7 Perfect Colors to Paint Your Mudroom

mudroom with shiplap
Sherwin-Williams Balanced Beige SW 7037

Little House of Four

Mudrooms are often the first thing you and your guests see when they enter your home, so why not put as much effort into it as you do every other room in your house? Your mudroom might be part of a double-duty room, like a laundry room that you pass through from the garage, a nook that you've created under the stairs near your front door, or you could be lucky enough to have a whole mudroom entryway to decorate to your heart's content.

The secret to creating a beautiful and functional mudroom is focusing on flow, creating the right organization layout, and decorating with the right colors. Though this little space is a pass-through area, you'll want to give it the same care and style as you would a foyer.

The truth is the prettier your mudroom is, the less likely you'll turn it into a pile of coats, shoes, and knick-knacks that belong elsewhere. It's much easier to let things pile up in a room that lacks style and purpose.

Here are the best paint colors for every mudroom so you can get started redecorating this often neglected space.

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    Best Beige: Sherwin-Williams Balanced Beige SW 7037

    Sherwin-Williams Balanced Beige swatch

    The Swatch

    Beige is a great neutral color for nearly every mudroom. If you're drawn to neutral, subtle colors, it's okay to keep the same palette throughout the home and into your mudroom. This Sherwin Williams Balanced Beige is dark enough to camouflage dirt and smudges, but cool enough to keep the space from feeling like a garage. It pairs beautifully with grays, blues or whites and is a versatile color for mudrooms of any shape or size.

    Sherwin-Williams Balanced Beige SW 7037

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    Best Blue: Behr Waterscape 530F-S

    Behr Waterscape swatch

    The Spruce

    A rich, gorgeous blue like Behr's Waterscape sets the tone for a bright, color-filled home. This cool blue feels beachy and calming in your space and pairs well with white wainscotting or shiplap. It's also a great color to transition from inside to out, bringing the feel of a perfect blue sky into your home, even when it's raining outside.

    Behr Waterscape 530F-S

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    Best White: Magolia Carter Creme

    Magnolia Carter Creme swatch

    The Spruce

    Magnolia's Carter Creme is a warm off-white with yellow undertones that works well in mudrooms because it provides a sunny, light feel to your space. It's bright enough to help your mudroom feel open and airy, but the solidly warm undertones lend a comforting, homey feel. Pair with deep oranges, greens or mustard hues.

    Magnolia Carter Creme

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    Best Lilac: The Spruce Lilac Sand SPR-19

    The Spruce Best Home paint swatch in Lilac Sand

    The Spruce

    Your mudroom is often the first and last thing you see when you leave your home and return home, so opt for a color that fills you with joy. A dusty hue like The Spruce Lilac Sand evokes feelings of calm and joy while being subtle enough to work in any home decor style. This dusty taupe has strong lavender undertones and provides a small splash of color.

    The Spruce Lilac Sand SPR-19

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    Best Yellow: Sherwin-Williams Anjou Pear SW 6381

    Behr Anjou Pear swatch

    The Spruce

    Sherwin-Williams' Anjou Pear is a modern fruity gold tone that would warm up the atmosphere of any mudroom. This saturated color is bright, sunny and happy and the perfect color to boost your mood, even on the dreariest of days. Use black accents and creamy white trim with Anjou Pear for a classic, relaxed style in a welcoming mudroom. 

    Sherwin-Williams Anjou Pear SW 6381

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    Best Gray: Benjamin Moore Stormy Monday 2112-50

    Benjamin Moore Stormy Monday swatch

    The Spruce

    Gray is a classic color for nearly every room in your house, but there's something about this cozy, chic color that works extremely well for mudrooms. Benjamin Moore Stormy Monday is a medium modern gray with blue undertones. Layer it with lighter grays or whites for a minimalistic mudroom that acts as the perfect canvas for those bright yellow rain boots.

    Benjamin Moore Stormy Monday 2112-50

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    Best Green: Benjamin Moore Beach Glass 1564

    Benjamin Moore Beach Glass swatch

    The Spruce

    On a rainy day, a too-dark mudroom can dampen your spirits. If you love the look of gray, but you want something with a little more energy, Benjamin Moore's Beach Glass could be the answer. Beach Glass is a moody, muted, watery green with classic gray undertones. Use generous light-colored accents and white trim or beadboard, and this soft green will turn your mudroom into a winter oasis. 

    Benjamin Moore Beach Glass 1564

Whether your home has a huge mudroom, or simply a space inside the front door to set down your mail and messy boots, pick a paint color that sets the tone for the rest of your home.