Most Popular Toys For Kids 5-8 from 2015

Kids in the ages between 5-8, are in their early elementary school years. They talk to their friends about new toys, want almost every toy they see featured in a commercial and love toys from popular movies and television shows.

As a parent, do you know what they will be asking for this year during the holiday season? These are some of the most popular toys on kid's toy wishlists from 2015. Young children may not need or want the hottest toy of the year, especially if they become...MORE really hard-to-find. These popular toys for kids ages 5-8 will make some excellent gift choices, too.

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    With new modular pieces, Barbie's latest dream house takes just about an hour to assemble. Barbie can splash in the pool, ride up/down her elevator, relax in her bedroom with "billowing" curtains and bake a turkey dinner with cookie for dessert inside her kitchen. 

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    The Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage, which my son calls his "Hot Wheels Hotel," has 4 levels of play with 36 parking spaces, race tracks, a helipad for a helicopter, 2 elevators, and a spiral track.It also includes a small area for a tune-up shop, gas station and fire station.

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    This 2 foot tall Leonardo Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle mutates, or transforms, into a play set with 9 different rooms and 30 interactive activities. Ninja Turtle action figures are not included. 

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    Who doesn't want to play with a pet unicorn who reacts to a child's voice and touch? Starlily is part of the FurReal Friends toys from Hasbro. She has braidable hair, flapping wings, munches on a sugar berry and responds to children in over 100 different ways.

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    Paw Patrol toys are really popular with kids in the 4-6 year-old age range. These rescue pups, which are also the star of their own animated show on Nickelodeon, drive cool vehicles, which can all be stored inside this enormous truck, the Paw Patroller.

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    Shopkins are small, teeny tiny collectible toys that don't stay for long on any store shelves. The play sets, like the Fashion Boutique and Ice Cream Truck, disappear off shelves even faster! There are hundreds of Shopkins from many different seasons. They include foods, fruits, vegetables, dairy products and even shoes.

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    Looking for a pet bird without the mess? Clever Keet is programmable with his or her own name that the bird can respond to. Clever Keet is also able to propel a cart back and forth, swing on a branch, sing and dance.

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    The LeapPad Platinum educational tablet is recommended for kids ages 4-9. The tablet has a 7 inch multi-touch screen and through wifi kids can access safe websites on the internet. 1,000 games are available to play on the tablet, some can be purchased in stores, but there is even more content available to download from the LeapFrog App Center. Fun games are also available for play on the tablet, with LeapFrog Imagicards

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    Kids love simple, silly and goofy stuff, and this game is no exception. Load whipped cream (not included in the purchase of the game) on the arm. Take turns placing your face in the mask. The game, at any time, can launch "pie" in your face. Earn points each time the arm doesn't launch. Be the first to earn 25 points to win. The "Pie Face Game" is great for family events and birthday parties. it  will be sure to entertain the entire family, young and old. 

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    In a society where many families have a waterproof video camera, like a GoPro, to film their sports and family outings, the VTech Kidizoom Action Cam was created so kids could be in control of their own footage. The Action Cam has an attachment where it can be safely used on a bike or a helmet. It even induces an underwater casing so it can be used in a pool or while running through a sprinkler.  

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    American Girl dolls are fan favorites with girls in the 5+ age range. The BeForever historical doll for the year is MaryEllen Larkin. MaryEllen is from Daytona Beach Florida, and is actively enjoying the poodle skirt, jukebox life, set in 1954.

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    Zoomer Kitty has sensors on her head and throughout her body, making her an interactive, pet robot kitty. She can purr, pounce, perform and cuddle. Zoomer Kitty charges her batteries using an included USB cord.

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    The Imaginext Ultra T-Rex is a 2 1/2 foot roaring dinosaur that little cave-men like people launch claws, weapons and balls from their secret lairs inside the dinosaur. There are also little round pads, where the "cavemen" stand that can unleash different powers on the dinosaur, such as walking forward, roaring and raising and lowering his head. 

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    For girls who are ready for the next thing after Disney Princesses, meet Disney Descendants. These girls and boys are the sons and daughters of infamous Disney Princesses and Villains. Instead of being featured in an animated movie, the Descendants appear in a live-action, made for television, movie on the Disney Channel. Not sure who your child might like? Here's a guide to the Disney Descendants

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    For kids who are entering the video game world, but aren't able to read or ready for the more advanced themed games on their WiiU, they will love LeapTV. Games are downloaded onto the toy, or bought as a cartridge in retail stores. Each game features characters kids this age love from their favorite shows and movies including Paw Patrol, Blaze and the Monster Machines, and Frozen. 

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    As if having a lightsaber and harnessing the force wasn't cool enough, now kids can customize their own lightsaber with interchangeable parts. 

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    For kids who love to create with arts and crafts activities, Qixels are small cube beads that are placed on templates. Next, spray them with water, spin them to dry or let them air dry. Over time they fuse together to make 3D characters and action figures.

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    What little boy doesn't want to smash and crash items, just like the Hulk? This remote control car featuring the Hulk has arms that can be positioned in 8 different ways. Build up a tower of blocks and drive the Hulk through, do a high speed wheelie turn, and watch him flip over against walls. 

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    Alert. Alert. Shopkins are now about to take over the construction toy aisle! Not only do kids obsess over collecting their favorite shoes, fruits and vegetables from any of the Shopkins seasons from Moose Toys, featuring these same characters, the Shopkins Kinstruction sets from The Bridge Direct give kids a way to now build and customize their own Shopkins figures and playsets. 

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    There are dozens of toys that encourage kids, especially girls to build. When was the last time you child could build or design their own dollhouse or ferris wheel, then added a power component to it, so that could be in charge of how quickly the ferris wheel would move, or when and how the lights would turn on inside the dollhouse? You'll first need to buy a Roominate kit and have use of a smartphone, but the Roominate rPower Hub will let kids take their creativity 1 step further.