5 Perfect Colors to Paint Your Mudroom

Paint Colors for a Pass-Through Space You'll Love to Use

Mudrooms, once on the outs as designers sought to create large open spaces in homes, are popular again thanks to popular demand. The reality of life with kids, pets, and mud has brought back this classic space. Your mudroom might be part of a double-duty room, like a laundry room that you pass through from the garage or a niche that you've created under the stairs near your front door, or you could be one of the lucky ones who has a space that was born to be a mudroom and nothing but a mudroom. 

The secret to creating a beautiful and functional mudroom is focusing on flow, organization, and decorating with color. Though this little space is a pass-through area, you'll want to give its decoration the same care and style as you would a foyer. In many homes, the mudroom is like a casual foyer, the informal entry for all your family and friends. That's why decorating your mudroom is important. 

The truth is the prettier your mudroom is, the less likely it will become a dumping ground for coats, sporting goods, and anything that does not make it into the rest of the house—where it belongs. It's much easier to let things pile up in a room that lacks style and purpose. So if your mudroom area has a little style, let these five popular mudroom colors be your inspiration for a mudroom makeover. It's time for it to lose that bad rap as a purposeless catch-all space.

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    Behr Paints Waterscape 530F-S

    Behr Paints Waterscape 530F-S brought life to this mudroom


    A rich, gorgeous blue like Behr's Waterscape sets the tone for this beautiful traditional-style mudroom. Using Behr's Polished for the bottom half of the walls gives the illusion of wainscoting and can make a small mudroom look larger. You catch a glimpse of Behr's Grape Vine in the adjacent room, and the bench top in the mudroom is painted the same color as a transition that eases you from one space to the next. 

    Behr paints used in the photo include:

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    Sherwin-Williams Anjou Pear SW 6381

    Sherwin-Williams Anjou Pear SW 6381 could give a mudroom a homey embrace


    Sherwin-Williams' Anjou Pear is a modern fruity gold tone that would warm up the atmosphere of any mudroom. This saturated color is part of the HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams Rustic Refined color palette. Use black accents and creamy white trim with Anjou Pear for a classic, relaxed style in a welcoming mudroom. 

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    Benjamin Moore Picture Perfect 743

    Benjamin Moore Picture Perfect 743 could freshen up a dark mudroom

    Benjamin Moore

    Picture Perfect by Benjamin Moore is a light and airy blue with a hint of green undertone that gives it a beachy, aqua quality. A sweet blue like this is just right for brightening up a dark mudroom that sees a lot of action on gloomy winter afternoons. Paired with dark or light woods and creamy white trim, Picture Perfect can work with a traditional or modern style. 

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    Sherwin-Williams Obi Lilac SW 6556

    Sherwin-Williams Obi Lilac SW 6556 could give your mudroom a welcome shot of color


    The beauty of a mudroom is that you don't have to follow the usual rules of design when you're decorating one. In every other room of your home, you work with a color scheme that ties it to adjacent rooms. For a mudroom, a delicious violet color like Sherwin-Williams Obi Lilac doesn't have to match the living room...or any other room. You use it because you can.

    Mudrooms, like laundry rooms, serve a narrow purpose and, for most families, do not get heavy use. Mudrooms and utility rooms are perfect for a shot of color that you wouldn't choose for one of the busier and more visible rooms in your home.

    If your mudroom is a niche carved out of an existing space, like your foyer, then you can still have fun with the color as long as you work in accent colors that reference the adjacent space.

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    Benjamin Moore Beach Glass 1564

    Benjamin Moore Beach Glass 1564 could turn a gloomy gray spot into a softly shaded oasis.

    Benjamin Moore

    On a rainy day, a gray mudroom can dampen your spirits. If you love the look of gray, but you want something with a little more energy, Benjamin Moore's Beach Glass could be the answer. Beach Glass is a moody, muted, watery green with classic gray undertones. Use generous light-colored accents and white trim or beadboard, and this soft green will turn your mudroom into a winter oasis. 

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