Small Space Staycation Essentials: 5 Portable Mini Grills

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    Get Your Grill On!
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    Grilling outdoors is pretty much everybody's favorite summer pastime. So I found five small portable grills that are perfect for shoebox-sized balconies and patios. Some can even be used in outdoor spots where burning charcoal is a no-no. 

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    A Portable Tabletop Grill That Uses Eco-Charcoal

    All Modern

    Looking for a small tabletop grill that's both stylish and eco-friendly? Then you'll love the Mon Oncle. It's designed for small outdoor spaces and picnics and comes with a vintage inspired travel case that makes it a cinch to store at home or tote to the beach.  

    What makes this cute thing eco-friendly?  Three words: Coconut shell briquets. Unlike traditional charcoal which contributes big time to air pollution and doesn't come from a sustainable source, briquets like these put...MORE coconut shells to work as a cleaner, longer burning fuel that retains a lot of heat but produces little flame or smoke so your clothing and hair won't smell smokey.  Price: $375.

    Tip: One-hundred percent natural coconut shell briquets won't add flavor or nasty chemicals to the foods you are grilling.


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    Portable Charcoal Grill
    Crate and Barrel

    This lightweight, charcoal grill folds flat making it totally portable and easy to store. Not only does it takes seconds to set up, but it's also heavy enough not to be blown over by the wind. Price: $40

    Tip: Never place a grill on a flammable surface like a wood deck or plastic table. If needed, you can get a portable grill table. They can be found at outdoor gear shops or Walmart.

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    A Portable Fire Pit and Grill

    LL Bean

    The Star and Moon Fire Pit is perfect for grilling or warmth on chilly summer nights. Its steel walls safely contain the fire while the steel mesh screen prevents sparks from escaping.

    FYI: While a fire pit is a cool outdoor feature, it can also be dangerous. They should never be used on an , terrace, or rooftop. Got a house with a backyard? Check your local fire codes for safety requirements. Price: $180


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    Healthy Smokeless Grilling

    George forman electric grill
    Bed Bath and Beyond

    An electric grill is an excellent alternative when gas or charcoal grills are not an option and you have access to an electrical outlet. This one by George Foreman is perfect for small outdoor spaces like tiny balconies and patios. So that you know, you can pop the grill off its pedestal so you can grill indoors. Price: $99.

    FYI: Are you not too keen on going electric? Here's an incentive, electric grills create healthier meals. Charcoal and gas grills tend to burn or char meat which can...MORE produce cancer-causing chemicals according to the National Cancer Institute.


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    Battery Operated Portable Grill
    Lotus Grill

    The Lotus Grill is an innovative outdoor charcoal grill. Because it conceals burning charcoal in a mesh container, it only needs a few minutes to heat up, plus it never sparks or flame. Another neat feature is the battery operated fan that controls cooking temperatures. Also, the grill's outer bowl is insulated so it stays cool enough to touch while you're cooking. It's no wonder why this portable cooker,  which is pretty new to the U.S.,  is super popular in Europe. Prices: $199 to...MORE $250.

    Tip: One more reason to love The Lotus Grill: It uses natural beechwood charcoal that produces less smoke than the traditional stuff.