Portable Playskool Infant Toys

Playskool Pop Up Play Sorter

Playskool, which is a popular brand from the toy company Hasbro, has been creating educational toys for children and infants since 1928. There are many popular and durable Playskool infant toys, children have been playing with for decades. This is a name parents know and trust.

Parents do not always realize that they do not have to rely on a rattle or teether for playtime when their baby is young. There are many other baby toys that can interest, educate and entertain their baby for their first year of life at home, daycare or even when traveling.


While many people even receive many great toys as part of their baby registry before the baby is born, finding the right toys for a baby is important for them to learn new skills, too.

There are many reasons why having fun toys for babies are important:

  • A nice variety of toys is also important to keep babies motivated to play
  • Families are busy and often "on-the-go" visiting friends and family or going to events in the community and babies need something to play with when traveling 
  • Babies like to put things in their mouth to explore and play, so toys need to be easy to clean
  • Toys need to be portable, easily fitting in a diaper bag so families do not have to bring more than 1 bag

Once babies are a month old or so, parents often realize just how important it is to pack the diaper bag with toys, along only with necessities like diapers, wipes and a change of clothing. But finding these toys to take with them can be a challenge.

Common toys babies love to play with in their first year of life are stacking and nesting cups, pushing along toy cars, watching cars drive down ramps, and completing simple puzzles like shape sorters.

However, these great toys, keep the kids happy and busy, do not have to be the ones left behind because of their size, anymore.

Playskool has many fun, on-the-go toys including a fold-n-go elephant rattle, pop-up shape sorter, pop-up car track and ramp set, stacking and nesting cups, and a 2-in-1 rolling car with gears.  

All of these toys either collapse, stack or fold so they can easily fit inside the diaper bag and bring the fun anywhere.

These great toys are: 

  • affordable, around $10
  • can be easily added to a baby registry
  • are great purchases for grandparents looking to find fun toys for to keep for when baby visits
  • flat, allowing them to help babies develop their skills when practicing tummy time
  •  made of durable plastic, which also allows them to be clean and sanitized easily to prevent germs

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