Garden Pot Feet Rock

Pot Feet Can Save Your Container Garden's Life

Potted plants on table at home
Letizia Le Fur/ONOKY/Getty Images

Who knew that a few little pieces of rubber could save your container garden's life? A reader wrote:

"I realize that this may not be a problem for everyone, but where I live we often get torrential rains. As a matter of fact, we had around five inches today! When it rains, the commercial potting soil that I use in my containers floats on top of the rainwater and then overflows on my patio, making a mess!

Has anyone else had this problem? If so, what is the solution?"

It turned out that her container, even though it had drainage holes, was sitting right on a hard surface, which in effect clogged the holes. What she needed what to lift her pot off the surface of her deck and the water would then drain out the hole.

Thankfully, there is a product to solve this problem called pot feet. I have two favorites, Potrisers, and Pot Pads. Potrisers are small rubber squares that you put underneath your planters, and though they disappear, they work like a charm, keeping your pot off whatever surface you have them on, not only helping drainage but also protecting your surface. Pot Padsare a hard plastic dome with 'non-skid' rubber grip that suctions to pot.

Pot feet also come in elaborate decorative styles too.

You can also make your own pot feet by using PVC piping that has been cut into rounds, and flea market shot glasses or teacups turned upside down, or you can use small terra cotta pots, also turned upside down.