise, there are specific rules to the best use of mirrors in order to create good energy in your home. In addition to the fact that mirrors bring more light into any space, as well as visually make it look more spacious, mirrors bring the powerful presence of the Water feng shui element. As such, there are areas in your home that can much benefit from displaying a mirror or two, and there are also areas that will have better feng shui energy in them without a mirror.

    Generally, mirrors are considered best feng shui decor when displayed in the East, Southeast and North areas of your home. It is best to avoid a big mirror in the South area of your home, as well as in your bedroom, especially if a mirror reflects your bed. A mirror directly facing the front door is also not recommended.

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    beeswax candles on sale
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    Candles are very popular in modern home decorating. You can find candles in all shapes and colors, as well as a variety of containers and candle holders. The recent trend toward more simplicity and a clean design in the look of candles has a practical aspect to it—many candles on the market are made with toxic materials. Choosing soy or beeswax candles for your home goes a long way in keeping the energy—and the air!—in your home happy and healthy.

    Feng shui-wise, candles bring the potency and vitality of the Fire feng shui element. Small candles are welcomed anywhere in your home without restrictions. When it comes to decorating with bigger candles that have a stronger presence, especially if they are in Fire element colors such as red, pink, purple, yellow or orange, it is good to follow the basic feng shui guidelines for displaying candles.

    Generally, big candles are much welcomed in the South, Southwest and Northeast areas of your home. The center of your home can benefit from the presence of candles, too. It is best to limit many candles in the East, Southeast, West and Northwest areas. A couple of small natural candles in the bedroom is always excellent feng shui.

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    plants in home decor
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    The vibrancy of live plants brings joy and vitality to any home. The recent trend to decorate with big oversized plants creates a sense of awe and even playfulness in any home. Feng shui-wise, plants represent the Wood element connected to health, harmony and vibrant growth. As with any strong expression of a feng shui element, big plants are best placed in the feng shui bagua areas that are in harmony with the energy of the Wood element.

    As a general rule, plants are excellent feng shui decorating for the East, Southeast and South areas of your home. It is best to avoid too many plants in the North, Southwest and the Center. Having plants in the bedroom is undesirable feng shui unless your bedroom is quite big and the plants are located further from the bed. These guidelines mostly apply to big plants, if you are decorating with small plants in tiny containers then the rules are not as strict.

    Another aspect of good feng shui decorating with plants is the choice of plant pots colors, textures, and materials. Every little detail matters in feng shui because everything is an expression of a specific energy. When decorating with plants, be mindful of your choice of plant containers colors and shapes as a representation of one of the 5 feng shui elements. This way you can either add or weaken the energy that plants bring into your home.

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    female looking at art choices
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    No matter if you decorate your home with art made from an inspiring postcard or purchased from an expensive gallery, feng shui looks at your choice of art through the eyes of the bagua. Also called the energy map of your home, the bagua has specific needs that can be either nurtured or neglected with specific art. There are two factors to look at when choosing to decorate your home with good feng shui art:

    1. The energy expressed as a specific subject or a feeling
    2. Colors and shapes as expressions of specific elements

    As with any other popular home decor item used for good feng shui, it is best to know the bagua of your home so that you can match its requirements with your art. For example, an abstract piece of art in bright red and purple colors can create excellent feng shui when displayed in the South area of your living room. The same piece of art can create energetic havoc when displayed on your East wall. 

    Along with the need to balance the areas of the bagua with most appropriate art, it is also important to be aware of the subtle messages your art is sending. Is your art portraying a lonely person? Do you feel sad when you look at any specific images you have in your home? Be aware of the subtle energy your art is sending as this contributes to the quality of energy in your home. Be especially mindful of your choice of art for your bedroom.

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    Buddha Images or Sculptures

    Buddha sculpture by the window
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    The energy of any Buddha sculpture or image—be it the Medicine Buddha or the Laughing Buddha, be it Tara or Quan Yin—will bring a sense of calm and peace into your home. As such, there is really no wrong way to decorate with a Buddha image in order to create good feng shui. Of course, it is wise to be respectful of this energy and not place your small Buddha sculpture on the floor where everybody is leaving their shoes, for example. Placing a Buddha sculpture or image in the bathroom might not be a good idea unless your bathroom is really big and well taken care of.

    Feng shui-wise, you can strengthen specific areas of your home with specific Buddha sculptures. The ​Laughing Buddha is excellent in your money area, while the Medicine Buddha can be a good feng shui decorating item for your health and family area. As always with good feng shui, attention is paid to details such as colors and materials. If your Buddha statue is made from metal (an expression of the Metal feng shui element), it can create excellent energy in the areas of West, Northwest or North. If it is made from clay or a similar looking material resembling the Earth feng shui element, you can place it in your Northeast area for good feng shui.